Chapter 17

- -4 Years Later- -

Karen was slowly waking up...She had been worn out the night before when her husband had returned home. She felt around on his side of the bed and it came up empty. Karen could hear their 3 year old daughter giggling down stairs...which meant her and daddy were horsing around in the den like always.

Karen carefully sat up and got up from the bed and padded into the bathroom...Her panties and tank tops were starting to stretch across her 5 month pregnant belly. She didn't get very big with Andrea their first child...But she already knew the one she was now carrying was a boy and her husband couldn't wait until he was born.

Karen got in the shower and let the water wash her as she moved around and washed her hair. When she got out she pulled on a pair of khaki overalls and a red tank top...Leaving her barefoot. She combed the snarls out of her waist length hair. And then left it down as she grabbed her cell phone and slipped it in her pocket as she walked down stairs and could hear her daughters' giggles getting louder.

Karen walked into the den and her husband was on his back with his feet in the air and Andrea was laying on her stomach on his feet and giggling when Andrea looked over and said, "Mommy!" Karen smiled and said, "Andrea sweetheart be careful." Andrea giggled and said, "I am mommy."

Naturally her husband needed to throw in his 2 cents and said, "Yea mommy were being careful." Karen smirked and while her daughter was focused on her father Karen flipped her husband the bird. His smirk said it all but as she was walking into the kitchen, he couldn't help but say, "You're daughter almost saw that." Karen laughed and said, "Yea...Sue me...hoodrat boy."

Karen was sipping a glass of water as she was looking out the sliding glass doors to the back yard. She felt a pair of soft lips kiss her neck and familiar arms wrap around her waist. Big hands rubbed her slightly protruding 5 month pregnant belly. The soft voice of her husband said, "Damn...What'ca got in there babe?" Karen laughed as she turned around in his husbands arms and looked in his eyes and said, "Your son...The bottomless pit...Did you know I'm already bigger at 5 months with him, then when I was when I was pregnant with Andrea. This kid packed a lunch and decided to stay for the day."

John couldn't help but chuckle at his wife and said, "Oh you know you love it...Besides you look so beautiful all cute and pregnant." Karen snuggled into John's embrace and said, "What's not to love." John kissed the top of her head and said, "I fully agree with you baby...Fully agree."

The thing with Karen and John was...They never realized how much time and effort they put into their friendship...When Karen started realizing she wasn't putting nearly the effort into her relationship with Randy...she just walked away...And now obviously she knew it was the best decision for herself at the time. She loved John more and more every day and once they both realized they had a love that wasn't going towards anyone else but each other...The only thing left to do was to share their lives together.

The End.