Dangerous Liasions

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He had pulled the velvet material down from his face. A pant of air had creviced the cool breeze that invaded the simple bed chambers. The touch fear tainted his stern face.

The darkness had enveloped his room. He had little doubt that the nights arm had finished it crawl through his bed room. Tendrils of sweat had broken across his face. His mustache and beard matted to his face.

The gaze of fear had infected his body. The disturbance in the force had bound him to the conscious hours that had prayed to keep him awake until the ripples had returned to their calmer tides.

Obi-Wan crossed his fingers, his blue eyes had peered into the darkness. The screams of indescretion had faded, leaving on the soft croaks of the bugs that had began to compose their symphonies.

"Next time, I am going to spend my leave on Alderaan." Obi-Wan promised himself. He doubted that after the operatic screams of passion that he would be able to find sleep, ever again.

He had turned over onto his side, his blanket tightly bound in his hands. He had eight more days of this to go. He could only wish that the time would quickly part and he could be back where the war did not occur in a bedroom.

The End

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