Title: Seeking Shelter
Author: Silvi (Henna)
Fandom: Btvs/Ats
Genre: Angst.
Rating: Due to the undercurrents I would have to put this at a FRM. (In the old ratings that would be R )

This fic was originally one big document but I have split it into four parts. That's the reason why it may seem a little cut off between places. Err I think.

For further Disclaimers see Part 1.

Summary: As with the previous parts this takes off where the other ended.

Part 4

He had been silently wondering were the heck he was going to start in the process to fix them.

This was an area he wasn't too good at. He knew a lot about picking a body apart but putting it back together in a way that wouldn't mean more pain… that was a whole new ball game. It had never interested him as Angelus as all of his victims were meant to die, eventually.

He decided to begin slow and started to remove the filthy cloth that was supposed to be clothing.

As he stripped them of it he noticed that they were in fact clothes, the remains of what had been theirs and he couldn't help wonder what became of Spike's duster.

He refused to think at all of the marks on their bodies as he knew that if he did he would completely lose it and kill everything in his way which was not a good thing as Cordelia was on her way.

Nevertheless his hands shook and if he had been able to look in the mirror he would see that his eyes were flecked with gold.

He had managed to get into them some of his blood as the pigs blood wouldn't be of any use right now.

Hearing the sound that indicated that Cordy had arrived, he absently laid one of the towels over theirs genitals. As he heard her call for him, a slight weariness in her tone he called back, "I'm here Cordy, in the bedroom."

He could hear her huff as she struggled with the container that had the precious cargo but he still couldn't make himself leave their side.

Over the heavy smell of his childer he could scent the apprehension as Cordy neared the double doors. He heard as she finally sat the heavy thing down, unable to hold on to it any longer.

He wanted to leave, prevent her form seeing them but he was frozen in place. As she stepped into the room her eyes landed on the two figures and whatever she had been about to say fled as she saw them. He had never seen anyone lose colour as quickly as she did. Her hands flew to her mouth and her face twisted in horror.

"Oh MY GOD, ANGEL! What the hell happened to them!" as she looked into Angel's eyes for an answer she inwardly cringed at the raw pain in them. She also knew that his demon was not so far below the surface.

"I don't know." Angel whispered as he turned his attention back to the two males on his bed.

"When I came home I scented Spikes presence and Penn's, though it hadn't clicked in my head yet. I was ready to really give it into Spike when I opened the door and saw them. They were sprawled on the floor and…they asked for my help, Cordy. Even after what it must have cost for them to get here they asked for my help. God and Spike! I just couldn't…I have to help them. I have to, you see that don't you?

But I don't know where to start. There so much. I'm not ready…I can't lose them, they're me boys, me boys."

Cordy had never heard him slip into his brogue before. She felt a pang in her chest as it reminded her strongly of Doyle even though it wasn't as pronounced as his had been. Hearing him though she knew what she had to do, even though she was convinced it was the wrong thing to do.

She loved Angel. He was the only real friend she had ever had and she couldn't turn her back on him. She wouldn't forget though that he still owed her for this. Wesley was beginning to take a similar place in her heart but for now she closed everything down so she could address the situation at hand.

Angel was still starring down at the two boys - his boys – when he felt a warm hand slip into his. Startled he looked down and into the determine dark eyes of Cordy. She tugged at his hand and said, "We can begin by cleaning them up."

Gratitude towards Cordy filled him and he gave her a shaky smile before stepping up to the bed. Both took a cloth and dipped it into the bowl of the now lukewarm water and began to clean them. At one point Cordelia couldn't help it, she dropped her cloth and with a hand over her mouth ran to the bathroom. Angel could hear her vomiting. He didn't blame her; in fact he would very much like to be able to do the same.

After a while she came back and sat down on the bed continuing where she had left off. No one comment to the fact that her hands trembled or that she had tear mask down her face.

The silence that had dominated the room with the small interruptions of changing of water broke when Cordy said, "What kind of monsters can have done this? Not even they would deserve it. I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

Sadly Angel looked up, "Humans, I can smell it on them, there are traces of demons but they are really faint, like one would get from being in the same room with one."

"H-Humans?" Cordy was looking shocked at him, not to mention unbelievingly at him. She didn't doubt Angel's sense of smell but a part of her rebelled against the possibilities of humans being able to do this. Humans are not supposed to be the bad guys. She wasn't naïve enough to think that cruelty was a trait that was beyond humans but the little part of her that was still the little girl bucked against the knowledge.

Angel saw the feelings raging inside of her and he knew that sooner or later truth would win out and a part of him mourned the loss of her innocence. A price anyone had to pay for having him in their life, something he was well aware of.

"Hmm. More then that I don't know what happened." he continued quietly.

Pausing Cordy quietly deposited the cloth back in the bowl and went to the living room where she proceeded to drag the container into the bedroom. They needed to get some blood into them or they would be dust, even she could see that. Now she understood the reason for the human blood which had eaten a rather huge hole into her account.

Setting aside his own cloth he sat on the bed and accepted the bags that she handed to him. Silently she watched as he proceeded to slowly drain the bag into them. It was painstakingly slow as Angel made sure that most of it went where it should go.

Cordy knew he could be patient but this was really something. For a long time she handed him the bags and he forced the liquid into them. Once Angel had deemed that he couldn't get any more into them they once again took up the task of cleaning them and bandaging their wounds. Once Angel left and when he returned he had a knife in his hand which made her heart leap a few beats.

Sitting back down he explained, "I have to reopen some of them or they will heal wrong." Numbly she nodded as she watched as he placed the tip of the knife against one of the ugly long scars that ran down the side of Spike's torso.

She couldn't help but be entranced with a morbid fascination as Angel with a skill which made her inwardly shiver and her mind shied away from the implications from where he had learned to do that reopened the wound, parting the flesh and stripping the ragged edges so that it would heal properly and without any scar. The blood he had put into Spike made sure that he would not turn into dust.

He had himself gone through the same treatment many times, though unlike Spike, he hadn't been unconscious. There were small mercies to have even in this situation.

Quickly he bandaged it up and did the same thing to other wounds on his body like the one that was in his inner thigh going almost up to the junction where the leg met the buttocks. He couldn't help but vamp out and for the duration of the treatment he stayed like that.

He would never be able to say to Cordy how much it meant for him that she didn't leave, but simply sat there, eyes grave even though she was a little pale.

She scooted over as Angel began to do the same to Penn. She had to reach out and lay her hands over his as his hands began to shake at the sight of him. After a few moments Angel took deep breaths and managed to go through Penn's treatments as well, his eyes burning pits of fire.

They were the windows to hell. Hell for those that had done this so Cordy wasn't surprised when his grave voice, more Angelus then Angel said, "They will die."

She didn't have any doubt that he wasn't talking about the two males laying on the bed. And she kept quiet.

Once Angel had finished with Penn he gently caressed his face. Standing up he gathered the strips of skin and went into the kitchen not at all oblivious to the shudder that Cordy made and bagged them, throwing it into the trash.

When he came back he noticed that Cordy had taken the bowls and returned them to the bathroom together with the soiled towels.

Looking at them he knew there was nothing more he could do at the moment.

Uh except changing the sheets which took all of ten minutes to do.

The putting them on the sofa, the stripping of the bed and turning of the mattress – he knew he would have to buy another one as he doubted the stench would leave anytime soon, not entirely – and the putting new sheets on with the help of Cordy and then the returning his two boys to the bed.

As he drew the comforter all the way up to their chin he heard her approach.

"What do you want to do with the sheets?" Looking at them in her hands she stepped up to her and took them from her.

"I'll burn them in the incinerator."

"Oh, ok."

Walking to the kitchen he grabbed the trash and made his way to the incinerator where he then watched as they were consumed by the flames.

As he returned he saw Cordy sitting on the couch looking down at her hands. She looked tired and weary – far too much for someone her age, and once again he was struck with the notion of what a true jewel she was and he counted his lucky stars to have her as his friend. He wouldn't ever forget what she did tonight, which reminded him that he had to give her the money for the blood.

Looking at her he decided to do it later. Moving toward the couch he looked at her watch and realized that they had worked most of the night off and that sunrise had been almost one hour ago.

Eh, and he hadn't even noticed.

Sitting down next to her he leaned back, exhaustion filling him. He relaxed into the couch and locked the infernal rage coursing through in him for a later date. It would have a release, but not now. But when that rage was set loose then the world would know once again why he was called the Scourge of Europe. At least among the demons.

He jerked a little as he felt Cordy rest her head against his shoulder. Neither of them spoke and as Angel moved to wrap his arm around her she settled in, her hand on his chest.

She was tired and exhausted from what she had witnessed and the nightmare they had let her glimpse so it wasn't long before she fell into a sort of sleep like trance, too much going on in her head for her to actually sleep.

Weird as it sounded she actually felt safe lying reclined against Angel, his arm around her and she idly wondered, is this what Spike and the other…Penn… had sought to find?

A lull settled in in the underground apartment as they both - for somewhat different reasons - waited for the two males on the bed to wake up.

The End.

What do you think? Should I continue it? What would you like to see happen? If I do continue it I had intended for this to be an Angel/Penn/Spike with a close Angel/Cordelia friendship.

/ Silvi Henna

This story will continue in 'Finding Shelter'. I know, corny name but that's the only name I could come up with.