It's my first poem, be gentle, the pixies of inane writer's block wrote it. Wrote it whilst I was hacking to death a Vincent/Yuffie story, I might add, which would explain the sapfest.


In That Way

Forevermore I'll close my eyes
ignore the things I see in hers;
The playful gleam, the loving fire
all of the things I so admire.
I've never let my passions show
I long to let her know they're there;
My voice dies when I try to say
"I love you, Yuffie, in that way."

So foolishly I swallow words -
her eyes grow sadder with each hour;
I'm far too weak! I'll die a liar
Cold martyr to my last desire.
desire that's dead! Can't I let go
Of someone lost and gone from me?
Lucrecia's dead and dead she'll stay -
"I only loved you yesterday."

It hurts me, night after long night
this ninja's voice, inside my head...
She whimpers, softly, then she cries;
with every teardrop, my heart dies.
Would I hurt her with my love?
a greater sin would be to lie.
for good, for ill, just come what may...
"I love you, Yuffie, in that way."