Long-Awaited Family

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Chapter Four

Abby moaned as she woke up with a kink in her neck. She looked up to see King looking out the window. They were in the taxi on the way to his parents.

King felt Abby moving so he looked down at her and smiled.

"Have a nice lap, Sugar Lips?"

She nodded with a yawn, stretching her arms upward. He smirked at her then returned his stare to the window.

Abby raised her eyebrow then looked out her own window. She gasped at all the beautiful houses. Every house was similar but yet different.


That escaped from her lips as she blinked in disbelief. She heard King chuckle next to her. Abby looked at him as soon the smile faded. She frowned and put her hand over his, "You alright?"

"Nervous. Really nervous," King said with a sigh then returned to stare out the window. Abby frowned, trying to think of something to do while they waited to be dropped off at his house.

"So, King, how did your parents pick you and your sibling's names?" She asked, a question she always wanted to know the answer to.

He chuckled and looked at her. "Why does everyone ask that question?"

She shrugged her shoulder with a smile, happy that he had his smile back on his face.

"Well, my dad was studying history to become a college history professor and my mom was studying literature to become a high school literature teacher and well, that's how they met. Alexander came from Alexander the Great; Julius came from Julius Caesar; Rosaline came from the play, Romeo and Juliet; and well, Hannibal came from some guy from history."

Abby laughed, relieved that the King she knew was still there.

"So what about your family, Abs? Can you tell me about them?"

He asked her. She stopped smiling and cleared her throat. She looked at her hands as she spoke.

"As you know, my father was Abraham Whistler. My mother's name was Allison Jean Miller. They met after my father's first family was killed and that is how I came to be. I didn't know of my father until a vampire killed my mother when I was 13. Then he told me that my other family – my stepmother Donna and my stepsisters Jeramie and Taylor – were also killed vampires. And you know the rest."

King nodded and she returned the nod with a sigh. Abby leaned her head on his shoulder as she waited for the taxi to stop.

"We're here, Abs."

Abby lifted her head of his shoulder and looked out the window. Her eyes widen when she saw the house that King was looking at.

It was huge; mansion-like. She guessed it was about three stories tall. It had a white door, white windows, and white pillars. The siding was done with all red brick.

King helped her out the taxi and went to grab their bags out of the trunk as she continued to study the house. She believed this house was the prettiest house she had ever seen in her life.

She felt a nudge as she turned to see King, a waiting for her to take one of the bags. She took her bag and looked at him. He looked back at her then looked at the house.

King took a deep breath and started down the sideway to the door with Abby following right behind him.

When he reached the door, a sweet aroma, that old smell hit his lips. He knew no one would answer the front door if he knocked, not that he had the bottle now, his knees has turned to mush and he was afraid they would fall under the weight he suddenly felt on his shoulders.

King wanted to turn and jolt back in the taxi that was now driving back down the drive to go to pick up his next passengers. He looked at Abby who stood besides him looking up at the huge house in ore, she noticed his intense gaze on her from the corner of her eye and looked at him, noticing the scared looked in his eyes she gently took his hand in to her.

"Lead the way," she said softly with a smile of encouragement.

He sighed and did as he was told, walking around the back of the house, following the smell and sound of laughter and fun, something he hadn't heard in a long time.

King reached a fence. Abby watched as he let go of her hand and reached over the gate and unlocked it. Then her gently pushed it open and just stood there.

Then Abby felt something in her stomach. She watched how his eyes just stared in wonder at the gate, and how his hands shook. She felt her heart beat faster and she knew his heart was going faster than hers.

She reached out and took his hand in hers once more. They came to far for him to just stand there. She squeezed it supportively.

King nodded and returned to walking ever so slowly to the backyard. He turned the corner and just stared as he saw his family – his whole family – there.

He saw his father and brothers around a grill, holding cans and talking. He watched as his sister and her boyfriend held two little boys he had never seen before. He observed the children, guessing his nieces and nephews, run around the backyard.

Then he heard a soft voice speak as he looked down.

"Mamee, who are they?"

A little girl with brown hair and eyes asked an elderly woman who picking flowers from the garden around the house. The woman looked up and met King's eyes and dropped the flowers she had in her hands.

King's throat became dry as he stared into the eyes of the woman.


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