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Chapter 1: The Questionnaire

Alexandra Roberts was your typical 23 year old. After graduating from high school she had gone to college and was now out of college and working. Straight out of college she had gotten a job teaching third graders at Fair Grove Elementary School in Fair Grove, Missouri. Fair Grove is a small little town in southern Missouri about 16 miles from Springfield, Missouri. The term "small town" refers to the fact that the entire town has a population of around 1,100 people. She loved living there. She had grown up in Springfield so she was not exactly used to the small town environment but she enjoyed it. Her grandparents had lived in a small town similar to Fair Grove and she had always loved visiting them.

When the job came up teaching third graders in Fair Grove, she jumped at the chance to live in a small town. Ever since she had been a little girl she had always imagined herself being a teacher and passing on her knowledge to future generations. To her, teaching was rewarding and she loved every day of it. Third graders could be annoying and difficult at times but she wouldn't trade her job for a different one.

While Alex, which she preferred to be called by her friends, had a great career she was slightly lacking in the relationship department. It was not that she was ugly. She had flawless naturally tan skin, large (real) breasts, a skinny waist, hips that were just right, wavy brown hair that ended in the middle of her back, and big green eyes. Her gorgeous looks were part of the problem though because she always ended up dating the jerks who were only with her for her looks. That wasn't all she had to offer either because she was very intelligent, she obviously loved kids, and she was extremely nice. She was the type of person who would take the clothes of her back and give them to someone who needed them more than her. Part of the reason why she always ended up with the jerks was because she was extremely shy so anyone who approached her would get her attention because she was too shy to approach anyone herself.

Alex also loved her family. Her parents lived in Springfield, Missouri, her older brother lived with his family just a few towns away, and her younger sister was in her final year of high school. With her immediate family all living so close they got together every Sunday and had dinner together. These dinners meant so much to Alex because she got to spend time with the family she was so close to. These dinners also affected Alex in another way. When she saw her brother, his wife, and their two young children she felt sad because she didn't have that yet. She hoped someday she would but she just had not found the right guy yet.

Most people know that teaching is not the most lucrative job, especially in a small town, so Alex was a waitress at a local restaurant on Saturdays to earn a little extra money on the side. Even though it took away most of her weekend, she enjoyed working there because it not only gave her extra money but it also forced her to work on her shyness. Being a waitress meant she was forced to come out of her shell and converse with the customers. This was slowly allowing her to somewhat get over her extremely shy personality. She was the type of person who knew her flaws and tried to work on them.

Alex was very passionate about wrestling. She had grown up watching it with her father and she tried to never miss a Raw or Smackdown. Many of her friends knew about her passion (besides teaching) and thought it was very strange that this educated person could love sweaty men beating each other up in a ring. They didn't understand that Alex was fascinated by the story-lines, the characters, and the amount of pain the superstars put themselves through all for entertainment purposes. She respected them for that. Only one of her friends actually understood Alex's interest in wrestling. That person was her best friend, Cameran Spencer, whom she had grown up with. Although they lived far apart, since Cameran had moved to California to become an actress, they still talked almost everyday and were best friends for life.

One day Cameran was checking out the WWE website because she was searching for a gift for Alex when she saw an ad for a new contest the WWE was offering. The advertisement said:

Have you ever wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes at WWE events?

Have you ever wanted to see what the life of a WWE superstar is like?

Have you ever wanted to travel with the WWE for a week?

Well here is your chance. One lucky fan will get the opportunity of a life time when they get to spend a week traveling with their favorite superstar.

Just submit the following questionnaire to prove you are eligible and we will randomly draw the name of the lucky winner next month.

Cameran couldn't believe what she had read. This would be so perfect for Alexandra. She knew that Alexandra would never dream of signing up for something like this herself so Cameran took matters into her own hands and signed up her friend. If Alex won she would probably be excited and then kill Cameran but it would be so worth it. Cameran submitted the questionnaire with a little note explaining how Alex had not signed herself up. She hoped that Alex would win but she would just have to wait until next month to find out. The problem was that Cameran hated waiting.

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