'blah' means thoughts

'blah' means thoughts

"blah" means speaking

This is THE LAST chapter of Sick Days, but do not fret, gentle readers. There will be a sequel in which Bakura will get to wreak some more havoc…um, I mean, have some more fun. Look for April Fool's Day.

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Chapter 11 – Choir

'Thank Ra this day is over!' Bakura thought as he left his last class, stalking to the front doors.

"Hold it, Tomb Robber!" an all too familiar voice called as Bakura felt pressure against his throat.

Bakura struggled to pull the school uniform (and the Millennium Ring) down so he could breathe. "Bloody hell, Pharaoh! Are you trying to choke me?"

"Whatever gets your attention," Yami quipped, smirking. Then, he said seriously, "Where did you think you were going?"


"No, you don't."

"This school day is over, and I'm going home."

"What? Ryou didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Ryou has choir practice."

"Well, not today. I'm goin home."

"Not if you love Ryou. According to Yugi, if Ryou misses another session, he's out of the choir."


"He loves the choir."

Bakura sneered at the pharaoh. "Fine." Yami smirked. "Where's the choir room anyway?"

Bakura entered the room and his eyes lit up slightly when they landed on Téa. 'I could have some fun.' He walked further into the room, slightly confused. He saw a stack of folders (like the one Téa was holding) on a table, so he grabbed one and tried to catch Téa's eye, which he did. She saw his confused look and waved him over.

"Ryou, over here."

Bakura walked over and whispered, "Where does Ryou stand?"

"Usually right there," Téa whispered, pointing diagonally behind her. Bakura nodded and took his place in his hikari's usual place. "Ryou usually hides his mouth fro view."

Bakura held the open folder in front of his mouth (at a distance). "Like this?"

Téa cocked her head to make sure it was perfect and then flashed the Tomb Robber a smile that made him cringe inwardly. 'Must resist throttling girl.'


Ring, ring.

Ryou reached over and accidentally knocked the phone off its stand. Scrambling and half-falling out of bed, he managed to put the phone to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hey, Ryou. It's Yugi. You sound like you feel better."

"Much. I should be able to go to school tomorrow."

"If Bakura lets you."

A blush crept up on the white-haired boy's face. "True." Composing himself, he continued, "How is Bakura doing in impersonating me?"

"He does pretty well except for the occasional mess up."

"Mess up? He didn't get me in trouble, did he?"

"Not that I know of. I don't think anyone really noticed except for the people that know about him."

"Oh, good."

"What? Oh, hold on a moment, Ryou." Yugi placed the receiver to his shoulder. "Yami, why are you laughing?"

"I told Bakura about Ryou being in choir, and he's there right now. I can just picture how miserable he is." The smirk on Yami's face was evidence of how much amusement he was getting out of the Tomb Robber's plight.

Yugi shook his head at his dark half as he put the receiver back up to his ear. "Sorry about that, Ryou. Yami just told me something that you may want to know. Bakura's filling in for you in choir."

"Hope he doesn't mess up."

"Me too. Well, glad to know you're feeling better. I hope to see you tomorrow."

"Bye, Yugi." Ryou hung up the phone and lay back against his pillow. 'I wonder how Bakura's doing.'


'Must resist throttling teacher.' Bakura gritted his teeth as the teacher search for the sheet music. 'I need a distraction.' His eyes fell onto the piano standing in the front of the classroom. 'Hmm.' He opened the Shadow Realm a little and used some shadow magic to have the piano play itself. It was just a few keys at first, but Bakura couldn't resist having it play an entire song (AN: Readers, pick whichever song you'd like and imagine it here). The entire class's attention was riveted on the piano; some convinced it was possessed.

The teacher just chuckled. "I guess we have a practical joker, but the joke's over. I found my sheet music." The piano stopped playing as she held up her stack of sheet music.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew her sheet music everywhere, which was odd considering the windows were closed and there wasn't a ceiling fan in the room. Several students got up to help the teacher gather up her music. "Oh, thank you. Thank you."

When the teacher bent down to retrieve the last page, the page, blown by the supernatural wind, fluttered out of her reach. She took a couple steps and bent back down to pick up the paper, and it fluttered out of her reach. After a few more minutes of this, Bakura got tired of it, so he ceased using the wind.

Once the teacher picked up the last page and put them in order, she sat down at the piano and had the class run through some warm-up scales. After the warm-ups, they jumped right into singing the first song.

Bakura kept his voice soft (barely above a whisper) as the class sang. The back of Téa's head seemed to be begging for something to be done to the brunette. He had done so much to the girl already. He had spray painted the interior and exterior of her locker; sprayed silly string on the outside of her locker; hung a dead, skinned, mutilated frog that blew her a kiss inside of said locker; and skinned and mutilated a frog and made it dance and kiss her cheek. 'I had a lot of fun with that frog. Maybe it's time for it to reprise its role.'

Paper rustling roused Bakura from his thoughts. The teacher was shuffling through her sheet music, looking for the next song. Bakura took the time to open the Shadow Realm and cause Téa to hallucinate during the next song.

It was the skinned and mutilated frog, but it was doing a dance Bakura had seen his hikari do at a school dance one time (the Macarena). During the dance, the scalpels wobbled, making Téa turn an interesting shade of green. At the part of the dance where the frog's supposed to jump, it fell, but it got up almost immediately and proceeded to do the dance again. The faster the dance went the greener Téa's face got until she couldn't hold the nausea back anymore. She ran from the room.

Still hiding behind his music, Bakura fought back a snicker. The teacher looked at the door through which Téa had exited. "I've never had that kind of reaction to a song before." Bakura couldn't hide the smirk when he heard what the teacher had said.

After the class finished the song, the door opened to admit a still slightly green Téa. She caught Bakura's eye and shot him a venomous glare to which he answered with a smirk. 'What a perfect way to end the day!'

As he walked home, Bakura smirked to himself. His latest prank on Téa may have been the perfect way to end the day, but he had had a lot of fun the past week. In gym, he had fun playing dodge ball. He was slightly sadistic in biology when it came to the dissection of the frog. Said frog reprised its role in study hall. Bakura grinned. 'I had a bloody good time in Study Hall. My favorite part has to be releasing Dark Sanctuary and telling the pharaoh It wasn't me, I swear. Good times.'

It didn't take the Tomb Robber long to reach his hikari's house. He walked in and was met by a sight that made his day. Ryou was on the computer playing Hearts (against Yugi, Marik, and Kaiba). When Bakura closed the front door, he called, "Hikari, I'm home!"

Ryou bounced in his chair. "Yay!"

Bakura blinked a couple of times and deadpanned. "I didn't think me coming home would cause that reaction."

Ryou looked over his shoulder. "Oh, hi, Bakura. I was just happy, because I won the game of Hearts."

"Well, as long as you're feeling better, here." Bakura placed Ryou's briefcase on the floor.

"What kind of homework is there?"

"No homework."

"Really? I'll just play another game of Hearts."

"Unless you need to qualify for a Hearts tournament, you should go upstairs and study."

"Study? Study for what?"

"You have a test in your World Civilizations class over ancient civilizations tomorrow."

"What?!" Ryou groaned as he trudged up the stairs, briefcase and yami in tow. "Why couldn't I have been sick for one more day?" Bakura opened his mouth to answer, but Ryou said, "Don't answer that."

Bakura shut his mouth, but he couldn't hide his relieved grin. He was just glad that he served his time in that prison they called a school.


Stay tuned for the sequel to Sick Days: April Fool's Day