Robotech Vs Transformers: Revenge Road

Chapter Twenty-Five

Earth, Two Weeks After Elita-One's arrival

"Well, that was a thing," Elita-One noted as their caravan finally reached the Autobot base, the Ark. The trip across country had been peppered with attacks by Decepticon forces, assuming the leader of the Cybertronian Autobots would be vulnerable.

"That was a lot tougher than I'd like," Lisa Hayes agreed as they rolled into the base itself, sitting in the open hatch of one of the new transformable tanks.

The Combaticons and Constructicons had both hit the convoy in combined forms of Bruticus and Devestator. The RDF forces had barely fought them off, and part of their main strategy had been to refuse to fight. Combiners were big and powerful, but were not fast or agile. Even their flight ability was limited, if you got them angry and confused enough...

"I'm STILL not happy we had to run away," Izzy noted from the cockpit of her Veritech fighter. She liked a good scrap...

Chromia, Elita-One's bodyguard/aide, still found it mildly creepy having human's piloting what was basically Decepticon tech. She KNEW, intellectually, they wouldn't jump them, but emotionally it was another story. "I think it was tactically the best choice," she noted, "but I agree with you. I'd also rather stand and fight."

As they rolled in, a reception committee of Autobots hurried out to greet them. "Optimus!" Elita-One beamed, clouting him hard on the shoulder and staggering him a bit.

"Glad you made it," Optimus Prime hugged her awkwardly.

"Been awhile, boys," Chromia said cheerfully as the others swarmed her.

Izzy and Lisa had both dismounded from their transports, and were looking around the main enterance way bemusedly. There was something profoundly odd in finding yourself in a structure completely not scaled for human beings. Outside the escorting force was setting up camp a little away from the Ark, for security reasons.

"Welcome to the Ark," Arcee noted, walking up to them. "This is your first time here, correct?" she asked politely.

"There's been other humans, I think, but yes it's our first visit," Lisa said respectfully. "It's breathtaking," she added.

"Yeah," Izzy agreed. Mind you, she was more concerned with how defensible the place was... the wide open main hatch gave her the whillies.

Arcee lead them inside. "While the joyful reunion happens, how about I show you around?" she offered mildly.

"Thank you," Lisa smiled.

Izzy hid her amusement. If a 'foreign' military officer visited one of THEIR bases, they probably wouldn't get a tour. Tho she supposed the Autobots weren't all that worried, really, considering they could literally just step on a unarmored soldier...

Over the intercom, Earth music was playing. It took Lisa a moment, but she recognized Lynn Min-Mei's 'My Boyfriend is a Robot.'

"What." Izzy blinked.

"Apparently she had a run-in with my teammate, Hoist. They hit it off," Arcee noted.

Izzy looked at her blankly a moment. "WHAT." she repeated.

Lisa was laughing softly. "I heard about it second hand. She was filming a video and Hoist rescued her. She crushed on him a bit, but I think that's it...," she said.

"Wow," Izzy shook her head ruefully.

Arcee smirked, "We like to play it in the base because it embarasses the heck out of him..."

"You are EVIL," Lisa said admiringly.

They finished up the 'tour' just as things calmed down in the main bay. They all headed to the main meeting room, where Optimus started things off.

"Things are deteriorating for the Decepticons on Cybertron," Optimus almost gloated.

"We got some garbled updates," Elita-One noted. "Overlord tried to kill Shockwave, but failed?" she asked.

"Correct," Perceptor, the scientist of the group noted as he continued, "and then attempted to trap Shockwave publically. That also backfired, and has lead to open civil war on Cybertron between their factions."

"Wow," Chromia blinked.

"What's the commander there say?" Elita-One asked.

"Override is waiting and seeing right now," Optimus told her. "She wants to avoid giving them a common enemy to unite against," he added.

"Which makes sense, but they can't wait too long," Izzy noted, "or one or the other will win. Or worse, Megatron will make his way back to Cybertron somehow..."

"No spacebridge, remember?" Ironhide drawled.

Izzy gave him a look, "You DO remember the courier ship that Elita-One got here in? And if they HAD to, I'm certain the Decepticons could rig an Earth vessel for a hyperspace hop to Cybertron."

"It's not beyond their technical capacity," Perceptor had to point out as Ironhide scowled.

"Hmph," Ironhide grunted.

"That's part of why we came to Earth," Elita-One acknowledged. She faced Optimus, "It's time for you and as much of your forces as possible to return to Cybertron."


Caprain Claudia Grant was on the bridge of her Fortress carrier command, watching as her bridge crew handled their jobs efficiently. The only major Decepticon activity had been attacking Lisa's caravan to the Ark, which had been rather nerve racking to follow.

"I'm glad they finally made it." Roy Fokker noted from where he was monitoring fighters. After Fortress 14 was sunk, they were maintaining constant patrols.

"I have to admit I got worried when they brought out the combiners," Nova Satori noted, the ship's security officer standing nearby. It was a recent promotion, and she was rather nervous about it. ESPECIALLY with her history with Lisa, the second in command.

"We REALLY need to figure out a effective counter to them," Roy added, "we can't just be limited to overwhelming them with firepower and running away."

"Research and development are working on a beefed up Destroid design," Claudia noted, "as well as a tank variation. The problem is, even with Cybertronian tech, the physics are a bitch..."

"Radar trace..." the sensors officer started, then trailed off.

"What?" Roy asked.

"It just... disappeared," he muttered, adjusting controls and frowning. "We got a trace just on the edge of sensor range, then it just went away."

Claudia leaned forward intently, "Stealth craft?"

"The readings are very very faint," he admitted, "it literally could just be a rock bouncing off the upper atmosphere."

"Which DOES happen. Or even space junk," Roy noted.

"Hmm." Claudia hmmed. "Bounce the data over to command, let them try to tease anything more out of it. If it IS something, I want to know about it."

"Aye aye," the sensor officer nodded.

"You think it's something?" Roy asked Claudia quietly.

"Hope not. I'd rather it stay quiet," Claudia admitted.


"They're WHAT?" Megatron demanded.

Sixshot had pretty much collapsed on reaching Earth, and was sitting in the Sick Bay of the new Deceptacon base. It had taken all his energon reserves to reach them, and he had pretty much coasted the last distance to the planet.

"Factions led by Overlord and Shockwave are fighting over the leadership of the Decepticons on Cybertron," Sixshot told him as he greatfuly drank energon. "It's basically devolved into a all-out civil war."

"Idiots," Megatron cursed both leaders.

"The Autobots haven't acted yet," Sixshot added, "which is both good and bad."

"Hmm," Megatron nodded.

The Autobots were being tactically wiser than usual. By waiting, they could either attack the winner of the civil war, or when both sides collapsed from lack of energon. Either way, they would likely have an immense advantage.

Megatron was reasonably confident either Shockwave or Overlord could survive a Autobot attack, but the losses to his army would be terrible. This conflict could GUT the Decepticon forces.

"There is no other choice," Sixshot said intensely, "you must go to Cybertron."

"We need the energon from Earth," Megatron growled flatly.

"What good is energon if we lose Cybertron," Sixshot offered daringly.

Megatron growled again, but didn't argue the point. "Darkshadow!" he called flatly.

The female design Decepticon, who had been listening in, entered. 'How did he know I was...?' she wondered as she bowed. "Yes, sir?" she said.

"We are returning to Cybertron. We need a ship...," Megatron said flatly.

Darkshadow's eyes widened slightly, then narrowed slightly. "I have JUST the thing," she mused thoughtfully.

To be continued...

Notes: 'My Boyfriend is a Robot' is, of course, a homage to 'My Boyfriend is a Pilot' from the original Robotech. It is actually CANON that humans seem to crush on Transformers... Not to mention the Kiss Players manga. Which is just WEIRD.