Hurray it's my 1st full metal fanfic. Enjoy.


Riza Hawkeye had just finished a very hard day of work. She came home and let Black Hayate outside.

"What a day. I feel bad leaving Roy at the office, but he said he had something important to get ready for." She said as she flung her keys on the table.

"Hmm. What's this?" Riza let her hair down as she talked to her self.

She opened a white envelope and took out the contents.

The letter inside read:

Lieutenant Hawkeye,

Tomorrow night at eight' o'clock there will be a meeting I hope you will attend. Wear civilian attire. Since you've worked so hard lately, I've decided to give you the day off tomorrow so just show up at the meeting.

Your commanding officer,

Roy Mustang

P.S… A skirt would look awfully nice. ;) (Winking Smiley Face)

She closed the letter and smiled at the mini-skirt comment, and the fact that she was getting the day off, she really never made a laughing comment around the guys, but she always thought it was sort of cute and maybe flattering that he wouldn't give up on the skirts.

"I guess everyone in our division got one of these from Roy, so I'll see you tomorrow Roy." She said sleepily as she made her way to her bedroom.

She really hadn't ever told anyone, but the reason she'd stayed with Roy was because she found him to be the best looking man she'd seen in a long time, and he was caring, and charming.

Meanwhile in Roy's office…

"I hope she got my letter. She probably thinks it's a standard issue like I send out every year, but little does she know, the flame alchemist has another trick up his sleeve."

He got his coat and walked off.

The next day, Riza relaxed and slept for most of it, it was good to finally get a lot of rest.

Roy was in his office slaving away with the paperwork that was usually Riza's job, but he was abnormally happy today, and everyone at the office seemed to notice, but they thought it was eerie and didn't ask or really talk to him for the whole day.

The fact that if anyone came close to his office he'd nearly kill them didn't help his reputation for the day either. He was definitely hiding something in there.

The eight' o' clock hour was steadily approaching and Riza was all ready for the 'meeting'. She drove on through town, until reaching Central. She got out of the car and went into the offices, but they were so deserted except for a small dim light coming from Roy's office window.

She placed a hand on her gun, but she didn't draw it. She went up to the door and turned the handle. She opened the door and noticed that there wasn't anyone there, but she saw that Roy's chair was turned around facing his large bay window. There were candles lit all around the room, and in the middle was a small, table with some food on it, and to the other side there was a very large couch with some blankets on it and a few pillows.

She drew her gun thinking that something was up. Roy turned around in his chair, he had a black button-up shirt on that was unbuttoned down to about where the end of his chest, so about half way. To compliment the shirt he wore a pair of khaki casuals and some brown boots.

He rose and came over to her. As he walked over he said, "It's really not an actual meeting but more like a date."


"Don't call me that, Riza, call me Roy." He whispered seductively.

"I'm sorry, but it's against the rules for us to be together, Roy. You can't make advances like…" She responded, but was cut short by his lips against hers. She didn't hesitate to kiss back, but after he deepened the kiss, she broke it and said, "So what about that dinner?" She was blushing madly.

"Right over here." He said as he slightly skipped on over to the table pulled out her seat and pushed her chair in for her. They ate a very good, and well prepared meal, and after wards Roy stared rather blankly at her.

"Ready for dessert?" he asked as he pulled her up and began kissing her. She stopped and looked at him, "Dessert better not be what I'm thinking of." But if it is dish out the whipping cream.  She thought with a mischievous smile that was wiped away, by Roy's lips again.

As he kissed her he said. "I've been waiting for a long time for 'us'."

"Me to."

They drifted on over to the over sized couch, and he laid her down. He got on top of her and kissed her, moving form her soft lips, to her ears then down to her neck. When her shirt was gone, he kissed on down to her stomach, but she redirected his head back up to her lips, so she could remove his shirt. She finally got it off, but she was slightly surprised at how built he was, I mean you could still get a good idea with the uniform on, but this was definitely a plus, to his other attracting features.

She kissed his chest and stomach much like he'd done to her, but she decided to go back to his soft, kind, and accepting lips. After doing 'it', I'll call it, they collapsed, and Riza thought, 'This was the perfect end to my week.'

A/N: So what happens when they are found asleep together by Hughes? UH-oh!