A/N: Another 100-worder. This time, apologies go to The Carpenters.

We'd Only Just Begun
Sacrifice and consequences.

Free at last! She surges over the shattered door.

Is there time? So far away… He is failing. Her heart catches in her throat to see his weakness, to see him stagger so, to see his blood—his blood!—stain the snow.

The snow—so deep! Her frozen legs can hardly obey her mind's command: Move! Run! Her lungs burn with the thin, icy, mountain air.

Between them, quick—catch the blade! Her already escape-torn hands, heedlessly thrust heavenward, eagerly embrace the vengeful, hellbound silver death.

Ah, my second, my most precious love: too late known, and too soon lost.

Reviewer Responses: Omasu, yes, her panic, and her coming out of nowhere were a big part of what I wanted to get here. I can hardly imagine what must have been going through her mind at this point. Lolo, I'm glad the emotion comes through--sometimes I get caught up in the description stuff, I think! Wistful, I like how you put it: "innocent". That's a great take on it, and hits the mark, I think. Sirius, yes yes YES about the "strong character" and "weakness" thing--that gets me, too! To me, it's like their strength is sort of heartbreaking when you really realize that they are NOT superman or something, but, rather, just an ordinary person who is highly motivated or disciplined or driven. Mabui, I'm glad it touched you.

More responses: Skenshimgumi, Yay! Someone else who likes the word "immutable"! Seriously, I find that word applicable again and again in relation to RK. I guess that's part of the tragedy for me. (well, duh! "tragedy"... "inevitability" slaps forehead) I was especially pleased that you liked the short phrases and exclamations; they were, for me, practically the key thing about this piece. Terry-McElrath, thanks for such an enthusiastic, flattering review! "Killer", eh? blushes