Harry Potter and... His Sister?

Chapter One- Almost Adopted

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"Hailey! Come here! These nice young people have adopted you!" Ms. Himney said cheerfully. 'Glad to be rid of the twit... all she was ever good for was cleaning up the messes that she made when she blew things up. I think she's a freak!' Ms. Himney was a single woman. She was a bit stout and had brown mouse colored hair on the top of her plump head. She always wore some sort of sundress that matched her horrific hat with the ugly bird.

Hailey looked at the people and one look was enough to make her cringe under the pain her upside down lightning bolt shaped scar gave her. "I don't want to go with them! You can't make me! I don't even like them!" she ran to her room, as she clung to her stuffed dolly, whom she had decided to name Lily. Ms. Himney was straight behind her.

"Hailey! You unlock this door this instant! You will be leaving here and with your new family. They are nice people. C'mon out! Please?" Ms. Himney coaxed Hailey to open the door a bit. The door open widen up a little. Wide enough for Ms. Himney's hand to get through. She grabbed a handful of the girl's dark, ebony hair and tugged ruefully. Hailey screamed as tears formed under her eyes. She kicked and screamed as she held her tattered doll and cried at the pain. A different family came around the corner and saw Ms. Himney tugging on the small girl's hair. Shocked, that someone would do that to a young girl, the lady of the family walked up to the woman, noticing that the girl was scared and young.

"Why, she can't be younger than five! What do you think you're doing?" the woman rushed over and smacked Ms. Himney across her fat face. She immediately let go of Hailey's hair. Hailey stopped fussing, and looked at the lady and man, with their child. She looked at the boy; he had blonde messy hair, and grayish blue eyes. He gave her a small front toothless smile, but she only frowned and she ran in quickly.

"Excuse me for my wife's behavior, but I agree, you shouldn't be tugging on someone as small as that little girl's hair. It's just not right! Especially if they are underage." he gave Ms. Himney a hard stare. The family that had originally wanted to adopt the young girl came from inside the building. They looked purple faced, as if ink were splattered on their faces. The looked upset. Real upset.

"We don't want her any more, so we are canceling the adoption. The little nuisance can't even obey an incompetent orphanage lady. And look at our faces. That good for nothing child took ink and sprayed it in our faces. I don't want that in my home. No I don't want this child. Good-bye!" he ripped the papers and threw them in Ms. Himney's furious face.

"Wait! Don't go! If you don't adopt the child, who will?" Ms. Himney was fuming; she had this kid for five years and was sick and tired of her. She didn't know how much she could take of this little kid.

"We will. We will adopt her she deserves better than you." the woman who had smacked her earlier spoke up. Ms. Himney stood rooted to the spot as she turned around to the couple behind her.

"Now…now…Harmony... don't go making rash decisions." the man told his wife. He put his hands on her shoulders to calm her down. Their son looked up at them wondering what was going on.

She turned around to face her husband. She looked at him in the eye. "But, you have to agree! That little girl in there was probably beaten by that...that... thing." she pointed at Ms. Himney.

"Excuse me! I'm not a thing! I'm human, like you both, which I highly doubt you two are!" Ms. Himney crossed her arms and started tapping her foot. Her mistake was, she didn't deny beating the child and the woman named Harmony and the man noticed.

The man snickered. "Human, right..." Ms. Himney narrowed her eyes at the man, and the man just ignored the look. She looked at their son, who just smiled up at her. Ms. Himney scowled a visible scowl.

Harmony caught on first. "You...you...you child beating woman! You didn't deny beating her, but you only deny not being a thing. Will, we're coming back tomorrow... with authorities. Pick up Danny; we're going to make sure this woman is put away." Harmony said the last part in a quiet whisper and Will nodded.

This action actually scared Ms. Himney quite a bit. She knew that no amount of beating would keep the children quiet. The children would jump at the chance to have her gone forever. As she watched the retreating couple, along with their little boy, she knew she could only do one thing. Run. She picked the lock on Hailey's door and opened to find Hailey crying and hugging her dolly.

"Hailey!" her shrill voice rang throughout the room. If you could call it a room. It was more like a cupboard with a bed with clothes that filled the floor. "Hailey! Get off that bed and come here! You are to help me pack my things, and why are you on the bed anyway? You know that's Karissa's bed. Your bed is on the floor." she pointed to a pile of old and worn out blankets mixed with her clothes.

Hailey walked towards Ms. Himney without a word. The problem was, she swore never to speak again. Ms. Himney always said, 'Children should be seen and not heard.' Well, Missy was never going to be heard again, not yet at least. Hailey may have not spoken, now but she had a lot to say when she hit the right age. She was going to find a way out of the devil's clutches and she was going to have take care of herself.

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