Sydney kisses Kaden's forehead as she buckles him into the carseat. She gets into the passenger side. "What about your car?"

"I'll have Mr. Tyler come and get it... put it in storage until I can come back."

Sydney nods "This is going to be interesting." She sighs

"How are you going to explain how you found me?"

"I'm not."

"I take it you're not going to tell them about us."

"It's none of their business. Besides I don't need the hassle of Vaughn and Lauren bitching me out. Eric would handle it in time... Carrie wouldn't care... Dad would freak... Dixon who knows... and Marshall he'll just stammer and run from you."

"He is quite a skittish man." Sark chuckles

"Just don't taunt them or do your whole double talk."

"I'll behave Kitten."

"Good. You don't... you are so going to get an ass kicking." Sydney warns

"I'll be good." Sark promises bringing her hand to his lips.

"You better."


"What's Sark doing here?" Vaughn demands as he joins Sydney at her desk watching as Sark talks with Jack, Dixon, and Kendall in the conference room.

"He's making a statement." Sydney answers coolly.

"Are they finally locking him up?" Vaughn asks

Sydney winces, "You'll have to take that up with Dixon." She says calmly.

"Come on Sydney you brought him in. You must know what's going on."

"I do but it's none of your business. If you want to know then ask Dixon." Sydney snaps "I have to go pick Kaden up." She stands grabbing her jacket. "Later" she hurries out of the office.


"Hey Sydney. Come on in." Carrie steps aside "Get done what you needed?"

"For the most part. Thanks for watching him."

"Not a problem." Carrie leads Sydney back to David's room.

Sydney goes over to the crib and smiles at the sight of the two boys asleep side by side. Carefully she picks Kaden up kissing his head as she walks out of the room with Carrie. "I should warn you... Marshall might be even more rambly when he gets home."

"Why? Did something happen?"

"Yeah... Sark is back... at the CIA."

"Oh boy. You know how nervous he gets around him. Last time he almost had a break down when he got home." Carrie rolls her eyes.

"I remember the first time they met... Marshall asked Sark not to kill him before giving him some bad news." Sydney smiles as she puts Kaden into his jacket. "Sark promised he'd behave around Marshall and wouldn't scare him."

"Let's see if it stays."

Sydney laughs "I better get him home."

"Have you unpacked?"

"God no. I'm going to start working on it."

"If you need help let me know."

"Yeah I will." Sydney walks out of the house to her waiting car. As she buckles Kaden into his car seat she sighs, 'When will I see him again? Soon I hope.'


Sydney tears her eyes away from Kaden when she hears the doorbell ring. "I'll be right back baby." She stands walking to the front door and opens it to find Sark standing there. "Hi" She smiles faintly.


Sydney steps aside letting him enter. Once she closes the door she finds herself in his arms kissing passionately.

"God I missed you." Sark groans as he breaks the kiss

"When did the guard dogs let you out?" Sydney asks with a grin.

"Didn't... I ditched them." Sark smirks

"Julian" Sydney says aghast "You promised to behave."

"I'll go back. I just wanted a break from being followed." Sark shrugs then chuckles, "You called me Julian and we're not having sex."

Sydney shrugs "Slipped." She steps out of his arms heading back to the living room. "So what's your place like?"

"Dull. Cameras all over."

"They just want to make sure you don't run."

"I said I wouldn't."

"Sark, your word has not the most trustworthy thing." Sydney says as she rejoins Kaden on the floor.

"When I promise something I usually keep them." Sark joins them on the floor.

Kaden grins crawling over to the familiar man

"See I told you he likes you." Sydney smiles as Kaden crawls onto Sark's lap. She watches as Sark quietly talks to the boy. 'He's warming up to Kaden. Maybe one day we'll be a family of sorts. Anything is possible in the future.'


The End?