Epilogue - Happily Ever After

AN: Sorry everyone! I tried to post this the same time as the last chapter but my computer broke down on me, damn technology! LOL but I'm so happy you all knew i couldn't leave my story with a sad ending, especially a Rei/Heero story! Ta daa! Its a happy ending...however lame it ended up lol!

Rei was in the Crystal Gardens pushing Yaten along in the pram admiring the beauty of the gardens, particularly the roses. Yaten seemed to have nodded off to sleep so Rei laid out a blanket on the grass placing a sleeping Yaten on top of it. He looked so lovely in his sleep, it was when he was like this Rei thought of his father. Rei wandered to a stone bench and took a seat, taking out a small book and flicking to where she had been up to. After a few minutes she became aware that she was being watched.

"Who's there?" Rei asked turning around and Rei was floored by the sight of someone she hadn't seen in one year.

"Reiā€¦" her visitor breathed and Rei stood up the book dropping to the ground unnoticed by either.

"Heero, I don't believe it," Rei said in wonder staring at his handsome face. His hair had grown a bit longer but he hadn't changed.

"I came to be with you Rei," Heero said honestly taking her hand and Rei could have melted. It was too good to be true, she didn't want to believe it.

"Why? I'm not your duty," Rei asked and Heero pulled her close to him, holding onto her tightly as he had done that day.

"Being with you Rei, I need no other duty, I want to stay here with you," Heero confessed and Rei looked up into Heero's eyes and knew what he said was true. She felt the same in her heart. She had been slowly dying this past year without him.

"Oh Heero," Rei sighed her head titled upwards waiting to receive his lips.

It was then that Yaten started crying and Rei broke away from Heero to tend to her son, and Heero seemed to notice that Rei had a child.

"You had a baby?" he asked in disbelief and Rei cringed at the accusing tone in his voice. There he was jumping to conclusions.

"Yes, his name is Yaten," Rei said calmly and Heero seemed to be confused. The look on his face showed that he felt as though he had been betrayed by her.

"And the father, do I know him?" Heero asked in a tight voice. his eyes showing murderand with Yaten in her arms Rei turned to the man who was still her husband and smiled.

"Of course you do Heero, you're the father," Rei said quite simply and the news shocked Heero so much that he stumbled backwards and sat on the stone bench Rei had vacated moments before.

"I'm a father," Heero repeated Rei's words and Rei laughed taking a seat beside him, nursing Yaten on her lap.

"Yes, of a beautiful son, here see him," Rei invited him, holding out Yaten to Heero, but Heero merely stared at the child in awe.

"I have a son," he said as though he could scarcely believe it.

"We have a son Heero," Rei amended his words depositing Yaten into his father's arms for the first time and the sight of Heero holding his son, brought the tears flowing from her eyes. She had prayed for this moment. Heero held onto Yaten gently, staring at his tiny face in wonder.

"My son," he breathed and Yaten gave a gurgle on contentment.

"What of Quatre and Wufei?" Rei asked thinking of her friends and Heero smiled, feeling that she already knew.

"Wufei came with me, Quatre is on his way as are Duo and Minako, they miss you all very much," he said and Rei smiled widely.

"I missed them and you," Rei said pecking him on the cheek but stayed close to him when he grabbed her hand tightly.

"Never leave me again for so long," he asked in a ragged voice Rei hugged Heero tightly.

"I swear it."

"Isn't this wonderful, all of us under the same roof!" Serenity gushed at the dinner table delighted to have the Gundam Pilots minus Trowa over at the same time. Their arrival and presence had quite pleased and shocked their wives, with whom they had not had a chance to speak to privately since they arrived. They had not spoken in a year, the girls had thought it best not to drag out their separation and so had refused to return the pilots calls. Rei and Heero had introduced their child Yaten to the other pilots and Duo and Minako had gushed their joy over him, Minako rubbing her own belly for she would soon be giving birth to a daughter she would name, Aphrodite. Ami was staring at Quatre like he had grown a third nose and Makoto was staring at Wufei as though she were looking at an illusion, the two girls had often dreamed of their husbands this past year to see them here in the flesh, was more than a dream come true. The two men in question however, did not even react to the stares their wives were giving them, despite having not seen them or having any contact with them for a year.

"Not for long unfortunately," Quatre replied to the queen a little intimidated by all the food that the Queen was piling onto her plate with great relish.

"We promised Vice Minister Darlian we would return by midnight," Duo said, although from the glint in his eye Rei could sense that he wasn't going back. This whole year Rei's powers had grown so strong. She could tell when people were lying, when they were telling the truth, and sometimes she could sense their future, and Rei could feel that Duo's future was not returning with the others, it was staying here in Crystal Tokyo.

"Well Quatre, I believe you have something to tell us," Endymion invited him nodding in his direction, discreetly wiping the sauce from his wife's pretty mouth and Rei smirked inwardly. How she had missed their Queen, even after a year, Rei still couldn't get enough of Serenity's childlike behaviour.

"Yes, we have all been thinking and together with Vice Minister Darlian we have come up with an agreement that if suits your majesty we think will be a solution to our marriage problems," Quatre announced and Makoto and Ami snapped to attention looking from each other, to Serenity, to Rei, to Minako, then to Quatre.

"I'm all ears Quatre," Serenity told them winking at her two senshi and Makoto and Ami relaxed, slightly.

"You must at all times have four protectors, and our princess must have four protectors as well as Trowa her personal bodyguard, but who is to say that we cannot fill in for the missing senshi? If you would be agreeable Queen Serenity, we would like to suggest that Minako and Duo and Rei and Heero remain here with you protecting you, and myself, Ami, Wufei and Makoto return to protect Vice Minister Darlian, that way you will always have four protectors at any given time, Rei and Minako will be senshi and you will have two Gundam's under your command," Quatre gave them the suggestion proudly, and simply, and Rei's mouth dropped open. The idea was good, and it would work. Rei could feel it, the plan would work.

"Quatre, I think it is a very good idea, but I foresee a problem," Serenity finally said after a long pause and Quatre's face fell.

"And that is?" Quatre enquired and Serenity grinned cheekily as she responded.

"You haven't asked your wives about it yet!"

Wufei stood up and for the first time since their arrival he looked at his wife and Makoto nearly melted when she looked into his honest eyes. He came over to her side of the table and knelt in front of her. Makoto could have wept at how humble he was, so unafraid to show his emotions in front of his colleagues and their friends.

"My onna, what say you?" Wufei finally spoke and Makoto couldn't speak, she could only nod her head as her tears started falling and she buried herself in his waiting arms. Quatre came to stand by his wife taking her hand and kissing it lovingly.

"And Ami what do you say?" Quatre asked and he had barely finished speaking before Ami was out of her chair and throwing her arms around his neck.

"I say yes!" Ami gushed happily and Quatre swung his wife around in his arms kissing her affectionately.

"Oh how exciting, we are finally all happy!" Serenity said leaning over and taking Endymion hand and he squeezed her hand tightly, as Minako and Duo shared a loving hug, and Duo caressed her belly delightfully.

"Yes Serenity, we will be happy, I can see it," Rei said this surely hugging Yaten to her chest as she leaned back into Heero's arms and everyone beamed widely, believing her words. There would be happiness for all from now on.

AN: Don't fret, i am working on the sequel, it will be a story about their children and the war that Rei saw in her mind when she woke up after they all remembered what happened in Crystal Tokyo. Our children...the war...it will be called The War of Silence i think.