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The next few days were quite busy for the Parrs, and the nation in fact. When news got out that the Underminer had been paid by McCormick, the entire country was in an uproar and the Congressman was now under investigation. A rumor going around claimed he was planning resignation.

Thankfully, the news that McCormick's niece had been used in the plot was not exposed, and Kari was personally escorted by the Incredibles' NSA agent to the capital, where the mother-load of all NSA's memory-erasing machines resided.

The Underminer himself, whose real name was discovered to be Dirk Ogden, was given a rabies shot and put into jail to wait for trial, seeing as he couldn't afford bail.

The Incredibles themselves spent a better part of the week helping to clean up the mess they'd made during the last battle. Someone's gotta clean it up. What were they gonna do with it all? Let's just say Dean was going to have lots of scrap metal.

They also spent a large amount of time searching through the Underminer's base, destroying any proof of their true identities. They also paid for the proper burials of Ricky and Lucy, seeing as they were getting paid very well for this super villain. And yes, Violet and Dash thoroughly enjoyed missing school from Monday to Wednesday.

Now it was Thursday, almost a week since the climatic ending to this story began. The month of November, actually the entire fall, had certainly been exciting for the family, and they were enjoying a well deserved break.

Helen was in the kitchen cooking like mad in order to have dinner done in time while Dash played on his Gameboy (A/N I wonder if they have Gamegirls?). Bob was enjoying watching a football game on the TV as Violet entered the room, putting on a sweater.

"I'll be back in a little bit!" she shouted as she walked out the front door.

"Now wait a minute, Vi, I-" Bob started, getting out of his chair. The phone rang.

"Bob! Can you get that?" Helen yelled from the kitchen.

"Coming!" he said, walking to the kitchen phone and picking up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Good evening, I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Is this the Parr's residence?"

"It is."

"May I speak to Robert Parr, please?"


"Oh, Mr. Parr. This is Mr. Moscowitz. You saw me a few months ago during a job interview."

"Mr. Moscowitz!" Bob repeated, sitting down at the table nearby. "How can I help you?"

"Well, Mr. Parr, as it turned out the man the company hired for the job you were interviewed for has recently been caught in, put politely, naughty business. Let's just say company money is a bit too tempting for some, hm?"

"Yes, sir."

"Anyways, the situation was cleared up before anything terrible happened, the man was fired, but we hadn't been able to find a replacement. That's when I remembered you from a few months back. Now, I don't want to presume anything, but have you found a job since then?"

Technically yes, but I got fired for beating up a guy. "No, sir, I'm afraid not."

"Well, how about you and I meet Monday for lunch to discuss matters a bit. I'll call you say Saturday to arrange it; I wouldn't want to interrupt a meal right now."

"Of course, sir."

"My pleasure."

Bob hung up the phone, grinning. "Helen?"

"Hm?" she asked as she took one thing out of the stove, put something else in, and was chopping foodstuffs up on the counter across the room (go elasticity).

"You're going to love me in a second."

Meanwhile, Violet was on a date of sorts. She'd met Tony down the street at a St. Louis Bread Co. (A/N WHICH IS THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE PLACE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! MCDONALD'S JUST BOUGHT IT AND STUPIDLY RENAMED IT TO THE DORKIEST NAME ("Panera") EVER!) for a soda. Ooooooooooh yes, apology time.

"I can't believe you just let me think it was you."

"Well I was a bit confused, you know."

"Can you believe I actually thought you'd sold me out to the Underminer?"


The teens sipped on their soda a moment, watching people go by. "Why didn't you tell me?" Violet asked.

"That I was innocent?"

"Well yeah."

"Would you have believed me?"

Well no. "I might have."

"Uh huh."

"At least a little, give me some credit here!"

"All right all right," Tony said, smiling. "So," he said, "What's going to happen to Kari?"

"Oh, she's in D.C. right now living right. Apparently the memory thingmerbob at the NSA department here was on the fritz because of magnetic rays from the Omnidroid last spring or something and that's why you two ended up remembering stuff. So they're gonna fix her up nice and happy there, then bring a new thing back here."

"Then I'll be forgetting stuff again." It was meant as a question, but he said it like a statement.

Violet looked at him a moment. "Nah."

"Why not?"

"Technically," she said through a grin, "we're the only ones who know about this little incident. Sure, the family probably 'knows,' I mean you were zapped after Kari after all, but…"

"We don't have to tell them." Tony smiled. "I guess we should be getting back home."

"Yeah, my mom's probably stretched pretty thin in the kitchen all by herself."

Tony looked at her a moment before chuckling.


"Nothing. You just have a wonderful choice of words."

"Oh be quiet."

They walked outside and went their separate ways.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Vi!" Tony called over his shoulder.

"You too, Tony!"

The End…

(for now)