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An Incurable Pain

Chapter One: Bite Marks

The pain gripped Ed's chest as he jumped up and left the room at a run. The men's bathroom door made for a happy sight and he hid in a cramped stall. Biting himself was all he could do to keep from screaming. This pain…help…someone… The pain of Ed's auto mail being attached was easier to handle. After a moment it left him and he was able to walk out and go back to the room. They were having a meeting about missions for the future, though Ed was lacking his usual attention and enthusiasm for the subject. After all, it would allow Al and himself to go on again and continue searching for the Philosopher's Stone. Ed needed it because, with its power, he could get Al's body back. That's all he cares about, though Al is set on getting Ed's arm and leg back.

Ed knew what he would get when he finally turned the knob and entered the room once again. He quickly and with the ease of practice wiped the grim expression off his face and replaced it with a huge grin.

"That must have been some emergency, Edward!" Havoc grinned, himself and laughed. Ed laughed with him half-heartedly.

"Well, when you gotta-"

"You did not ask to be excused, Full Metal." Mustang glared at him. Because I would have screamed if I had opened my mouth…

"Geez, sor-RY!" Jerk.

"Now, to repeat what I said…" his death glares were directed at Ed for the rest of the meeting.

"Phew…bout time!" Ed left the room in search of Al now that the meeting had finally come to an end. He couldn't stand Mustang's face anymore, if only because he kept glaring. What did I do? Just because I didn't ask him if I could go to the bathroom? Geez… Ed had decided long ago that he was way too serious. That guy needs to lighten up.

When he got back to his dorm room(that they were hardly ever around long enough to stay in), Al wasn't there.

"Al?…Al?" Ed looked all over the small room, even under the bed(which is ridiculous because he's too big to fit there…) but he was no where to be found. He sighed lightly and frowned. "Where could he be..?" At that moment he heard the cling of metal from outside and flew to the closed window. "Al!" And there he was, laying in the grass, staring up at the sky. Ed breathed a sigh of relief and opened up the window, then climbing out. Why risk running into Mustang again? He made my way over to Al and laid in the grass next to him. For a brief moment he pondered what Al could be feeling right then. Not just emotionally, but…physically. Ed knew he could see the same blue sky. The same puffy clouds. Yet…he knew Al couldn't feel the grass underneath him.


"Yes, Nii-san?"

"I'm going to get your body back as soon as I can. You believe me…right, Al?"

"…mm." Ed couldn't help but hear the doubt in his voice. Was it doubt? His imagination? He must hate me…for putting him in there. Ed stood silently and left him to his own thoughts. Where he was heading, he didn't even know. Ed just knew that he had to get out of there. That's when the pain gripped him again, squeezing his chest as hard as it could. he tried to duck around the corner so Al wouldn't see him, but all Ed could do was fall there. he bit into his flesh arm as hard as he could and his eyes welled up with tears. A few moments and the pain was gone, almost as if it had never been there, but Ed could feel something…different. Something he couldn't identify. He blinked away the offending water in his eyes and stood again. Blood ran down Ed's arm, but he didn't notice. He just wanted to get out of there. A pair of red eyes were watching him…but he was completely unaware.

Ed slipped into the cafeteria, but he wasn't hungry. He sat alone in the corner and folded his arms on the tabletop, resting his head on them with a frown. Ed's metal arm wasn't exactly comfy, but it was better than the unclothed, steel tabletop. He closed his eyes slowly, his face towards the window, away from all the soldiers. What if I can't get Al's body back? Will he hate me more? No, I…I have to get it back. I have to. Then he can be happy again. That's what's important. Of course, Ed's thoughts were interrupted by a happy, joking voice.

"You know, Ed, this isn't the best place to sleep." Ed turned his head and looked up at Hughes glumly. "Oh, come on! Don't be sad! Just look at Elysia-chan!" He immediately produced a picture of said daughter in a purple dress and straw sun hat. "Doesn't her smiling face just fill you're heart with sunshine!"

"Y-Yeah…" Ed couldn't help but smile, Hughes was always such a goof. It was more his humor than his pictures that helped to take away the sadness. Almost like the father he never had, in a way. Or, more like, the father Ed used to have. Hughes kissed the picture and put it away.

"So, what's the problem, Ed?"

"Uh…" As fatherly as he was, Ed wasn't going to tell him. Telling him about the pain would mean no more missions…and no more missions meant no Philosopher's Stone…and no Philosopher's Stone meant no body for Al…and that meant he would continue to hate Ed. "Nothing really…"

"Ed…" Hughes put his face close to Ed's, his hand hiding his words from the rest of the room and whispered with jokingly serious eyes, "You have blood on your chin." And here I thought you were going to tell me the secret of the universe. Hughes produced a white handkerchief and handed it to him. Ed wiped at his chin and sure enough, the cloth had a small red splotch on it.

"What the…" Then it hit him. I bit my arm to stop my scream… He glanced down at his red coat's sleeves only to find a darker red spot on it. Ed quickly hid my arms under the table to prevent Hughes from seeing anything he shouldn't, then grinned at him. "Don't know how that got there!" He seemed about to ask a question when Hawkeye appeared. Saved by the-wait a second…

"Edward-kun, the Colonel wants to see you in his office."

"Oh…" Ed stood and waved to Hughes and started on his way to a certain death.

"Later, Ed!" Yeah, if there IS a later.

Ed kept my eyes glued to the floor the whole way. When Hawkeye knocked on his door you could hear a barely audible "What is it?" to which Hawkeye replied, "I have Edward-kun here."

"Let him in." Ed could almost hear the smirk in his voice and grimaced. She opened the door and Ed silently strolled in, an annoyed look on his face. After she closed the door to leave them alone, he noticed that Mustang, surprisingly, didn't look any happier than Ed was.

"Full Metal…we have a problem."

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