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Bakura – Yami Bakura

Ryou – Bakura

Marik – Marik

Malik – Yami Marik

(blah) means talking between yami and hikari

"blah" means speaking

'blah' means thinking

Authoress Note: There are some Japanese words in here, but anyone who's read other Yu-Gi-Oh fics should know what they mean. This story has implied slash. R/B Y/YY

"Sick Days"

Ryou woke up and sneezed.

(Aibou, are you all right?)

(Yeah. I'm all right.)

(Why don't I believe you?)

(Your paranoia is working overtime. I just need to get something to eat.)

(I still don't believe you so I'm tagging along.)

(Tagging along?)

(To school.)

Ryou rolled his eyes as he slipped on the Millennium Ring. (I saw that, Hikari.) Ryou fixed himself some pancakes and herbal tea for breakfast before heading out the door.


"Hey, Ryou!" Yugi called out.

"Hi, Yugi."

"Yo, Ryou!"

"Joey, it's good to see you."

"Hi, Ryou."

"Hi, Marik. I didn't know you were going to our school."

"Yeah, well Ishizu said it would be a good idea if we attended."


"Yeah, my other half is in here." Marik motioned to the Millennium Rod. Yugi and Joey inched away slowly. Marik laughed. "Don't worry. He promised to behave."

The school bell rang and the friends parted ways.


The tomb robber sighed. He did NOT understand his hikari. Ryou was sick and should have stayed home, but didn't. At least he took the Ring with him. Bakura told Ryou that he would take over if Ryou got worse and his hikari agreed reluctantly.

And now, the tomb robber's head was spinning. How did his hikari do this everyday? (Aibou, what class is this?)

(Chemistry. It's a science.)

(How much longer will this torture last?)

(Another thirty minutes.)

Bakura groaned.


Ryou packed his books away and got up.

(Aibou, can I stretch my legs?)

(Make sure you're not seen by innocent bystanders.)

Bakura appeared in his ghostly form and fell in step beside Ryou.

"Ryou! Hey, Ryou!" a voice called out.

Ryou turned around. "Hello, Yugi. What's new?"

Yugi caught up with Ryou and Bakura. "You looked a little pale this morning. Are you okay?"

"Yes." Ryou smiled.

"Liar," Bakura hissed.

"Oh, hi, Bakura. Almost didn't see you there."

"That was the point."

Just then, Yami appeared in his ghostly form beside Yugi. "Oh wonderful. The Great Baka Pharaoh makes an appearance."

"Hello to you too, Tomb Robber." Yami smirked. "So, what brings you to school?"

"Ryou's health. I need and depend on him."

"And you love him," Yami added teasingly.

Blood rushed to Bakura's cheeks. "Yes," he whispered.

Just then, Joey ran up to the group. "Hey, Yugi, Yami! High-five!"

Yugi and Yami high-fived the blonde. "Hey, Joey," Yugi said.

Joey noticed the two white-haired teens. "Hey, Ryou, Bakura."

"Hello, Joey," Ryou greeted while Bakura remained silent.

"Hey, guys!" A new voice spoke up. The quintet looked over and saw Marik.

"Hey, Marik," Yugi and Joey chorused.

"Hello," Ryou put in.

"Hello, Tomb Keeper."

"Well, if it isn't the Pharaoh out to stretch his legs."

Everyone turned to stare at the psychopath. 'Malik? What are you doing out?" Marik asked.

"Is it wrong to want to stretch my legs, hikari-pretty?" At the sight of the ghostly Malik, Yami put a protective arm around Yugi. "Relax, Pharaoh. I'm not going to harm your little hikari."

"You better not."

Ryou put a hand to his head.

"What's wrong, Ryou?" Joey asked.

"I'm just a little dizzy and I've got a headache."

"Yeah, his name is Bakura." Marik laughed as the Tomb Robber glared at him.

"He's been good today. He-" Ryou trailed off when he suddenly fainted and he would've hit the floor if Joey didn't catch him.

"Ryou!" Yugi called out.

All the sudden, Ryou's hair became spikier and his eyes looked narrower. His eyes opened and he smacked Joey's hands away. "Get your hands off me you fool!" he hissed.

"Bakura! What did you do to Ryou?" Yami demanded.

"He's in his soul room resting. He was sick this morning but insisted to come to school. I tagged along in case something like this happened." Bakura stood up.

"So, now what?" asked Joey.

"I'm going home," Bakura said.

"You can't just go home. That puts a bad mark on Ryou's record, and the nurse won't let you leave since you aren't sick," Yugi put in.

"Do you think I care?"

"If you care enough about Ryou, then you'll stay," Marik shot back.

"Fine. I'll stay."

"You have to act like Ryou would. Quiet, shy, and polite," added Marik.

"Marik, he won't be able to last five minutes without trying to send someone to the Shadow Realm," Yami pointed out.

"Is that a bet Pharaoh?"

"If it is?"

"Then, I'll take it. I'll bet you I can act like Ryou for the rest of today.

"Deal. Starting now."

Bakura closed his eyes. 'What did I just get myself into?'