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--Chapter 15--

Mr. Sinister's Lair

Rogue's Cell

Late Evening

July 13

Rogue sits crosslegged leaning heavily back against the wall. Slowly a deck of card flicks through her fingers as she shuffles them endlessly. Her eyes are focused on the cards though it is questionable if she actually sees them. Her head comes up and her hands still as the door eases open.

Once the door has opened enough to reveal Gambit's head, a small smile plays across her lips as the tension drains out of her body. A mirroring smiles graces Gambit's face as he steps the rest of the way into the room and shuts the door behind him. Soundlessly he makes his way over to her and plants a soft kiss on the top of her head before sitting down on the mattress next to her.

Gently he wraps an arm around her shoulders pulling her against his body before starting to play with her hair. Slowly he cards a hand through her hair while probing her emotions as she calms. Once he feels that she is settled he speaks, "How yo' feelin' chere? Remy sorry he no' been able ta visit. Sinister been keepin' him busy. Who been takin' care o' yo' dey no hurt yo' oui?"

She gives a small sigh of comfort before answering "Non, just left the food fo' meh. Ah haven' even seen Sinister fo' a bit. No' since the last time ya were here."

"Dat's good. Remy been worrie' 'bout yo'. He wasn' sure who woul' be takin' care o' yo'." His free hand reaches up to twist her white streak around his fingers. "Cher gonna tell Remy how she end up wid dis?"

Rogue closes her eyes briefly before leaning more heavily into him. "Don' ya want ta tell meh 'bout how ya ended up here instea'?" Her question seems to have cast a silence over the room. After a long moment, she gives a small snort before continueing, "Ah'll take tha' as a non? Well if Ah'm gonna tell ya 'bout that ya are gonna owe meh at least one story of what ya been doin'."

Remy lets a small smile to grace his lips at her spunk. "Remy surrender. Cher ge' a story in exchange. Bein?"

She smiles slightly elbowing him in the ribs gently, "Bien, Ah'll hold ya to dat too Remy." She crawls over into his lap snuggling into his chest before begining. "Ya had to have heard 'bout tha' mess at Statue de la liberté. Well Ah was actually there."

At this Remy interupts "Cher, how did yo' end up in the middle of dat mess?" In response she shoots him a glare "Ya want meh to tell ya 'bout this or non?" He puts on his most endearing smile "Desole Cher, Remy wont interupt anymore."

"Good, then back to what Ah was saying. Ah was actually at the Statue de la liberté but how Ah ended up there since ya ask is a story in and of its self which mean ya owe meh deux now. Ah guess Ah should begin with when Ah first got my powers and left Mississippi..."


Marie looks back at the house. She is wrapped in numerous layers, including two pairs of gloves. Over her shoulder is slung a duffel bag. A single tear falls down her cheek which she roughly wipes away. She turns around and starts walking down the street.

I knew it was too good to be true. Its only been two years that I was able to stay in this haven but I guess that is over now. They were such a wonderful two years. Tanks tops and shorts I hadn't worn them for years. I guess I wont be ever again. It was all over so fast. Who would have thought that a little kiss could be so horrible.

I was so scared when he leaned into kiss me. It brought back so many memories. All I could think of was my father leaning in and I just wanted it to stop. But not like this. I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted things to slow down. And then they came running in and took care of him. I thought it was going to be alright. But its never going to be alright again.

I wish Remy was here. He would understand. His eyes basically branded him as a mutant from birth. He wouldn't hate me would he? Maybe he would. He hasn't called or written or visited since the night he left. I thought when his father came to get me that I was going home with him. But then he brought me here. Which wasn't bad I figured Remy would be coming to visit or at least check in on me. But he probably just forgot. I bet it was Tante Mattie's doing that Jean-Luc even came. I could tell she felt bad for me. Saw it in her eyes. I knew Remy caring was too good to be true. I bet he is curled up in Belle's arms right now.

I can't really blame him. I wouldn't want to know me either. It's like my life has been one disaster after another. But at least I'm still alive and I can use the things Remy taught me to survive. I just wish I knew where to go. I guess the bus station is a good place to start.

Slowly she makes her way through the darkened streets to the bus station. She goes to stand in front of the ticket counter looking at the ticket prices. She then digs into her pocket and pulls out her wallet. She counts the money twice to be sure.

She then steps up and looking down pushes her money under the window. "One fo' Memphis please."

The man takes the money, counts it out and then prints the ticket. Passing it under the window he simply grunts. Quickly she moves off to find a seat in order to wait for the bus.

I wish I had more money. Memphis isn't very far away and I really need the money to eat. I guess I'll have to steal to eat. Hopefully I can at least make Remy proud and not get caught. He really did take a big risk teaching me. I just wish I didn't have to go. I don't even know where to go. Maybe I will try to go to Canada after all. I just don't know what to do. I just know I can't stay here.


"After that Ah made mah way up ta Canada which is where Logan found meh. Its all pretty much of a blur from there. I ran into him in a bar just as the last of my latest victim's money was running out. He nearly got killed and once I figured out he was a mutant I thought it was better then nothing. Not long after Logan picke' meh up we got attacked by Sabertooth and the X-men turned up to rescue us. They took us back to their school and gave both Logan and Ah a place to stay. Though I'm not sure how much choice Logan was given in the matter. It was 'bout a day after we got there that things went bad. It all started when Ah was up in the middle o' the night and heard a noise...


My apologies for my rendition of this scene

Rogue slowly opens the door to Logan's room. He is in the bed captured by his nightmare fighting against the sheets. Fear sweeps over Rogue as her own recent nightmares threaten to take over once again. With a shake of her head she heads closer to her bed, forcing herself to focus on the here and now. Calling out to him she tries to wake him without touch. However, almost unthinkingly her hand comes close to his chest.

Suddenly he wakes, his claws extend and cut through her chest. All else fades out as overwhelming pain comes through her body.

Oh god. This hurts so much. I can't breathe. It hurts. Please it needs to stop hurting. There is no way I'll survive this. I don't want to touch him. But its my only chance.

Slowly her ungloved hand reaches to his face and brushes against it softly. As she pulls his essence into her body the wounds heal quickly closing in leaving only the holes in her nightgown as evidence of there existance. Rogue looks around at the now full room locking eyes with storm she stutters out an apology before making her way through the crowd.

Quickly she makes her way up to the roof. Sitting quietly she pulls her knees up to her chest and cries into them. The memories of Logan's past washing over her as the stars slowly move across the dark sky.

It isn't fair. I didn't mean to scare him like that. I just wanted to wake him up. He seemed so unhappy and trapped in his head. I couldn't leave someone fighting that. And now, how could someone do those experiments to another living being. How can I go back down there and face him. I knowingly took away some of his thoughts and essence. He's already missing so many pieces of his past will he even be able to forgive me. I didn't want to hurt him but I didn't want to die either. That hurt so much more then anything I've ever felt before. Please let him forgive me. I don't want to be alone anymore.

Slowly dawn creeps over the rooftop as her thought continue to circle endlessly repeating themselves. Eventually when the sun has kissed her cheeks and dried her tears she makes her way back down into the mansion.


"After that Mystique hiding as Bobby came by and told me that Xavier wanted me out. So I ran again." Rogue lets out a small sigh.

Remy pulls her into a tight hug against his chest. "Oh cher, Remy is so sorry. He wish he had been dere to find yo'. Ah never meant fo' yo' to think Ah had abandone' yo'."

Rogue gives him a weak smile in return, "It's ok Remy. Ah'm sure you had a good reason. That you will just happen to be explaining in the near future. But anyways, Ah only got as far as the train station before Logan caught up wit' meh. 'Course it didn't really matter since Magneto had caught up with me by then. He injected me with something that knocked me out. Next think Ah know Ah'm strapped to that machine he had built. He put almost all of his power into me using my own powers against me." She pauses taking a deep breathe before continuing. "Ah couldn't control it, the power was just too much for meh. If it weren't for Logan Ah would have killed an awful lot of people. Ah nearly died but Logan gave me his power so that Ah would live. Since then Ah've just been livin' at Xavier's. Well until Ah ended up here that is."

Her last words hand in the air for a few minutes before Remy and decide what to say. "Remy dink chere is leavin' out gros amoun' o' information." He can instantly feel Rogue's emotions spike letting him know that he has hit a nerve. Instinctively, he sends out soothing emotions to her. "Dun worry cher, yo' can keep yo' secrets fo' now. Remy just gonna have to spend some time late' gettin' it out of yo'." Rogue gives him a small elbow in the ribs at this comment. "Remy guess he owe's chere now huh?"

She gives him a nod coupled with a glare are enough to get a chuckle out of Gambit. "Gambit surrender, he tell chere a story. Dat make her happy?" A smile spreads across her lips and she gives another nod.

"Ok den, Remy tell yo' 'bout wha' happene' wid Belledonna."

"Sounds bien."

"Well for the first deux ans Remy was back in New Orleans things were ok. Mah powers manifested and Ah had ta spen' a lot of time gettin' back in control so dat things weren't blowin' up every couple o' minutes. But mah family was tres bon 'bout it. Got to da point dat no one even mentione' it when da toothpaste exploded all ove' da bathroom."

Rogue gives a small laugh at this description, as an image of Remy covered in toothpaste standing in the bathroom floats through her head. He allows a look of mock hurt cross his face at her giggle. Giving a small huff as though he is about to start sulking he continues.

"Wasn' dat funny. Toothpaste is 'ell to clean up. Mattie was probably buyin' it in bulk afta the first month. If she hadn't been already wid all da people dat live' at the mansion. Anyways, 'bout two years in dings went real bad 'tween meh and Belle."

Remy walks into to his room his eyes pulsating with rage not even bothering to turn on the lights relying on his heightened night vision. "How dare she?" he yells to the empty room.


He storms over to the window and throws up the sash letting the cool night air flow into the room. He then climbs onto the windowsill and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He takes one out of the pack and places it between his lips. After putting the pack back in his pocket he slips off one of his leather gloves. Touching a single finger to the tip of the cigarette he lights it easily. Puffing slowly his emotions calm and his eyes loose their pulsating glow. He stares out over the bayou letting his thoughts take him away.

How could she do this to me. I've been true to her haven't done anything more then hangout with another girl even when I was in Mississippi. Hell after the first couple of months the only girl I even touched period was Anna. And she just don't count. Holding your little sister whose been abused half her life and is in the middle of reliving it just can't be wrong. I wonder where she is now. Father just says that she is safe every time I ask. I wish I could see her and know for sure. I never should have made that deal with Pere. Though it was worth it to get her safe. But how much I miss Anna isn't the big deal right now. Its Belle. That bitch. She's accused me
a cheating while I was gone half a million times and then tonight.


Remy is sitting at the bar in a smoky club. He has come in simply to listen to some music and get away and catch a smoke in peace. The bartender brings over a bourbon and sets it in front of him with a knowing smile. No one ever bothers to check Remy's ID every bartender knew him by the look. They aren't about to defy the son of the thieves guild. It isn't a risk worth taking given the guild's control of the town.

As he sits sipping his bourbon slowly that he hears her laugh. A laugh he thought was only for him. So as not to draw attention to himself he turns around slowly scanning the bar for her long blond hair. He catches a glimpse of her sitting at a table with a man Remy has never seen before. Her back is too him as her body shakes with laughter.

Remy is rising to go join them. He keeps his eyes trained on her beautiful form as he starts to make his way over to her table. He plans to surprise her. But he stops halfway across the floor. She is leaning into the strange man kissing him. Not in the way that you would kiss a friend or family member but the way you would kiss someone you had an intimate relationship with.

He stops dead in his tracks. His grip around the glass in his hand tightens until the glass shatters. The noise bring the attention of some of the customers who turn to look at him questioningly. But Belle stays locked in her embrace unaware of the world around her.


Remy lights another cigarette with his finger having tossed away the other butt. Otherwise he stays in place unmoving as his mind wanders and silent tears fall down his cheeks.

How could she do this to me. All she has ever said is how much she loved me. But obviously that isn't enough. I've given her everything and its not enough. Apparently I'm not good enough and she needs a distraction. I almost wish I had feelings for another girl. But no my hearts been true to her. Like a fool I actually was looking forward to having her to myself. Sure an arranged marriage sucks but I was going to be with the girl I loved. But now why should I even bother. I could have any girl in this town and I might as well if she doesn't care.

Its almost funny I was more upset about leaving Anna behind then I am about Belle. It hurts a lot but I guess a part of me knew that she didn't care about me. Just about having me as a possession. It doesn't matter in the end. This marriage is for the treaty it was never actually about us. The one good thing about this is it shows I have gained a lot of control over my powers. Nothing has exploded all night.

A bitter laugh escapes him with his last thought. Then with a sigh Remy lights another cigarette and gently swings his leg enjoying the night air.


"That Bitch. She didn't deserve ya Remy. Ah can't believe ya though' 'bout meh tha' much. Ah'm sorry Ah ever doubte' ya would 'member meh." A fire burns behind Rogue's eyes as she clenches her hands into fists.

Remy leans over and kisses her head again before he allows himself to laugh, "Chere, yo' are too much. And Remy never could have forgotten yo'."

Rogue gives him a grin before letting her hands unclench. She begins flicking the cards again shuffling them with a practiced ease. "So dat beh how things went down with ya and Belle. But doesn't explain what ya are doin' here instead of being back home marrie' for the sake of the guilds havin' lots o' enfants to keep Belle busy."

A dark look crosses Gambit's face before he can prevent it. With a slightly forced tone he asks "How 'bout Remy tell yo' 'bout how he found out yo' were missin'?"

Rogue seems to consider this for a few minutes before replying, "Guess if ya gonna let meh off the hook Ah should too. So how did ya find out Ah had run off?"

"Well like Ah said things went bad between Belle and Ah 'bout two years after Ah got back dere. From den on Remy became a bit wild. Had nothing ta hold meh back. Though Gambit thought no one has noticed beside mon frere. It wasn't 'til a couple of months before da weddin' dat Remy went ta ask 'bout yo'."


Jean-Luc is sitting in a chair on the patio sipping his coffee. The sun has just risen bathing the world in its soft light. Here hears the door open behind him but doesn't look knowing that it is one of his two sons.


Jean-Luc glances over at his younger son and motions for him to sit in one of the other chairs. "What can Ah do fo' yo' fil?"

Remy shifts nervously in his chair, causing Jean-Luc to focus his full attention on him. "Yo' know how Belle is goin' crazy wid plannin' da weddin' and all? And how its comin' up pretty soon?"

Jean-Luc gives a small nod as Remy pulls out a deck of cards from his trench coat. He starts shuffling them quickly before he continues. "Well, she asked me if dere was anyone Ah wanted ta invite...And AhwannainviteAnna." Remy speaking the last words so quickly that they can't be understood.

"Que?" asks Jean-Luc letting a look of bewilderment cover his face.

Remy sighs and the speed of his shuffling increases "Ah want to invite Anna to the wedding. Ah know dat Ah haven't been allowed to contact her but dis is one of da biggest events in mon vie. Ah want her dere. Plus Ah really want to see dat she is ok. Its been more den two years and all Ah have is your word dat she isn't bein' hurt anymore. Not dat Ah don't trust yo' pere."

Briefly a look of distress crosses Jean-Luc's face, however due to Remy's focus on his cards he misses this. "Remy are yo' sure dat is such a good idea. Ah know yo' been missin' her but yo' know Belle wouldn't react well. It be like if yo' invited one of da girls yo've been hookin' up with over da past year." Jean-Luc pauses looking at his son and can't help buy smile at the look of surprise on Remy's usual poker face. "Yo' really think dat we hadn't noticed yo' sleepin' with every girl in New Orleans? Ah may have chosen to ignore it so long as yo' didn't get any girls pregnant. But it definitely was seen."

Remy is sitting frozen in shock having forgotten how close an eye his family had been keeping on him ever since he came back from Mississippi. Trying to regain his composure Remy speaks "Well if yo' knew all dat den yo' probably know dat Belle hasn't exactly been faithful to meh. Remy beh marryin' da girl ain't dat enough? Can't he invite who he wants to da weddin? Da only reason Ah even askin' is dat yo' beh da only one who can contact her."

Unable to face telling his son the truth Jean-Luc looks down at his coffee, "Ah'm sorry Remy but Ah can't do dat."

The color in Remy's eyes darkens in his annoyance before he speaks. He lowers his voice letting his anger trickle in, "Can't? Or wont? Ah'm not askin' ta go marry da girl or get out of marrin' Belle all Ah want is ta see mon petite seour. Is dat really too much to ask?"

"Non, Remy its not too much ta ask and if Ah could tell yo' Ah would but Ah can't." He lifts his head up knowing that for Remy to believe him he has to meet his eyes. "Remy Ah can't tell yo' because Ah don't know. Desole." His voice getting softer as he speaks.

Remy's jaw drops in shock as he looks at his father. "Yo' don't know? How do yo' not know. Da deal was dat yo' were gonna protect her. Dat Ah couldn't know where she was but dat she would be safe. And now yo' don't know where she is? Did yo' even do anythin' or is she still with her fatehr bein' abused?" He is practically yelling by the time he finishes.

"NON!" Jean-Luc slams his coffee cup down on the table, "Ah got her away from dat. Ah could never leave anyone someplace like dat. Remy, Ah know yo' upset. Ah hate dat dis happened. Ah should have told yo' sooner. She was stayin' wid some retire' guild members dat had left when Ah said dat it didn't matter if yo' were a mutant yo' were still mah son. Problem is yo' Anna is one too. Ah dun know da full story but when her powers manifested she hurt a local boy pretty bad. Dey kicked her out of da house. Ah dun know where she is now. Desole fil. Je suis tres Desole. Ah never meant for dis to happen."

Remy sits looking at his father in disbelief. "How long? How long has she been out dere on her own? And why would yo' put her wid does people? Was it just ta prevent meh from visitin' her?"

Looking out over the lawn in remorse Jean-Luc responds, "A year. She's been gone for 'bout a year. Ah've had people keepin' an eye out fo' her, but so far dere been nothin'. And oui, Ah sent her dere to keep yo' away. Ah hope' it wouldn' be necessary, but Ah wante' a guarantee dat yo' couldn't go back on our deal. Ah'll admit Ah made a mistake."


"After dat Ah just sorta stormed off. Took meh a while ta forgive him for dat one. Dough it looks like yo' could 'ave come out worse den yo' did."

Rogue wraps her arms around him giving Gambit a tight hug. "Thank ya. Ah'm so sorry things fell apart fo' ya. Please tell meh ya didn't leave it all fo' meh."

Remy hugs her back, "Non chere, Remy considered it but he knew dat he had to stick it out and hope dat pere would find yo'. Remy left fo' oder reasons."

Rogue just nods suspecting that no matter what she asks he isn't going to elaborate about what those reasons are. She looks at his watch and notices that its nearly two in the morning. With a sigh she settles back against the wall.

"Remy, its late ya should beh gettin' back to ya room and ta get some sleep. Ah'll beh ok dun worry."

Lost in though Gambit simply nods and shifts to stand. When Rogue makes a move to give him his duster he shakes his head no, "Yo' keep it cher, need it more den Remy does. Ah'll see yo' tomorrow night."

"Not like Ah'm goin' anywhere." she replies with a bitter laugh. "Good night Remy." She then snuggles down under the duster to get some sleep. Remy Leans down and presses a kiss to her temple before leaving her for the night. At the door he whispers to her "Good night chere, Ah'll do what ever it takes ta get yo' back home to da X-men." The only reply he gets is her soft breathing indicating that she has drifted off to sleep.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Xavier's Office

Early Afternoon

July 12

Xavier sits behind his desk flipping through numerous pages. A soft knock can be heard on his door. Putting down the pages Xavier wheels himself back from the desk slightly before sending :enter: to the people waiting outside his door. Scott and Jean walk in taking seats in front of Xavier. Scott reaching across to loosely clasp Jean's hand. They both look up into Xavier's eyes meeting his gaze unflinchingly.

Its Scott who speaks first asking, "Is there any news on Storm and the others?"

"Actually, Scott there is. That is why I asked you to meet with me this afternoon. I have been contacted by a young man who asked to remain anonymous stating that he has information about our missing people."

Jean's face lights up as Scott's darkens. However, it is Scott who speaks, "How can we trust this person. He wont even reveal his name. He could just as easily be trying to set us up for an ambush. The team is missing too many members to put up any kind of resistance if it is. I know we need to bring them home but there has to be a way for us to independently verify this."

Xavier leans back in his chair and steeples his fingers before responding, "I agree with you Scott. However, I do not like the idea of leaving any of our people with this Sinister character who my source claims is responsible. No matter how untrustworthy this informant is I have no doubt in my mind that every day they are in his care leaves them open to harm. That is why I have decided to contact Logan and ask him to return to assist us. Additionally I would like you to recommend any of the remaining students who would be able to handle the responsibility of going on this rescue mission."

Jean gives a small nod, "I think that the best choices would be John and Piotr. John is a bit unpredictable but for Bobby and Rogue he should be willing to keep it together. Piotr is obvious he is almost ready to be a full member except for his schooling. He has the control and clear thinking necessary. Unfortunately, Rogue and Bobby are the only other students who are really anywhere near ready to be included. How long do you think it will be until you can locate Logan?"

Before Xavier can respond Scott cuts in, "we don't need Logan. If anything he is more unreliable then John will ever be."

Jean turns to look at Scott a look of disbelief covering her face, "How can you say that, we need the help. How can you think of leaving Ororo in the hands of this monster? And really if Logan is willing to take part in a mission it will be one to rescue Rogue. He has felt responsible for her ever since he brought her here." At the same time she projects :What are you really worried about? You know all of this as well as I do.:

Scott allows his answer to float to the surface of his mind :He's a bad influence on the children. And he refuses to follow the rules.: Out loud he responds addressing himself to his mentor, "If you think that this is the best course of action I will lead the team to best of my ability."

Xavier gives a small nod. "I will work to contact Logan as soon as possible, Scott I would like you to increase John and Piotr's training. I hope to have enough information to act in the next week if not sooner. Jean, I would like you to concentrate on the other students. I am worried that some of them are not dealing well with their missing classmates. Is there anything else?"

Scott and Jean both shake their heads no, before rising to leave. As they leave Xavier allows the worry he is feeling free reign. He wipes a hand over his face before returning his attention to the information on his desk.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Xavier's Bedroom

Early Morning

July 13

The room is dark, only a slim line of moonlight lighting the edges of a large bed. A shrill phone ring breaks the peace of the room. The man in the bed wakes quickly. He moves quickly turning on the light and lifting the receiver of the phone.

"Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Charles Xavier speaking."

"Chuck, what do you want?" responds the voice.

"Ah Logan, we have a problem that is in need of your assistance. The school was attacked roughly a week ago. Storm and Rogue were both captured along with two other students. We need your help in retrieving them." Explains Charles in his most patient voice.

A growl comes through the phone in response to this information long before any words are heard. "Listen Bub, I left her there because you said you could protect her. How could you let this happen? Whatever, I'll be there tomorrow night at the latest. Tell one-eye his bike needs a tune-up."

Before Xavier can say anything more the line goes dead as his caller hangs up. He lets out a sigh before turning the light beside his bed off and laying back. Speaking to the night Xavier exhales, "That went as well as could be expected."

A street corner near Mr. Sinister's Lair

Lunch Time

July 14

Remy stands at the corner and scans the area with practiced ease. His gait belies his anxiety as he makes his way to a pay phone. He lifts the receiver and dials the number from memory. Listening as the operator tells him to deposit money he begins sliding coins into the phone.

After a while, a ring can be heard through the receiver. "Xavier's School, Jubilee speaking," comes a voice through the phone.

Remy takes a breathe before speaking, with an effort he suppresses his accent. "I need to speak to Professor Xavier please."

The girl on the other end responds quickly, "Give me a minute." before the the sounds indicating that he has been put on hold come to him.

Remy takes a few deep breathes suppressing his near constant worry for Anna when he is not near her. The other end of the call picks up before he can become to distracted by his thoughts.

"Professor Xavier speaking, how may I help you?"

"Professor Xavier, I have some more information for you. Your people are safe for now. I will do my best to keep them safe but you need to move as soon as possible." In the end he allows some of his worry to bleed through into his voice.

"Can you give me any more details about this location that they are being held in?"

"The cells have been tuned to block the particular mutants signature so until your people are out of their cells they will be powerless. I gave you the address last time though most of the lair is underground and inaccessible except from one of the two entrances. I am willing to go along with your time table but I need at least a day's notice to get everything in place. I'll call you in two days."

Without waiting for a response Gambit hangs up the phone. He immediately pulls out his cigarettes and lights one. He exhales slowly and begins walking back to Mr. Sinister.

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