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------chapter 11------

That night they had kept up with the planning of their ambush so to speak, but they had yet again come up empty handed with an idea that was both safe and relatively sneaky, as Havoc's plan was brute force, they needed something a little bit brainier.

"Perhaps we should wait and see if we get another opportunity, Sir." Fuery spoke up in the midst of the tense concentration.

"Maybe so, but we may not get another chance." Mustang mumbled still deep in thought.

Havoc glanced over at a calendar, "Actually, there's going to be a Military ball, on the twentieth of this month. That's only five days away, so we should have enough time to make a reliable and fail proof plan, don't you think?"

Maes nodded his head, "But there is one problem with your plan Havoc. How do we get all the other people out of the ballroom and away from any danger, and what about the other Homunculi? Who can say that they'll be there too?"

"They probably won't which is better for us. Havoc you are a genius. You see if we stage some kind of random event that will draw everybody away from the Fuehrer, then we should be able to confront him." Roy smirked, in an almost 'victorious manner.'

"What other Homunculi will be there other than Bradely?" Al asked.

"Ms. Douglas for sure, and if we're lucky we can get rid of Lust. She seems to be the leader of her own little group." Roy answered back knowingly.

Ed yawned, "Well it's getting a little late. We should talk about this later." He grabbed his red overcoat and headed towards the door, followed by Al and Winry.

Meanwhile at the Bradely residence…


"Hello," Bradely answered the bedside phone.

He cupped his hand around the receiver and whispered, "Do you have any idea how late it is?" His wife slightly stirred, so he lowered his voice again.

"The Full Metal pipsqueak has just left Military headquarters. Should we follow him?" Lust quietly disregarded his question and got to the point of her call.

"Find out everything you can…there's no reason he should be leaving this late. Follow them and if they catch you, you may kill them, all except for Edward. He is our key remember. Be 'gentle' with him." He chuckled before hanging up the phone.

"Who was that?" his wife asked.

"Just an annoying salesman." He answered.

Back at Headquarters…

The number of people in the office had hastily dropped as Fuery, Havoc, Breda, and Falman left leaving Maes, Roy, and Riza.

"Well I need to be getting home to Gracia, and I need to see Elisia. G'night guys." Maes said as he made his way across the room and out the door.

Roy looked exhausted, but he insisted on working, so Riza said, "Roy come on we should go home."

She ushered him up out of her seat and towards the door, "But if I don't keep up my work on this then how will Hannah be safe?" he said sleepily.

Riza let out a small laugh at his drowsiness and smiled, "She'll be fine, but if you don't get some sleep then she won't be safe because you won't be there to save her."

(A/N: Gracia babysits Hannah, and they now both Roy and Riza reside in Riza's apartment, Sorry for not saying that earlier. Forgive me.)

They reached the outside, as a cold wind blew through. Riza shivered slightly, so Roy lazily wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer to him.

Meanwhile with Ed, Al, Winry…

A scurry was heard in the bushses, "Did you hear that?" Al asked.

"It was probably just a cat." Winry assured.

As they kept on walking they heard it again.

"Are you sure because maybe someone's following us?"

"Does that count as finding us?" Gluttony whispered longingly.

"Not yet." Lust confirmed.

Envy suddenly shot off and away from the rest of the group. The others quickly followed.

They followed them until they saw them go into the entrance of a building.

"Damn, we have nothing on them yet, but in due time we will achieve the status of human. We just need to manipulate the boy." Envy piped up.

They all made their way back to their makeshift hideout in an abandoned clock tower.

Meanwhile with Ed and the gang…

"I couldn't shake the feeling that we were being followed." Al spoke as they entered the hotel lobby.

"I think you were imagining it. Come on. We need to get some rest."

At almost the same time, Roy was being 'tucked in' and Riza was going to bed.

The next five days would filled with intense preparation and hiding.