Chapter 1

Karen Somers was walking back stage at the Madison Square Garden Arena...She stopped by a near full length mirror and looked down at what she was wearing. Her tall 5'10" 125lbs figure had on a black mid-thigh skirt, 2½ inch heeled black knee-high boots, a red tank top and matching cardigan over it...Her mid-night black hair which was usually hanging down past her butt was up in a tight bun with two chop sticks in it to keep it out of her face. If she left her hair down, she had to be careful that she didn't sit on it or that when she was sitting on it someone didn't step on it. Her ocean blue eyes were sparkling.

Karen worked for the World Wrestling Entertainment, the WWE was one of the biggest professional wrestling companies...Karen was the personal assistant for Eric Bischoff...She used to be Vince McMahon's PA for 2 years but Vince was doing less lately and wanted her to actually get paid a good salary for all her hard work.

Karen walked into Eric's office and he greeted her with one of his big toothy grins...She'd been working for him for a week now...and he wasn't even close to the character he played on TV. She walked in and handed him the folder he had requested on the new wrestlers that had been going to OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling)...Eric was in charge of checking out new talent. Karen had to get the new files to him and also type up match contracts from week to week.

Eric said, "Since you didn't get a chance to meet everyone...I'm assuming you know Lisa Marie (Victoria) right?" Karen said, "Yea...She's my cousin." Eric smirked and said, "I know honey...I'm just giving you a hard time." Eric winked at her and said, "Lisa should be down in catering...she'll show you around, introduce you to everyone, and then show you to your office." Karen said, "Thank you Mr. Bischoff." Eric furrowed his brow at Karen and she giggled and said, "Sorry Eric." Eric said, "Go on, Lisa is waiting for you."

Karen took off to the catering room...when she stepped into the room she heard a loud squealing, "NEEEERRRRAAKKKK!" Karen automatically busted out in a big smile, when she heard her cousin use her nickname as Lisa went running over and pulled her into a huge hug...Everyone in catering just watched the scene unfold.

The two ladies just started talking like they had been old friends from back in the day. Lisa's boyfriend Tyson Tomko knew her obviously because he pulled her into a huge bear hug. Lisa showed Karen around and let her meet all the superstars, and then the last one was walking past them, when Lisa said, "Randy...C'mere real quick." Randy walked over and said, "Hey Lis what's up?"

Lisa said, "I wanted you to meet Eric's new PA...She's my cousin...Karen this is Randy Orton...Randy my cousin Karen Somers." Randy shook her hand and Karen said, "I've seen him in action...Very impressive." Randy said, "Yea...It would be more impressive if they would get my damn script right...they've changed it 4 times already in the last hour...Look it was nice meeting you...but I gotta run."

Karen watched as he walked away...And said, "Wow...Rude much?" Lisa said, "Most of the guys are in a bigger hurry then we are...don't take it personal...Randy just broke up with his girlfriend...chances are he's still in a bad mood from it." Karen said, "Sure, cause when you break up with you loved one it gives you the right to be a dick...Whatever you say Lisa." Lisa smiled and said, "Yea, Bite me." The girls laughed as they continued down the hallway...