Title: Seeking Shelter
Author: Silvi (Henna)
Fandom: Btvs/Ats
Genre: Angst.
Rating: Due to the undercurrents I would have to put this at a FRM. (In the old ratings that would be R )
Characters/Pairing: Angel/Penn/Spike, Angel/Cordy (friendship)
Warnings: Allude to disturbing image, Tort. Nothing graphic.
Spoilers: some allude to "In the Dark". The Initiative. Season 1 of Angel and 4 of Buffy

AN: I was reading some of BuffyWatcher's (Don't know if I spelled the name right) stories today (May 11th, 2005) and this for some reason came into my mind. It's not the first time she has inspired me to write but this is the first story I post that is. So hope you guys like it. It has some of my most favourite characters.

Thank you a lot Pat for betaing this and also my sister for taking time and cast an eye on this even though she had a lot of other things to do.

Summary: When you leave hell there should be only one place you could go to, shouldn't there? (This hell isn't the actual one, you know with the fire and brimstone. After all there is such a thing as Hell on Earth.) I was at a loss on what to say in the summary that wouldn't spoil the story, that's the reason for such a poor one.

Part 1.

They looked at each other. The silence was impossible to escape and yet everything seemed so loud. The last words spoken still seem to echo around them, neither sure who had been the one to utter them, nor willing to admit they expressed an undeniable necessity. It clawed at theirs minds as neither of them wanted to do it.

The mere thought of actually complying with them made them feel physically ill, at least for one of them. But there was no choice. They were both lost on what to do now that they had managed the impossible. But the task ahead of them, the mere prospect of what they might have to do to convince him to help them made what they had just gone through seemed like a soft breeze.

It gave them a slight sense of vertigo, in this case a very bad sensation. They both looked into each others eyes seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. That was not the case, they may not have taken their eyes off each other for what seemed like an eternity but they were more then aware of what went on around them. Their senses were on full alert hearing the slightest shift or movement from either them or any of the little creatures that came out during the night.

They had been unobservant once, and that was a mistake they were hardly ever going to repeat. They were, for a lack of a better word, hiding, hunched behind a congregation of bushes while gathering the strength they had left to do what had to be done.

They had both lived a long time and experienced what most humans couldn't even conceive of but what they had gone through these last couple of weeks made even their skin crawl.

They were both fair looking men, or at least they were when they didn't look like they had gone through hell. One was more slender built then the other but nevertheless his build could hold a menace that made him hard to ignore.

If the one they would sooner or later be force to seek help from if they were going to actually do something had seen them now, he would have been hard pressed to recognise them as neither of them held at the moment any of the proud stance that characterized them.

They weren't broken, never that, they were just temporarily off their game and if there was any justice or plain old hope left for creatures that shouldn't even need that sentiment, they would never be what those ignorant idiotic humans had tried to make of them.

Having his hearing tune to the area around him the elder of them two decided to finally break the silence.


Shaking his head the other one mumbled, "Don't, please, not now."

"We have to move now, this reprieve won't last, and you know that as well as I do."

Looking into the eyes of his elder sibling, one he hadn't seen for more years than he cared to think about, almost as long as the other one… he continues to shake his head.

"You don't understand. What makes you think he will help us?"

"It is his duty. He has to. I refuse to believe he has changed that much." His voice tapered off like he wasn't so sure anymore.

Sombre eyes met his, "You don't know….. you weren't there…." The blonde cut himself off before he could finish whatever he had wanted to say. There were dark memories haunting those blue eyes when he looked up towards his elder. Trying to shake off those memories Will shook his head and gave the other one a passable grin.

"Besides, we didn't exactly part on good terms. If I remember correctly I actually had him tortured, well it was supposed to be that but he didn't seemed much fazed by it, not that I blame him. Marcus was a bloody joke. I could have done a better job in my sleep. "

"Really? One of these days you'll have to tell me what happened but now is not the time. Sooner or later they will pass here and I refuse to be taken back. This is not how I am suppose to end up."

As he stood, the smaller of them two grabbed his arms before he could sneak out of the protecting shield of the bushes, "He is going to kill us!"

Shaking off the restricting hold on him he growled at the still hunching figure before him.

"You don't know that! Besides, what do you think they will do? "He said jerking in the direction that they both could now hear they were approaching from.

"What do you prefer, he might kill us, true, but they surely will. I can guarantee you that it will be well after we're passed the point of wanting death. I don't care that you might have fucked it up for all of us but I'm willing to take a chance."

"Arrggg." The other growled a semi whine mixed in somewhere in that sound. Rubbing his eyes he then looked at the leaf covered ground, "I can't bloody take this."

"Well you have to make a choice Will, and time is running out, we can't fight them as we are now."

Grabbing Will by his shoulder he dragged him up and as he wobbled he helped steady him.

At the younger one's nod he began to quietly drag him away from the approaching group. They were far enough away from them that their equipment wouldn't pick up on their whereabouts just yet, but if they had waited a few minutes more that would no longer have been the case.

He cringed from time to time as their progress wasn't as silent as he would have liked but neither was in any condition to take full advantage of their vampiric nature. Fortunately it was not loud enough to ever reach the ears of the humans looking for them.

He needed to find transport and fast and get the hell out of Dodge, or Sunnyhell as the case was. At the same time he need to avoid the slayer who, he had heard from the other demons, had made her base here. Will unfortunately had confirmed that to be true.

Will, now that had been one heck of a nasty surprise. To see him. He would never even in a thousand years have thought that the next time he would see the youngest of their family it would be in a place like that.

It reminded him too much of what he had witnessed in the second big war. Why humans always needed an excuse to hide behind science to commit acts that could rival any 'real' evil baffled him and made him slightly sick to his stomach, the bunch of fucking hypocrites. No wonder he couldn't stand for that particular trait in anyone no matter what they were, or why he didn't particular like humans in general.

The things he was forced to go through and what Will had was really…True he had been through worse when he had gotten himself on the bad side of his sire, not to mention grandsire as she furiously protected her child from any slight she perceived was against him, but what had gotten to him was the utter lack of emotion behind the knife or what ever tools they had used on him.

He was really nothing more then a bug under a microscope. Even at their worst both his sire and grandsire had been passionate in the punishment they dealt out to their childer. It was personal and right up your face.

Shaking off his thoughts he halted as Will pulled on him to make him stop. Annoyed he turned around to reprimand as they had no time to waste. Not if they wanted to find shelter. Before he could say anything though, Will pointed out at what had caught his attention. Following him as he was now the one to being dragged his eyes momentarily lit up as he caught on to what Will wanted.

Not far from them parked against the sidewalk was a car and seemingly in good condition too. Hurrying after Will he couldn't help but swat his backside in a show of his appreciation. He grinned at him as Will scowled back, though mentally he cringed as the flinch Will had made hadn't gone un-noticed. Stupid fool, how could he have forgotten? No, not forgotten, just temporarily repressed.

Standing beside the car they both peered into the car. This would do. It would take them out of here which was the number one priority. He would have to think on how to approach the next steps when they reached their destination but…cross one bridge at a time, he thought, one bridge at a time.

Indicating for Will to go to the other side he managed to break open the door with minimum damage. Slipping behind the wheel he watched as Will pulled the tatters of his clothes around him as best as he could and did the same.

Swallowing the bile that rose in his throat at the sight of him he forcibly turned his attention into hotwiring the car. They had been though a rough time and living off nothing did tend to make one look rather horrid.

At least Will wasn't the only one looking like that as he too was in much the same state, perhaps with more scars then him as he had been in that place longer but still very much the same.

He hoped that with time they would fade, all of it, not due to any vanity but because he didn't want any reminder of that place. He swore, as he watched Will shake as the younger vampire ran a finger along a long scar that ran the whole length of his inner thigh, that he would see that place destroyed.

If his sire wouldn't help him, which Will seemed to think he wouldn't, then he had no doubt that it would be easy to find some demons that would be more then willing to take up the torch.

He was damn well willing to make this into to an all out war. If things went to pish-pot after that…well not his problem, as the slow burn of vengeance began to grow in him, and with little attention it wouldn't take much to make it into a bonfire.

As the engine chirped and began to purr he cast one final look at Will who was staring out the window and then with one final glance at the truly hellish town he floored the gas and shot out of there.

Within minutes they had left the town behind them. They wouldn't reach the city tonight as the sunrise wasn't really that far off but at least they would be out of that town.

The silence was heavy until Will finally broke it seemingly like he was just continuing a conversation from before. "How come you know how to hot wire a car anyway?"

"The same way you do." He answered, the first real smile gracing his lips for the first time in what felt like years. Will was rather somewhat of a wild one and sometimes he had been forced to make a quick exit if he had wanted to pull himself and Drusilla out of the 'fire'. Knowing how to hotwire a car had come in handy many times.


And then silence again. There were a lot of questions he wanted to ask Will now that the immediate danger was over, for now anyway, but looking over at Will he knew now was not the time.

Will had fallen asleep as exhaustion finally had claimed him. He wished he could do the same but someone had to drive and take them as close to the city as they could before the sun rose.

As the time to head off the road neared he started to look for a motel and with just ten minutes to spare he found one. Parking he stepped out of the car. Closing the door he went to the other side and opened it quickly catching Will as he began to fall out. He had been resting against the door and not having put on a seatbelt he would have toppled to the ground if he hadn't caught him.

Shaking him he told him to wake up before they were both caught out there and turned into a couple of crispy critters.

Blearily looking up at him Will pulled himself up straightening out and stepped out as well. Walking into the office the only indication they got from the guy sitting behind the counter of his surprise to see them and in what state they were in was the slight jerk that went through his thin frame.

They had no problem getting a room though as he paid with the money he had found in the car. He wished he could kill him but he knew that the only one paying for that would be him.

Once again he cursed in every language he knew of what they had done to him. Done to them he amended as he saw Will or Spike as he adamantly demanded to be called as they walked into the room.

Too weary to argue or to do anything but sleep he fell on top of the bed and within moments he was fast asleep as the aches in his body and the shear exhaustion that was in his very being finally swallowed him whole.

He didn't notice when Spike closed the curtains or when he gingerly lay next to him favouring his right side.

Spike furiously prayed to any deities that might listen to vampires that his stunt with Marcus hadn't ruin everything. He hoped that if Angel wasn't going to help him that he didn't let it go past him and would actually help Penn as he had nothing to do with that little incident.

He slowly brought forth a finger and let it ghost over the features of the figure lying next to him. The sight made him want to cry. He had never seen him look so bad and he knew that he was just holding on by a thread.

For all of his memories he had always been the strong one, the one to keep a cool head when everyone else, him, were too busy panicking or throwing a tantrum and seeing him like this, it made that image he had of him as unbreakable in his head crack a little around the edges.

Making a decision he finally closed his eyes and went to sleep.

He was going to do everything in his power to see that at least Penn got help, and every one of those fuckers that ever laid a finger on him would pay.