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New Orleans - Thursday

A young boy, no older then 13, is standing in a large room of a lavish mansion. His auburn hair is just long enough to fall into his face. Even for one so young he already has a nearly perfect build. He is wearing an oversized brown trench coat, jeans and a skintight black t-shift. He is facing a man seated behind a large desk. The man's face has the aged look of someone who has seen too much and dealt with too much responsibility. Both are rather unhappy with the current topic of discussion.

"Why Remy got ta go to Mississippi Pere?"

"Because Ah said so fil. And ya gonna do wha' Ah say. Ya here?"

"Oui, Pere."

"Now ya gonna go stay wid a couple a tante Mattie's kids. Ya gonna go ta school. Ya gonna behave. No stealin', no gettin' girls pregnant, no drinkin'. Ah'll send Henri to check up on ya when Ah can."

"Fine. Remy will behave and be da bon fil ya wan'. When do he have ta leave?"



With that the young boy, storms out of the room slamming the door behind him. His father lets out a rather loud sigh and turns his attention back to the stacks of paper on his desk. He mutters to himself "Dis had betta work Ah just can' have dat boy datin' and fallin' in love wid an assassin."

New Orleans – Saturday

Remy stands by the car destined to take him away from the only place he has ever called home. The back of the station wagon is packed with boxes and suitcases. He is dressed simply in his favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt. His coat has been packed away with the rest of his stuff. Sunglasses cover his eyes and his hair falls sexily across his forehead.

They really are shipping Remy off. At least Remy got to tell Belle what was going on. Remy gonna miss that girl like crazy. Hopefully, it wont be too long before he can see her again. Remy figure he wait a couple of months if they don't come get me by then Remy can always make a break for it and come back to New Orleans.

His father and brother walk up to him. Quickly his father takes a hold of his shoulder and looks Remy straight in the eye.

"Remy, ya know Ah only doin' this fo' ya own good. It jus ain't safe wid da war and all."

"Oui, Pere"


He then pulls Remy in to a quick embrace and steps aside. Henri walks takes his little brother into a hug slapping him on the back and then pulls away.

"It really won' be dat bad Remy. Ya'll see soon as ya get dere all da femmes be knockin' down da door and it'll be just da same as here."

"Ain't never gonna be like here Henri. Remy dun care how many or how belle da femmes be."

"Just give it a chance ok?"

"Oui. Remy give it a chance."

With that Remy climbs into the passenger seat of the car. A man is already seated in the drivers seat waiting for his young charge to say his goodbyes. Once in the car Remy rolls down the window and waves.

"Au revoir famille."

The gathered LeBeau's echo back their collective goodbye's as the car pulls out of the driveway.

Well that's it the house is out of sight and we're almost to the outskirts of New Orleans. Not to long from now Remy'll be in some backwater town in Mississippi missing the best girl in the world. At least he know that Belle still love him no matter what.

Caldecott Mississippi – Monday

Remy walked out of the main office schedule in hand. Dressed in jeans that are ripped at the knee, a pair of tennis shoes and a skintight red shirt, Remy is sporting his sunglasses as always. He is following a plump woman dressed in a ghastly floral print dress. They walk down a dingy yellow tiled floor in a hall lined with lockers.

Hahaha. Remy can't believe they really think his sunglasses are to keep him from getting migraines how silly of a reason is that. These people just aren't that smart and they are supposed to be teaching Remy. Like that will happen. Remy don't know why he has to go to school anyways. He has been home schooled since he started middles school and now he's stuck back here. A grade behind where he is supposed to be even. It was so much better in New Orleans. Haven't seen a single femme that can hold a candle to Belle since he got here. True Remy hasn't seen the outside of his house until now also but that is besides the point.

His thoughts are interrupted when the plump women motions for him to stop and goes to open a door.

"Here ya are, sugah. Go on in."

Remy walks through the now open door and stands facing a class full of students staring eagerly at him thankful for the distraction he provides. The young teacher turns from the board and smiles at him in greeting.

"Class, this is Remy LeBeau, he has just moved here from New Orleans and will be joining our class. Anna will you keep an eye on him this week and help him get up to date in his classes?"

"Yes, sir"

A girl in the third row looks up and gives him a small smile and motions for Remy to come sit next to her. Her long auburn hair cascades down around her face. Somewhere, through her hair her emerald eyes sparkle. She is dressed in jeans and a long sleeved gray t-shirt.

Remy saunters back to her desk, and sits in the seat next to her. The other girls in the class giggle and whisper as we goes by them giving some winks and flashing his sexiest smile. But she simply watches him as he comes to her.

Once he sits, the teacher turns back to the board and continues her lecture on American history.

"Bonjour chere, ya will be showin' Remy around dis week?" Remy whispers to the girl next to him.

"Yea, Ah'll give ya the notes from thus far tamorra. How ya like it in Mississip'? big let down from New Orleans Ah'm sure." She whispers back.

"Was until Remy caught sight of ya"

She blushes slightly and returns her attention to the board. Remy sits and glances around the room feeling the numerous pairs of eyes watching him. He flashes his sexiest grin to all the girls who each blush and giggle.

Well at least Remy hasn't lost his charm. And the girls here aren't too bad. This Anna girl is definitely a looker though something seems off about her that Remy just can't place. Oh well.

The bell rings and Anna packs up her stuff. She turns to Remy looking expectantly.

"Come on, we got lunch next. Ya wouldn' wanna miss that would ya?"

"Lead on cher"

They get up and head into the hallway. Remy moves to put his arm around her but she just shrugs it off.

"Why do ya keep callin' meh that anyways. Ah'm not your dear."

"Desole cher. Remy just can't help callin' a femma as belle as ya anythin' else." He says with a pout. She looks at him and just shakes her head.

"Well stop." And then in a whisper that he can barely here "please."

They get to the lunchroom and go through the lunch line grabbing what was meant to pass for food. When they reach the counter to pay, Anna starts going through her bag franticly.

"Somethin' wrong cher?"

"Ah can't find my money."

He steps forward to the lunch lady, and hands her money for both of their lunches.

"Dun worry bout it cher Remy have extra."

"Thank ya. Ya really didn't have ta. Let's jus' go sit down."

They make their way across the cafeteria to an empty table. They sit and Remy takes a look at his tray.

"Dis really da food day 'xpect us ta eat?"

"Yeah, its not that bad if ya just dun smell or taste it." She replies with a small laugh.

She then digs into her food eating quickly. Remy stares for a moment then follows suit trying to get the food down.

Having finished her food she looks at him. He is still picking at his food wondering if it is going to kill him.

"Ya gonna be ok if Ah take a nap? Ah was up late doin' homework last night"

"Dat be fine Cher. Remy just gonna wander round and get ta know some of da other inmates of dis here school."

"k. Ah'll come find ya when it's time for class."

With that she puts her head down on her shoulders and is quickly asleep. Remy then gets up and starts wandering around the cafeteria talking to the numerous girls who are fawning over his every word.

Remy doesn't mind this at all. At least he wont be lonely. Plenty of beautiful girls to provide nightly entertainment. That Anna girl is alittle strange but seems nice enough. Maybe it just cause she tired.

Remy spends the rest of the lunch hour wandering around the cafeteria charming the girls and lining up one or two dates for the coming week. He is startled when he feels a tap on his shoulder. Turning around he sees Anna waiting for him. As if on cue, the bell rings signaling the end of lunch.

"It's time fo' class. We gotta hurry if we are gonna make it ta French on time."

"Vrai cher." Then returning to his pervious conversation, "Remy have ta go ta class, he see y'all later petites."

With that Remy and Anna head off to class. The rest of the day is rather uneventful. When the final bell rings Anna gathers her things and looks at Remy asking "Are ya ok ta get home from here? Know where ya goin' and all?"

"If Remy say non will da fille walk him home?"

"Ah guess so."

"Den non Remy need a escort."

"kay, but ya better not try anythin' or take ta long cause Ah gotta be home soon. Where day a live anyway?"

"Remy live on Mulberry street. Bout half da way 'tween West street and Sunflower street."

"Dat's not too fa' past mah house so Ah'll show ya the way."

They walk through the streets making there way home. The entire way Remy tries to put his arm round Anna's shoulders and each time she shrugs it off pulling away slightly.

Something is up with the girl. No other girl ever pulled away from Remy before. Can't say Remy don't like it. Guess she just isn't interested in Remy. Oh well plenty of other girls in this town and probably is a good idea to stay on her good side at least until Remy get situated. She's been pretty nice and Remy don't really want a full time girl. That is what Belle is for. Might be nice to have a girl who is just a friend to hangout with when Remy don't feel like dealing with the swarming masses.

"That's mah house ove' there. Ya house around the next street corner ta the right and down a block. Ya think ya can make the rest on ya own?"

"Oui cher. Thank ya fo' all ya help. Remy will see ya demain." He then leans forward and kisses her hand in a cavalier way. Once again she blushes slightly then runs across the street to her house.

Remy stands for a moment watching the girl enter her house, and then starts the rest of his walk home.

This place really isn't as bad as Remy thought it would be. Still not going to hang around much longer then he has to but at least it wont utterly suck while he's here.

AN: Translations

Oui, Pere – Yes father

Tante – Aunt

Bon fil – good son

Samedi – Saturday

Duex jeu – two day

Femme – women/girl

Belle – beautiful

Petites - little ones

Non - no

Fille - girl

Cher -dear