AUTHOR: Inquisitive One
EMAIL: DISCLAIMER: The only characters that are mine are the ones that have no connection to a show. Which aren't many characters in this story.
DISTRIBUTION: My site http/ Yahoogroups: inquisitive1supdates and some others.
SUMMARY: AU. After her two year disappearance Sydney goes to Sark (who wasn't caught but did disappear) asking for his help. After gaining his help the two start a reluctant truce that changes as things are discovered.
NOTES: Yes I know David Anders is only 23 but for the sake of most of my fics I usually make him older. First time a guy who plays an evil cutie is the same age as me... granted he's a few months younger than me but still he's my age.

Sark watches from a distance as the group of friends disperse the ashes of Sydney Bristow. 'She's gone. I have no longer have a worthy adversary. Time for me to move on. You got out at a good time Bristow. Rest in peace... one of us will.' He walks away.