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Chapter 35

A hand rubbing away the slight tight feeling in his distended belly, Inuyasha sighed in resignation as he leaned against a pillar in the deserted corridor. He was tired now and uncomfortable and it was all the bitch's fault. "There's no helping the wench, once a bitch always bitch, baka."

"Well, well, well, look what we have here" Inuyasha nearly jumped out of skin his balance slipping but two strong arms caught him before he fell steadying him. "That was quite a show, love." The inu involuntarily gulped as he looked up into hard azure orbs of his mate.

"Ko-Kouga, what are you…." Inuyasha began.

"….doing here?" Kouga completed as he glared down at his inu "let see, here I was hurrying from the council room so that I could spend time with my pregnant mate but what do I find when I reached my chamber? That my little doggy had been planning a little adventure of his own and had run away leaving everyone to worry after him…"

"I-I…" Inuyasha stammered.

"Regardless of my warnings against it eh?" Kouga added sarcastically.

Inuyasha glared. How dare Kouga? Didn't he have an opinion of his own, "I had already told I needed to see her Kouga and that I was perfectly capable of protecting myself and my child."

"Oh yes, I saw that. Remarkable performance out there, but that does not belie the fact you deliberately disregarded my warnings, in spite of being advised to stay in chamber, to ensure your well-being and our kits', you choose to do what you felt like."

"Damn it Kouga! I am not a weakling!" Inuyasha winced as pained flared in his abdomen but ignored to glare at his mate.

"Oh yes, the mighty inu youkai" the wolf prince scorned. "How could I forget, the slayer of much feared Naraku, the conqueror of…"

"Stop it Kouga!" Inuyasha whispered.

"No I will not stop it, my mate," Kouga continued coldly. "you flee from our chambers without informing anybody, you travel this distance knowing full well that you have been advised against walking, you confront that crazed woman ALONE knowing the she is still bent on hurting you. What were you thinking? What would you have done had she been successful with the spade hmmm? What if she…"

"She will not touch me or my child." Inuyasha gritted.

"No? Hadn't she done it before? Were you successful then?"

Inuyasha looked up sharply. What was his mate thinking? … "Do you blame me for it? Do you…"

"Inuyasha now don't take this in an another direction. This is not about your capability; this is about the girl's intentions. She is not sane, as you've seen for yourself. She is blinded by greed and jealousy, and is quite unpredictable. Had I not warned you about her behaviour? Almost begged you to stay safe for our kits' sake. Yet you in your irresponsible and blind pursuit of a whim went to her proving my decisions for you as worthless."

"But Kouga this is…" Inuyasha began to explain but was cut off.

"What pleasure do you feel in insulting your mate, Inuyasha? Am I that insignificant in your life that you feel no remorse in disobeying me? What would my family think of me Inuyasha, have you ever thought of that? Am I that useless that you had to take matter into your own hand, that…."

Inuyasha stood silent for a moment, his ire growing. His eyes widened at the insinuations in wonder and then narrowed.


Now it was Kouga's turn to gulp, poor thing has only realised that he had poked a beehive. The infamous Inuyasha inferno fuelled by pregnant hormones had erupted and there was no stopping it. Still he tried to calm his mate. "Inuyasha you not understand" he tried but winced as a clawed poked his chest.

"I! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND?" Inuyasha raged.

"Please calm down, love." Kouga begged seeing the situation getting out of hand.


"Ow?" Kouga asked confused as saw his mate wince. "Inuyasha what's wrong?"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Inuyasha shrieked, through the pain that tore at him, batting Kouga's hands away. Clutching his stomach he fell back against a pillar from him his knees almost buckling.

"Damn it Inuyasha please let me help. I am sorry okay, please" Kouga begged, then rushed, as Inuyasha seemed to crash to the ground. This time his mate allowed him to slowly lower him to the ground. They sat silent for moments as Inuyasha fought through the pain.

Finally the pain eased leaving Inuyasha breathless and involuntarily leaning against Kouga's shoulder. Fingers rang through his hair, soothing his frayed nerves as a soft voice whispered against his ears. "Inuyasha let's go to our chambers okay, you will have to rest love."

Inuyasha shook his head, "no, can't walk, hurts"

"Inuyasha then I must..."

"Kouga…it's coming Kouga…" Inuyasha informed whimpering.

"Coming? What's coming love?" Kouga looked confused.

Inuyasha growled, it seemed his mate had chosen this time to become dumb. "the pup, you moron! It's coming"

"Huh?" Kouga blinked. "Pup?"

"Go and get mother Kouga, I'll be here."

"But I… pup!' Kouga squeaked, eyes like saucers.

"Kouga" Inuyasha told hold of his wide eyes mate's face and spoke carefully as if talking to a child. "go… and get… mother… or Ru-chan okay? Run!"

"Now? Puppy?" Kouga asked dumbly. "Now?"

"Yes…now… HURRY"

"Okay. You … sit…I …go…go ..yes" Kouga got up still dazed and suddenly broke into a run, tail between his legs.

Inuyasha groaned, closing his eyes as he leant against the pillar sighing softly. "baka."

Keiko closed the door the healing chamber looking up to smile at Hotaru who hovered close-by her eyes on the corridor.

"Waiting for someone mother?" she inquired of her mother-in-law.

"Hmm" came an absent-minded reply.

"Mother?" she called now.

"He should…be here about….now" Hotaru replied and sure enough Kouga was seen sprinting towards them at stop speed.

Screeching to halt in front of them, before he straightened and still heaving tugged at Keiko kimono. "Mother… Inuyasha" he informed dejectedly.

"Inuyasha, what happened, where is he?" Keiko asked while Hotaru simply smirked.

Kouga looked up brightly "Pup!" he informed grinning from ear to ear.

"yes, but where is he?" Keiko asked exasperatedly, loosing patience.

Kouga seemed to be processing the information for a minute then replied. "Corridor… floor…"

"Why he isn't in his bed-chamber, baka?" Hotaru scolded but Kouga had already taken hold of his mother's hand and began running at top speed tugging poor Keiko along him. Hotaru sighed, "like father, like son, what a bunch of thick headed idiots." And began following the path the two had gone down not a moment ago.

"Kouga stop dragging me!" Keiko shrieked and Kouga halted, looking back wide eyed her.

"Inuyasha… pups" Kouga explained.

"yes, yes, I know. It's not the first time one is giving birth" Keiko sighed annoyed, rubbing her bruised hand.

Kouga shook his head, pouted and pointed to the figure sitting hunched not far away. "Inuyasha! Pain! PUP!" and pulling her by her kimono again.

"Kouga I said leave me be!" Keiko berated, glaring and Kouga released her in favour of kneeling in front of Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha?" Keiko softly called as she kneeled in front of his son-in-law.

"Mother," Inuyasha looked and smiled a bit. "It's time."

"Don't worry dear we will get you settled in a jiffy." Keiko soothed, before turning to her son, "Kouga pick him up, don't stare at me like that! Do want your mate to have the pups here"

Kouga shook his head violently, while Inuyasha inquired "Pups!?". Before the poor inu could inquire more, Kouga lifted one of legs and gave a pull.

"Kouga!" both of them yelled. "What are you doing?!"

"Pup! Inuyasha… bed… help walk" Kouga replied and began pulling Inuyasha's leg once more.

"Damn it! Kuso baka!" Inuyasha cursed kicking his mate who rolled away only to crash into the nearest wall, then winced as another contraction hit and groaned.

"Inuyasha!" Keiko ran her hands to soothe the pregnant inu and then glared at her son who got up, shook his head and made his way, still dazed, towards them. "Kouga stop right there."

"Yeah it's better that way, Princey." Keiko turned and heaved a sighed in relief as she saw Katashi accompanying an amused Hotaru. "Seems you've gone coocoo in the head pal, so stay put and let the experts handle this matter."

"Hurry up my knight, your damsel awaits" Hotaru japed.

"Shut up! Old hag" Inuyasha cursed, followed by Keiko "please Inuyasha calm down, mother!"

"Now, now Ya-chan no need to get angry," Hotaru said sweetly. "Katashi-chan would you carry our would-be 'mother' to the proper venue"

"Certainly my lady" Katashi bowed and made his way towards Inuyasha and picked up the hissing inu carefully in arms, proceeding towards the healing chambers.

"just you wait, I'll show you, ya fat assed bitch" Inuyasha threatened his grandma who merely smirked as she followed them.

Keiko shook her head then turned to her son, "come on Kouga."

The wolf prince who had been following the conversation a tad bit blankly gave a cheerful "hai!" and quickly followed his mother like a obedient pup.

However it seemed everything took on a tornado's pace from there, and poor Kouga was left baffled and waiting, while his good mood vaporised giving way thorny ire. He growled to himself for the umpteenth time ignoring the snicker of amusement from nearby. He had followed everyone obediently to the healing chamber as Katashi had carried in an extremely pissed off and yelling Inuyasha inside, however as he made an attempt to enter he was promptly thrown out. Protesting and growling seemed to bear no result as he was practically hurled out room and the door closed at his face. So here he was, in the blasted waiting room, for two damn hours, with the world greatest saucy bastard and no news of his mate. He wanted to know how his mate doing, damn it!,

"Let me in! That's my mate in there, my pups!" Kouga yelled hitting his fist against the door. Even Kai was allowed to enter, and he was not!

"So back to complete sentences now, are we?" Katashi japed from where he was sprawled on the cushions with an carefree expression. Kaiya, who had left her newborns under Akemi's watchful eyes, had come for a short visit only to be fussed over by his mate who later send her to her room to rest with the promise to inform her immediately as the pups were born

"Shut up! Baka!" Kouga retorted proceeding to bang on the door but just as he was about to do so it swung open.

"Move aside Kouga!" a very irritate and sweating Keiko barked as he pushed him aside, smacking him in the nearby wall and hurried out of the room. With a pained 'oof!' Kouga peeled himself off the wall and peeked into the room but could only make the moaning form on a makeshift with Hotaru wiping his forehead.

"Inuyasha, wha…" but yet again the door was shut on his face. "damn it!"

"Kouga dear," Katashi called "why don't you come here and sit with me quietly. They are not going to let you in until the pups are born."

Kouga merely 'hmphed' in return while deciding to try his luck to knock yet again. However it was at that exact moment that Keiko chose to return with an anxious Sango, followed by scowling Miroku who had dragged along a grumbling guard with him. With a "Kouga! You oaf step aside!" poor Kouga was, yet again, sent smacking into the nearby wall.

"Sango-san, hurry up child, Hotaru-san is waiting for you" Keiko knocked on the door which opened instantly and Sango was quickly ushered in before Kouga (who was rubbing his painfully red nose) could slip in. The guard holding onto a struggling Miroku's elbow was told to wait outside for the moment before Keiko turned, tight lipped and glaring towards her son and the monk.


"Kouga, enough! Your mate is in capable hands, now go and sit. All will be well."

"But I want to…" Kouga whined.

"Kouga! Go! Sit!" she snapped causing the wolf prince to whimper and take a step back. She then turned her glare to the monk who was opening his mouth, "and you boy! One more word out of you and I'll will personally rip all your hair out. Now both of you shut up and sit. I want no more disturbances. Go!" both the demon and human alike backed away grudgingly (with Miroku's hand combing through his precious hair) and flumped down on the cushion and sighed together, then glared each other.

"What are you doing here monk?" Kouga barked over the inconspicuous sniggers coming form his side.

"Here for my girl and my friend" Miroku answered simply otherwise ignoring the demons.

"Friend my foo…"

"KOUGA NO FIGHTING HERE!" Kouga jumped at his mother's voice to see her taking a tray of medicine off Kai's hand and speaking to him softly. The boy nodded and left the room.

"Yes mother" he grimaced. When had that twerp left the room to get the medicine in the first place? The snigger had now changed to full grown cackling and Kouga turned to glare at wolf general who held his hand up in surrender.

"Told you it gets ugly in here, pal. Just keep quiet and wait or the ladies will have your head. I speak from experience." Kouga simply growled in retaliation making Katashi snigger more but settled down finally grumbling under his breath and taking turns to glare at other occupants of the room.

For what seemed hours, the door finally opened and an exhausted yet smiling Hotaru and Keiko stepped out and beckoned an frantic and anxious Kouga in. The wolf prince scrambled nearly falling as he made his way towards the door uttering the single most important word to him. "Inuyasha?"

"… is fine and resting" Hotaru informed standing aside to finally let him in.

Kouga stepped into room smelling of medicinal herbs and walk straight the figure laying under a thick blanket. he bend placing his hand on the forehead of his mate. His Inuyasha looked wan but was sleeping peacefully. Inuyasha sighed in his sleep leaning into the touch, Kouga smiled. A small cry drew his attention and Kouga looked to see his mother enter, smiling, holding with a small bundle in her hands. "Your firstborn, Kouga. Congratulations."

Kouga watched warily as Keiko drew near placing his pup in his arms. "Here Kouga, hold your son". Ever so gently he removed the blanket revealing a small red face, pointed wolf ears and head full of dark hair. With an awed smile Kouga touch his lips to his son's forehead, "Welcome to the family little one. We've waited a long time to meet you." Azure eyes opened for a moment and a short burp was Kouga's answer before the pup sighed and settled down to sleep again.

"And this Kouga is a fine addition to our gang" a smiling Hotaru announced proudly carrying in another bundle. "Meet my great-granddaughter and your daughter Ko-chan."

Placing his son in his mother's arms Kouga's smile widened as he took his daughter in his arms. Running a finger along the moon-like round cherubic face, Kouga repeated his action, kissing his daughter's forehead and slowly running his finger through the silky mane of ivory. She too like her father had inherited a wolf ears, though the colour of her eyes were yet to be revealed.

"And little one is very special" Keiko announced and this time Kouga's eyes turned round like saucers as Sango carried in a third bundle, it occupant wiggling. Kouga suppressed his urge to growl at her, though human this girl had done nothing but extended her help and friendship when needed, and his demon sensed no danger from her moreover he didn't want to bring the wrath of mother and grandmother. "he is a fighter you know. We nearly lost him but seems he is truly Inuyasha's son." Keiko announced smugly.

With no further explanation his daughter was lifted from his arms by Hotaru as a smiling Sango placed a very little male pup in his arms. This one was wide-awake and gave a small yet powerful cry as he was jostled. "Ah our very own firecracker." Hotaru remarked and Kouga looked down at an exact replica of his mate with silvery white hair, warm golden eyes and two floppy puppy ears had twitched at the sound around him. The pup immediately quieted down immediately watching his father, who smiled down at him, with wide curious eyes and cooed as he was kissed on his forehead.

A moan from Inuyasha's direction caught their attention where the inu youkai was slowly coming awake. Keiko, handed the pup to Sango and hurried over to the convalescing 'mother', as Inuyasha opened his eyes blearily. "Inuyasha, how are you feeling, dear?" she inquired retrieving a wet cloth to wipe his forehead.

"Ummm" Inuyasha replied sleepily closing his eyes as his hand instinctively moved to rub his bulge. Closed eyes snapped open, a sense of déjà vu giving way to panic. "pup, my pup" he cried out in distress trying to sit up but soft hands pushed him down. As if on cue a small cry answered him, and Inuyasha's head swivelled to stare at his mate holding onto a squirming bundle.

"Calm down Inuyasha! Your pups are here and healthy." Keiko comforted.

Inuyasha struggled again, his eyes roaming from his mate to grandmother to his friend each carrying a bundle in their arms and making their way towards him. "My babies!" He cried still distressed extending his hands towards them.

Keiko sighed, "Inuyasha child here let me help you up" she said helping Inuyasha, propped against a mountain of pillows

"Hai Inuyasha, here is your son" Sango said, offering him the little bundle.

With trembling fingers, Inuyasha unveiled his son's face, tear forming in his eyes. As he looked up "mine?"

"Yes dear," Keiko smiled. "all three of them, your daughter" as Hotaru slowly handed him another bundle while Keiko relieved him off his son, another small cry from Kouga's arms. "…and that's your youngest."

Kouga sat beside him, showing him the wiggling puppy grinning at him "we did it love."

Inuyasha smiled up at him. "Yes, our children Kouga. I….I have been waiting so long."

"Can we come in now mother!." Inuyasha turned to see a beaming Kaiya followed by Kai along with grinning Katashi and curios Miroku at the door hovering at the door.

"Yes!" Kouga grinning like a loon while Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the tail that was thumping with pleasure on one of his pillows. "Come! Come! My pups see!"

"Ye god he's gone loony again!" Katashi moaned ignoring Kouga's glare and winking as the others chuckled. He came stand beside his mate holding onto the young female. "Three! Dear, dear white puppy, you just had to top everyone's record eh?"

"Shut up!" all voices shouted out at once.

Kaiya then turned to the proud fathers, "so what are their names?"

"It is per our tradition, our firstborn should named by his grandmother" Kouga announced while Inuyasha nodded his assent, offering his son to Keiko who beamed, lightly caressed the soft cheeks of his grandson. "Hiroshi."

"Good name Keiko" Hotaru congratulated. "May he be as generous his name." Everyone nodded.

"And the girl's name?" Miroku suddenly asked, then gulped as everyone turned to him. "What? I am just curious." Everyone laughed.

"Nozomi" Inuyasha said softly. "My hope."

"Yes little Nozomi, aren't you a beautiful girl?" Kaiya cooed, the pup yawned opened her emerald eyes for a moment, gave bored glance to his aunt and then promptly closed them to settle for a nap.

"And what about his fussy little twerp?" Katashi asked watching a Kouga handed Inuyasha his squiggling son.

"Itsuki" Kouga said as he wound his arms around his mate pulling him close. "Thanks Inuyasha, for these lovely children. They are my most precious treasure as are you" with that he gently bent to capture those red lips in a sweet kiss.

"Love you too Kouga" Inuyasha smiled at his mate. "Though I'm not forgiving you so easily. You've gotta pay… later."

Everyone laughed along with Katashi's comment, "that's my white puppy for you"

Kouga huffed and opened his mouth to protest but at that moment the door slammed and a snow covered and panting Mashiro stepped in. "Keiko. What happened?"

"Good evening my lord" Keiko greeted "meet your grandsons and granddaughter your highness" Mashiro grinning widely as he was introduced to the little ones, the room filled warm wishes and heartily congratulations while Inuyasha smiled quietly laying his head against Kouga's shoulder

Looking at his two sons and his daughter and his whole family it seemed that there was always hope in darkness, one just had to reach out for it.

The End….

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