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Chapter 1

"Inuyasha, Inuyasha! Get up lazy bones!"

The shrill voice made the hanyou grumble under his breath as he opened his eyes a slit to peer down, from his position on a branch of a tree, at the miko of the modern time looking up at him irritably.

"What is it Wench?" he snapped, angry to be woken from his peaceful slumber. He was tired. Yesterday they had fought a rogue oushi youkai. Though the rest of the group did not suffer any major injury, Inuyasha had procured some serious wounds in trying to acquire the shard embedded in its forehead. He had managed to slay it at the last minute, before it could hit Kagome, slicing it into pieces by his wind scar but acquired a rather nasty looking wound which ran from his left shoulder across his chest. Although his demon blood ensured that the wounds heal rather rapidly; it took up much of his energy to do so. But that was not the only reason why was so drained. It was also that time of the year, when Inuyasha's body entered in a much dreaded heat cycle. Why did he have to endure such a curse, he didn't know? His only boon was his human blood, which allowed him suppress his urges to mate. It also helped him to mask the heat scent very well, preventing any demon to come to him attracted by his scent. Thus, except for a few discomforts, which he could control easily, he was okay. However, in doing so, much of energy was consumed, leaving him extremely exhausted and sleeping helped his condition very much. But now, thanks to the wretched bitch, he wasn't even going to get that.

"You have been sleeping all day." Kagome complained. "We need to make the journey to the neighboring village. I have detected a jewel shard this morning and sent Sango and Miroku but they haven't returned. I am worried. I want to go there and make sure they are okay. Come with me?" The last sentence was more of a command than a request.

"They will be all right." he mumbled, "They…can handle themselves. I caught a whiff of its scent, no need to worry Kagome; it's just a minor centipede demon. Nothing they can't… handle…" his eyes closed slowly as his body relaxed once again.

"Inuyasha, INUYASHA? SIT BOY!" Kagome screamed, angry at the hanyou for not paying attention and dozing off again. She had tried all morning to get the half demon to get the shard but he only mumbled and went back to sleep. So, at last she had to send the monk and taijya to acquire it. At first she had thought that the wounds were taking its toll on Inuyasha so she allowed him to rest, however, as the day wore on she began to get restless and vexed. She knew Inuyasha healed quickly, owing to his demon blood, and that meant the hanyou perhaps was being simply lazy and that angered her to end.

Before the hanyou's sleepy mind could comprehend what had happened, the beads around his neck glowed and he hit the ground instantly, a searing pain coursing through his body.

"Damn it, bitch, why did you have to do this?" He screamed, his form quaking from the impact.

"Why you…" Kagome fumed, ignoring the fact that Inuyasha was trembling, "how dare you call me a bitch, you damn dog. All I said was for you to accompany me to the next village and you just had to be an ass about it. Now get up and follow me before I S-I-T your arrogant ass to hell." With that she turned, cycling away with the kitsune kit with her, towards the neighboring village.

"Shit!" Inuyasha groaned, as he rose from the crater that has formed around him, the pain returning to his lower body. The sit command had done more harm than he had expected. "I hate her!"

He stood up groggily, shaking his head to brush off the remaining effect of sleep and steadied himself. He felt very weak, the heat was getting unbearable. He frowned as he watched Kagome get on her cycle and settle Shippo in the front basket. He needed a cold bath, but decided against it. He did not want to get sat anymore, not in his condition. He would not be able to take it. So he dusted himself off, sighing, and started to walk slowly towards the priestess.

'Damn Kagome,' he cursed mentally, as he trudged the dusty road of the village following the miko. 'I should have known better than to snap at her. She had been in a very bad mood ever since she had returned from her time.' He didn't know why, but he assumed it had something to do with the boy named Hojo. He had heard her grumbling under her breath all the time. He growled at the thought of Kagome thinking of another man, he didn't the like the sound of that guy. Kagome had been talking about him all the time during the last month. Comparing him with that guy, of how courteous and sweet he was, of how he brought her gifts and so on; while Inuyasha only whined, complained, grumbled and never appreciated her gestures. Although he tried to ignore the remarks sticking his nose in the air, passing Kagome and the group to 'scout' ahead, a small part of him was hurt. Inuyasha had burned with jealously, but chose to remain silent about the whole matter. Speaking about it would only end up in their arguing and him getting sat, and he didn't want that... Not because of some stupid ningen from Kagome's world.

"Inuyasha hurry up," Kagome called, breaking his train of thoughts, "or do you want me to S-I-T you again?"

"Coming! Coming!" He grumbled, hurrying his steps, ignoring the growing awkwardness in his nether regions and a strange feeling that seemed to settle at the back of his mind.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the northern cave, a wolf howled in agony. The mating season had started and the leader of the wolf clan had yet to claim a mate. Though the clan were full of females who were potential mates for the ookami prince, he had his eyes set on the ningen miko with strange clothing, the one he had promised his love to.

Kouga's eyes flashed red as the demon inside him threatened to emerge. The urge to rut was driving his demon instincts wild, making him painfully erect. No amount of self-gratification gave him peace. He would have to find Kagome soon, or he would go mad, or worse, hurt someone in his blinded rage. He howled once more as he ran out of his chambers and dashed in the direction of the village where he hoped to find his mate.

"Hey boss where are you going?" Ginta called after him, walking lazily out of his chamber, a happy smile plastered on his lips. He had completed his mating ritual with his childhood love, Yukari, two nights ago and since then his days were going rather nicely, not to mention the nights, which were simply amazing. Even Hakkaku had found a mate, a lovely she wolf with jet-black hair and green eyes, and was preparing to complete the ritual today.

"To find Kagome." Kouga yelled, as he jumped off the cliff rushing towards Kaede's village.

Ginta frowned. Although Kagome was a gifted miko and would be a useful addition to the clan, he didn't like the idea of a human mating with their leader. He knew Kouga's parents would never approve of that (A/N: Kouga's parents are alive in this fic.) "I wonder how Mashiro-sama and Keiko-sama will react to his decision." He thought, as he made his to the cave entrance to relive the wolf-demon and the wolves of their duties and to take their place.

Kouga's parents lived in the northern mountains along with his two sisters and their grandmother. His father ruled northern lands along with his group of advisors, while his other and his two sisters served the clan as their healer. Keiko-sama belonged to the clan of healer wolf demons and was perhaps the most talented among all of them. Kouga's elder sister, Kaiya had inherited her mother's talent, becoming an excellent healer at a young age, while little Akemi (A/N: Kouga's younger sister) who was sixteen human years old, but still resembling a six year old, was beginning to learn the basics of healing magic. Kouga among them, was different. He was a born warrior, a free spirit. He preferred an independent life, rather than living under his parent's roof. Mashiro wanted Kouga to settle down in the mountains and take his place as his heir, and rule over the northern lands. However, Kouga preferred the carefree life to being bound in the responsibilities of ruling over an entire kingdom. He preferred the plain to the mountains. So after much fighting, especially with his father, he had managed to come down to the plain, along with his childhood companions and a few followers of their family. Mashiro had been outraged at Kouga's audacity and was hell bent on bringing him back, but Keiko had stopped him. Keiko had long recognized the leadership qualities in her son, and knew he would make an excellent ruler one day, but for now she chose to give him some space… some time to live his life before he actually took over Mashiro's place as the ruler of northern lands.

Personally both Ginta and Hakkaku preferred the mountains to these plains, but bring being bodyguards, and his best friends since his childhood they were entrusted by Keiko-sama to accompany the prince and ensure his protection. Being his mother Keiko knew how wild and stubborn her son was and how often he managed to get into unwanted fights. So she sent also, Kohana, her sister to go along with the group to keep an eye on the ookami.

Ginta sighed as he settled on a boulder outside the cave. 'If only Kohana-sama was here. She just had to go to get the supply of medicine from the next village. I am sure she would have prevented Kouga from going after that miko. Now, I just hope Mashiro-sama accepts Kagome into our clan'….

Kouga dashed through the path to the village in his tornado, spraying dust.

'I'm coming Kagome and today I will make you mine'…..


Oushi- Bull

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