Hey, this is just a little ficlet about Raven's true feelings toward Terra even after she is gone I wrote in my spare time. If you like it, please review.


I never liked her.

I never trusted her.

Yet it is not for the reason

You might think.

It was not because

She was unable to control her powers.

It was not because

Of the trust she could not earn.

It was not because

She did not deserve the place she was given.

It was not even because

She betrayed us Slade.

It was something else entirely

Something stupid and vain.

I hated her just because of who she was.

I had grown used to,

And even admired,

Robin's obsessive determination,

Starfire's light-heartedness,

Cyborg's fun excitement,

And even Beast Boy's humor.

That took a long time.

I tried for such a long time,

To be a part of the group.

Well, maybe not try,

But I have longed to be one of the team.

I have strived for it as much as my powers,

My lifestyle, and my secrets will allow.

Then here come Terra.

Everyone loves Terra.

She is everyone's best friend.

She fits in perfectly

With everyone,



Oh, why am I so jealous of her?

I can lift more than just rocks!

Even thou she is now gone,

I still do not like her.

Is not that a horrible thing?

To hate a dead person,

To envy what they had during life.

To want what they got?

She got everything I wanted.

The friends…

The worry…

The attention…