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"Ginny dear are you ready yet?" Mrs. Weasley shouted up the stairs.

"Yes mother… and it's Ginevra not Ginny."

Ginny angrily started throwing clothes and whatever else was in the vicinity into her trunk. One more year, she just had to keep telling her self that, then she would never have to see these people again. Finally finding her much worn copy of A History of Magic, she threw that into the trunk and dragged it down the stairs. The trunk must have weighed more than Hagrid and Fang combined, not that anyone in the house cared while she nearly broke her back. With one final thud the trunk landed at the bottom of the stairs, with this noise Mrs. Weasley arrived and Mrs. Black began shrieking.

"There you are Ginny, come now we are going to be late," Mrs. Weasley once again had to shout to compete with Mrs. Black's howling.

The walk to the station was rather uneventful, Mrs. Weasley making the perfunctory conversation with Ginevra supplying the responses that were necessary. Mrs. Weasley kept a rapid pace, and Ginevra nearly had to run to keep up. She saw her casting nervous glances over her shoulder, a habit she had picked up as of late. Ginevra had to force herself not to laugh, the irony of the situation was just too much. Arriving at their destination Ginevra stepped through the barrier of Platform 9 and ¾ with barely a goodbye to her mother.

She let go the breath she had been holding, and took her first breath of freedom. She just had to make it through the school year, though with Draco graduated she wasn't sure how pleasant it was going to be, and then there was Snape too. She pushed that thought from her mind, she would worry about that once she got to school. What she did need to worry about though was getting on the train which looked like it was about to leave. She thought for a fleeting second about running away, what was the point of going school when she already knew all she needed to know. However she knew this would just be foolish and get her in more trouble than it was worth, so she braced herself and stepped onto the Hogwart's Express.

Nearly every compartment was filled, but luckily she found an empty one near the back of the train. Locking herself in she placed her luggage on top of the rack and flopped into the seat. She figured she would catch up on the hours of sleep she had missed. Just as she was settling herself for her nap there was a knock on the door.

Who the hell could that be? Ginevra thought. She assumed it might be Colin Creevey or someone equally annoying, but was surprised to find someone quite different standing in the doorway.

"Hello Ginevra, I don't think we've ever been formally introduced. I'm Vivian Driscolli, but everyone calls me Viv. May I come in?"

With that, Vivian Driscolli walked into her compartment and settled herself on the seat. Ginevra didn't know her that well, but what she did know that she was arguably the prettiest girl in the school. She had thick jet black hair that cascaded down her back, and eyes the color of a clear summer sky. Her skin was an unblemished shade of olive darkened by the sun, and her body was a perfect hourglass. Needless to say she was Hogwart's sex goddess. From what she had heard of her she came from a long line of pureblood wizards, rumored to be involved with the Dark Lord, but then again so was every other pureblood family. However, none of this explained why Viv, a Slytherin, wanted to introduce herself to her.

She could remember watching her walking down the hallway's with boys tripping over themselves to do her bidding. She probably could have told them to throw themselves off the Astonomy Tower and they would have done it, just for her approval. She remember asking Draco once why he hadn't gone after her. "Girl's like her are too much maintenance," he had replied.

"You know it is impolite to stare," Viv stated, smirking at Ginevra's reddening face.

"I'm sorry but I'm a little at a loss as to why you're here," Ginny responded snippily.

Viv only smirked, tossing her hair over her shoulder, "I guess I need to explain myself. I know you're a Death Eater."

Ginny gawked, she couldn't believe she had so flippantly announced that, who knows who could have walked by and heard that. She immediately started to deny her accusations, but Viv held up a hand to stop her. The sleeve rolled down her arm a little and Ginevra caught a glance of black marring her perfect skin.

"You're one too!" she nearly shouted, causing Viv to roll her eyes.

"Of course I am, now why don't you sit down and let's you and me have a chat."

Ginevracomplied now very intrigued by the Slytherin beauty in front of her. She began telling her about her family and their allegiance to the Dark Lord. Her father was a famous Curse Breaker, and Voldemort had put his skills to use. Ginevra wondered vaguely is Bill knew him. She then told her about how she had seen her at the Initiation Ceremony, and had seen her in the company of Draco all night.

"Are you two dating?" she asked in a tone of mild interest.

Ginevra shrugged and said, "I guess you could call it that."

At this Viv's eyes sparkled suggestively, "I've heard he's quite talented in certain areas."

Once again Ginevra shrugged, "I guess you could say that," the glint in her eyes giving her away.

Viv laughed aloud at this, "You surprise me Gin, you don't mind if I call you that do you?" she asked not waiting for a response. "You are probably the last person I would expect to join in with the Dark Lord. Why did you join?"

Gin was having a hard time keeping up with this girl, she jumped from subject to subject barely letting her get two words in. However she didn't mind this, she was not much of a conversationist anyways. Viv now focused all her attention on her face, as if trying to interpret her thoughts through her expressions. Ginny remained calm, forcing her face not to betray her thoughts, if she learned anything from Draco it was not to trust anyone. She knew Viv was sizing her up right now, trying to figure her out. She knew better than to spill her guts, always hold the ace she thought.

"Giving my allegiance to the Dark Lord allows me access to the power and knowledge I have long desired, while also securing my safety in a world which our Lord will shortly have reign over."

Viv contemplated this for a while, and her only response was to nod her head as a show of approval.

"I have a question for you now, why are you really here?" Ginevra asked knowing that there was more behind Viv seeking her out.

Viv shifted a little uncomfortably in her seat and wouldn't meet Gin's eyes. "This may come as a shock to you, but I don't have many friends." She looked up at Ginnevra waiting for her to gasp or show some sign of surprise, but all she saw was her smirking. "Why are you looking at me like that, doesn't that surprise you?" she asked a little hurt by Gin's knowing gaze.

"Yes I'll admit it is a little surprising, but I understand why you have so little friends, if any," at this Viv scowled fiercely but didn't refute the statement so Gin continued, "you and I are more alike than you think because like you I don't have any close friends. You and I are both intimidating people, you for your looks and personality, me for my "incident" in our second year. People are afraid of us."

Viv smiled sadly, "You're right Gin, but that's why I think we should stick together you and me. We understand each other and I think we are going to need one another this year."

They spent the rest of the ride just talking, their conversation wasn't anything remarkable but this was a first for Ginevra. She couldn't remember the last time someone had voluntarily chatted with her. There was Draco of course, but he was her boyfriend, this was different. She was feeling for the first time like she was a part of something, like she belonged somewhere. She wasn't sure what to call it, Viv made it sound like it was a friendship out of necessity, which was just fine for Gin. Making the leap from being Hogwart's loner to bff's was a little much for her, baby steps for now.

Suddenly the train was slowing down, Ginevra realized that they had spent the past two and a half hours talking. She looked out the window and saw Hogwarts reflected in the distance. For the past three months she had been dreading the return to Hogwarts, but now that she had Viv things weren't looking so horrible.

They started to dress and while Ginevra was doing this she remembered once again that she still had one very difficult trial ahead of her, Professor Snape. She shuddered at the thought of him. He always reminded her of a hawk constantly circling overhead ready to dive in for the kill. And his hair, nothing could vindicate that lank, disgusting hair. Now she would have to acquaint herself much more with the greasy haired hawk. The image this produced in her head made her suddenly giddy.

"What?" Viv asked confused about Gin's sudden giggling.

"Nothing, let's go the train's stopped."

Together they rode the horseless, well invisible horse carriage, into the school and walked arm in arm into the Great Hall. When the two of them entered all eyes turned to them. Viv was used to this attention so she wasn't fazed, but Gin didn't know how to handle it. She looked at Viv who just held her head high and focused her attention at some spot above everyone else's heads. Gin in turn did they same.

What Ginevra didn't realize was that they weren't gawking at her just because she was accompanied by Viv. Gin had finally grown up over the summer and turned into a strikingly beautiful girl. All of Draco's confidence lessons had finally paid off. Last year she had walked around hunchbacked never looking anyone in the eyes. Her hair had been pulled into a tight bun close to the nape of her neck, and her voice was timid and rarely heard. Now she stood up straight, head held high, with her luxurious red hair loose and falling in soft curls down her back.

Gin and Viv separated once they reached the tables, agreeing to meet later. Ginevra took her seat at the head of the table with the rest of the 7th year Gryffindors. Most were still staring. "What?" she mouthed to them. Stunned they turned their heads away, immediately starting to whisper amongst themselves. Ginevra pretended not to notice, and silently ate her roast beef.

Professor Snape had watched the whole scene from his place at the teacher's table. It was indeed quite a spectacle to see two of Hogwart's finest specimens walk through the door together. The girl's were night and day look wise, but each had a beauty all her own. Together they were radiant. It was a shame such beauty would forever be in the hideous shadow of evil.

Dumbledore cast him a knowing glance from across the table, his eyes faltering for only a moment. He was still taking Ms. Weasley's betrayal badly, and he was also disappointed in Ms. Driscolli. Albus had been convinced that she would realize the stupidity of her other housemates and understand she was better than the lowly life of a Death Eater. Her parent's influence however had obviously won. Severus had listened to Leone Driscolli drone on and on about his brilliant, beautiful daughter who would one day be joining their ranks. He couldn't really blame Leone for being proud, his daughter was exactly what he said, brilliant and beautiful. She may not have been the next Hermione Granger, but she was indeed one of the smartest in her year, and you would have to be blind not to notice how attractive she was. This she inherited from her mother, who had been stunning when he was in school.

It plagued him each year to see more and more of his students become Death Eater's, especially ones like Ms. Driscolli, who would have had a bright future ahead of her. Now she was going to be another girl behind a faceless mask who the Dark Lord would toy with to satisfy his own desires. He had no doubt in his mind she would soon be made into his new play thing, because that's what happened to girls like her. Of course her father would be so proud, what an honor it would be to have his daughter serve the Dark Lord, even if it meant becoming his personal sex slave.

He was thoroughly disgusted now, and wanted to be anywhere but here. His gaze drifted round the hall until it landed on an all too familiar red head. He still hadn't the slightest idea what to do about the girl. The best he had come up with was to grab her by her delicate shoulders and shake her until she came to her senses. He assumed she would approach him with an ultimatum, probably along the lines of receiving perfect marks in potions and being treated as superior to the others. As much as he would hate to do that, he couldn't compromise his position and be found out by the Dark Lord.

Closing his eyes he pinched the bridge of his nose until the tension headache that was brewing behind his eyes subsided. When he opened them, he was looking into the chocolate brown eyes of Ms. Weasley. She smiled and winked at him, which further infuriated him. He couldn't take it any longer and stormed out of the Great Hall, his robes billowing out behind him.

Ginevra watched the display with amusement. It was going to be fun having Snape under her power. She had already begun to formulate a plan as to what she would do with him. It came to her last night. Snape was a Potions Master, which meant that he could make very strong and powerful potions. With his help she could brew a potion for the Dark Lord to earn his favor. The only kink in her plan was that she hadn't come up with anything she could make yet. She had spent enough time with Hermione to know though that the only way to solve this problem was to do some research.

McGonagall came to the table and started handing out schedules. Gin look over hers, she was taking Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts, Advanced Potions, Advanced Charms, Advanced Transfiguration, and Advanced Ancient Ruins. She had one hell of a course load this year, but school had never been hard for her so she knew she could do it. She had a study first then Charms, so she had some time to kill. No better time then now to start researching, she thought. Picking up her worn school bag, she left for the library.

The room was poorly lit and chilled from the early September air. Wormtail shivered as he entered, his eyes squinting as they got used to the darkness. In the corner was the familiar high backed leather chair.

"Master, I... I brought u something to eat," Wormtail squeaked, not sure what his master's mood was going to be like today.

There was silence for almost a minute before the Dark Lord responded. "What are you waiting for bring it over!"

Wormtail nearly tripped over his own feet as he rushed to his master's side, "I'm so sorry Master, forgive me."

"Just get out of my sight," he said menacingly.

Wormtail ran out of the room but before he was a foot out of the door, the Dark Lord called to him, "Tell me Wormtail, what did you think of the new recruits?"

He nearly fainted, when had the Dark Lord ever wanted his opinion on anything? Stuttering for the right reply he said, "Well they di.. di.. did seem like a strong group master, they will serve you well."

The Dark Lord made no response to this, Wormtail could only hear the faint sound of his breath coming out in short, rasping hisses. Just when he thought he had forgotten his presence the Dark Lord spoke again. "The girl's this year are most promising I believe."

"Yes of course Master, most promising."

"Go, I tire of your presence," the Dark Lord dismissed Wormtail and returned to his solitude.

His solitude was interrupted only by his raging thoughts. For some reason he couldn't get his mind off Ginevra. He was pleasantly surprised when she joined the Death Eaters, their first encounter he thought, had automatically assured him of her allegiance. However, something in her had changed. He remembered quite well what she was like all those years ago when he had possessed her, shy, quiet, unassuming… innocent. Had his presence tainted her so much that she had joined the Death Eater's or was it something else entirely. Whatever it was, it intrigued him to the point of distraction. He couldn't get those eyes out of his mind. How they had challenged him, demanded his respect. The fire was now down to a few smoldering embers, and shadows flickered across the empty walls. Voldemort remained pensive, unable to figure out what he was going to do about this defiant but courageous girl.