Title: Behind Locked Doors
Author: lovelessx

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: hard R- language, violence, and adult content
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: slash,fighting,violence turned into snogging, wanking
Summary: Hermione tells Harry that the view is brilliant in an old tower classroom that is abandoned. Little did he know that someone told his favorite person that it was quiet and undisturbed up there. Thus, when everyone's favorite hero arrives he is ticked to see his arch nemisis there, but they were promptly locked together in the room with some heavy duty locking charms that even Boy Wonder and Drama Queen couldn't get themselves out of.

Part 2

"Ew, gross! This stuff is nasty, Malfoy!" Harry pulled his sticky hand away from his mouth and blushed when Malfoy's laughter reached his ears. "Well, you try it you great git!" He smeared a white glob over the blonde's lips and was startled when Malfoy stopped laughing and pulled one of Harry's fingers into his mouth. Harry's jaw dropped and his cock twitched when the blonde swirled his tongue around the finger, inplying how talented with his mouth he was. Malfoy pulled back and sat against the wall, licking his lips where Harry had smeared a white glob of his own fluid.

"Now, now, Potter, it's not that bad, is it? Look, I can do it. Anything I can do, you can do better, right? Honestly... and if you don't, oh well- guess you just won't be getting a bloody amazing blowjob, your first I'm sure.." Malfoy was rambling on and on but after the challenge of doing things better than Malfoy, Harry sucked up his pride and was making a rather wanton display of his own hidden talents yet to be discovered, eyes never leaving Malfoy. Draco had stopped midsentence when he finally noticed what Harry was doing and felt heat pooling in his groin again at the sight. Harry Potter is licking my spunk off of his hands in a sexy way, insinuating all the better things I could be doing with his mouth right now and I'm getting hard again. Pansy, I love you. Draco grinned and pushed Harry to his back before the Gryffindor even finished his hand. He quickly rid the brunette of his jeans and boxers-Green boxers? Oh how Slytherin indeed...- and was fisting Harry's cock and drawing the most melodic, needy sounds from the Gryffindor. "Damn, Potter, you are poetry with all those lovely noises you are making."

Harry was in heaven. He'd died, Voldemort must have killed him via telepathy and now he was in a poufy wizard heaven that supplied his very own Draco Malfoy to service him. Hermione, I love you. And he intended to thank her, indeed. Harry was enjoying the blonde's tight fist but was in no way prepared to be engulfed by heat and look down between his legs to see the Slytherin swallow him whole, he nearly came when he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of the blonde's throat.

"Holy. Fuck. Draco!" Harry's head fell back and his face scrunched up in extacy when the Slytherin used his free hand to massage his balled while his head bobbed up and down Harry's length, tongue dragging up the underside and pressing against the vein. Draco grinned around Harry's length when he felt the boy tense up and heard another cry of his name. He swallowed his cock whole again and he felt Harry come down his throat. The Slytherin rubbed the Gryffindor's stomach affectionately and sat back against the wall.

"Not a pouf, eh? Like that, did you?" Draco smirked at the wild look in those mesmerizing green eyes.

"Well... I.. um, didn't think.. I was one... guess now I know?" Harry sat up and took note of Draco's half hard cock. "Ready for another go then? I suspect you have things to teach me." Draco grinned at that and pulled the Gryffindor on top of him again.

Pansy and Hermione were trying their best to stiffle their giggles from outside the large oak door that led to the room they locked the boys in. They quietly unlocked the door as soon as the boys started to get into a scuffle earlier, incase they had to rush in to break them up, but now they weren't sure their boys would be coming out anytime soon. They walked down later that day to the Great Hall for lunch and nodded to Dumbledore when they walked in. They had told the Headmaster of their plan to end the rivalry between the Hogwart's Golden Boy and the Slytherin Ice Prince the day after they had agreed on their plan. For show, they spewed off a few snide remarks at each other to keep up appearances for their class mates. Slytherin and Gryffindor would always fight, but the biggest rivalry in years was coming to an end.

"Harry.." Draco woke up sometime later on top of a pile of old dusty tapestries and found himself naked in the arms of an equally naked Harry Potter. Memories of the afternoon flooded back to him and a faint smile graced his lips. "Harry? Wake up, you great oaf." The boy beside him stirred with a sleep-muffled groan.

"Urr... what? What time is it?" Harry yawned and curled himself tighter around the blonde, trying to gain more body heat. After the sunset, the room had gotten considerably colder, but neither thought to figure a way to get out of the room since they were too busy exploring every inch of each other all day.

"Harry... What will my father say?" Draco's voice waivered and the worry was evident in the usually cold gray eyes. "I mean.. any day now he was supposed to call upon me to join up with the Dark Lord and take the mark... I.. I don't want to disappoint him, but I really want to be with you- hell I've wanted to be near you since you turned down my friendship first year." By the end of his explanation, his voice had taken on a bitter tone. Harry hugged him tighter to him and ran a Quidditch-callused hand through silky hair and 'hmmed'.

"I dunno, love... you don't have to tell him, I mean... d'you really want to take the Dark Mark?" Harry frowned at the thought of his newfound lover being branded like cattle by the psycho trying to kill him. They had cleared up so much over the afternoon of exploring each other. He felt Draco shrug and tensed, waiting for the answer.

"Yes and no.. To make my father proud, yes... but I see what you mean about standing over you and trying to kill you or Granger or Finnigan...so no, and plus Voldemort is a creepy dude, hell-bent and obsessed over a kid since he was one isn't healthy... he's just a big kid bullying a little kid who knocked down his sand castle in the sand box and didn't know it. Stupid bastard..." Draco nuzzled his face into the crook of Harry's neck and shivered. "Maybe I should be a spy for Dumbledore..." Harry considered this for a long moment.

"It's too dangerous..."

"Bullshit, Snape's doing it."

"Snape... is an adult and has years of practice."

"So what? I'm of age, I'm considered an adult! Potter, I can do it!"

"It's not that you can't! It's that I won't let you! It's way too dangerous and I don't want to risk you getting hurt, you git!" Draco stilled and thought about this and decided on smiling and pressing chaste kisses to Harry's neck, who in turn pulled him closer and murmered for him to go back to sleep and they would deal with one obstacle at a time. In the morning they would have to leave their somewhat-sanctuary... that is, if they ever figured a way to unlock it.

In the morning the boys woke up and dressed in what they were wearing the previous day and tried to unlock the oak door again, only to find it had already been unlocked. They immidiately knew Hermione and Pansy must have come back to let them out earlier. The Slytherin and Gryffindor made their way halfway down the steps of the tower before the blonde stopped midstride and almost caused Harry to fall down the steps.

"We can't walk into the Great Hall holding hands! Hell, we can't even walk into the great hall looking like we've been having sex all of yesterday!" Draco looked at Harry wild-eyed and squeezed his hand.

"I-what? Oh.. right... Um, you want to go first and I'll go to Gryffindor to change first? You can say to your friends you fell asleep up in that tower you were at and I can get Hermione to tell my house something." At Draco's frantic nod Harry smiled and they shared one last lingering kiss before parting ways at the bottom of the steps. Harry had his hands in his pockets as he walked back to his dorm and noticed a piece of parchment folded up in there and pulled it out, smiling fondly at the message.

Meet me at our "place" at eleven pm tonight.

Harry shot up in bed in the middle of the night, night shirt drenched in a cold sweat. Damn Voldemort, damn him... feeds me those fucking dreams every fucking night... as if I don't wish it were true enough already. That snake of a bastard will pay when I get my hands on him. Harry wiped his face and felt around his nightstand for his glasses. When he found them he put on his beat-up old spectacles and muttered a tempus.

"Fuck... 2:38 in the morning on a god damn Friday..." Harry lingered on the thought that a Friday was when his dream started to take place, with the knowledge of Slytherin poetry and Hermione's advice... Maybe the impossible isn't so impossible after all.


A/N: Sorry I took so long to get the second one out! Hope you liked it... I know I made the ending kind of sad..ish.. but hey, I left it so you can make your own assumption of the outcome!