Crusade: Legend of the Dark Knight

Dark Genesis

Chapter One: Knight Life

A door opened in to a shadowy room. It was large and opulent but dark. A tall lanky man walked in and headed to the opposite end of the room where there was a small set of stairs leading to a dais. Sitting on a throne in the shadows was a second figure. The first figure approached the second.

The first figure smiled darkly. "So I take it you got a job for me?"

"Yes." A third figure this one female appeard and tossed a folder on a nearby table and returned to the shadows. He spoke again. "All you need to know is there."

The first figure flipped threw the folder. "I have to make it look like someone else did it. Where's the fun in that."

"It's part of the job. Take it or leave it."

"Oh I'll take it. I just hate having my art dictated. The money's more than good though so I'm willing to bend." The First figure said before giving a dark chuckle.

"Very good. The quicker the job is done the better."

"Oh I can do it tonight. That'll be no problem at all."


Elsewhere in Tokyo-3 the social elite and a few other assorted guests where attending a chairity event hosted at Ikari Industries headquarters. Shinji Ikari and several other notables from the top of the company including CEO Kit Fuyutsuki a gentleman in his late fourties, with whom Shinji was talking.

Shinji stood silently making small talk about the company in general. It was quickly apparent that the primary shareholder wasn't the best audience to the man. Kit smiled slyly at him. "Well I can see I'm boring you at the moment and you're probaby ready to seach out your next conquest."

Shinji returned the smile with his superior version. "Why Kit, you wound me. I just wish to mingle with our other guests."

"Ah to be young again. Go on Ikari and have fun."

Shinji bowed politely and wandered off to mingle with the crowd. He passed grettings on to the the guest in the banquet hall. Spent more time with the females, especially the more lovely ones, the apparant playboy found a familar face in the crowd. Kensuke Aida, who was now an assistant District Attorney.

His old friend noticed him and walked right up to him claping him on the back. "HEY BUDDY! How's the hunting so far?"

Shinji smiled "Just walkin the crowd right now. So how's work going?"

"Not bad." Kensuke's mirth faded for a moment. "Same shit different day. Soon though I think we'll get some change in the DA's office and we may be getting some real help."

The former third child raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

"I'm thinking once I start getting some more high profile cases I'll see if I can make it to DA, but that's long term. I just hope the rumor is true."

"What rumor?"

The young attorney smirked once again. "We just may finally get someone competent in charge of the Police."


There been 2 names getting tossed around. Both of them good cops, but I can't help but feel a bit baised to one over the other. Captain Yoshiyuki Tanaka and my favored pick one Lt. Misato Katsuragi."

"You're kidding me. Misato as the commissioner?

"That's one of the rumors. She's been making a name for herself busting heads lately."

Shinji took a sip of his drink. "I just didn't think she'd get a shot at it after her demotion 3 years ago."

"Well since Touji was able to prove her innocence in the corruption accusations towards her the heat was never as bad as the press made it look." Kensuke smirked then continued. "Well speak of the devil and she appears. HEY MISATO!" He missed his friend wince at that.

Misato who was dressed in a Dress uniform and filling it out quite well for someone in her early 40's. She smiled her winning smile."Hello boys. Having fun?"

One responce was gleeful "Yes ma'am."

One less so but polite. "Hello Misato."

"So how are you two doing?"

Kensuke spoke up first. "Oh you know me Misato. Course my more wild days are behind me now?"

Both Misato and Shinji got disbelieveing looks on their faces. Misato asked first "No way. Our little Kensuke finally ready to settle down. So you and her are finally getting serious."

Kensuke now went from smirking to a genuine smile. "Well I can't help it. She's perfect. With her I feel like I can't do any better."

Kensuke's musing was interuped by a more gruff voice "You can't."

Everyone turned to the owner of the voice. One Detective Sargent Touji Suzuhara. Things quickly felt much more tense. "My sister is just too good for you Kensuke. I just know you're going tobreak her heart."

Kensuke stepped right into Touji's space. "I told you already Touji. She's not a little girl anymore, and I won't break her heart."

"That I'll believe when I see it."

Shinji decided to change the subject quickly. "So Touji. How's the bionic arm holding up?"

Touji went from scowling to smiling. "It's great man. The prosthetic was good but this thing is awesome. I'm out in the streets makin those bastards pay for what they do."

"So. What are you doing here Touji?" Shinji asked as he realized that he wasn't one of the security detail.

"I'm here to talk to the Lt."

Misato then stepped closer. "What do you need?"

"In private ma'am."

The two walked off and began wispering to each other. Touji shortly walked off and Misato returned to the boys. "Sorry guys. Duty calls. Kensuke you just might have that high profile case real soon." With that the former Nerv officer left.

Kensuke had a smile while Shinji had a more contemplative look. It was Shinji who spoke. "Something just occoured to me Ken. I've gotta go. I'll catch you later."

"No problem man. Have fun."


Touji led Misato in an alley on the east side of town. "This is the Guy Lt. Nobiyuki Ishida."

If there was one part of the job Misato didn't much care for it was this. Dead bodies. She didn't think she would ever get used to them. Even if it was a heartless bastard like him. "God I hope this isn't the beginning of a gang war."

"Considering this guy is head of one of the major Yakuza factions. I can't help but think it might be." was his reply.

Misato nodded sadly. "Still, dismembering him and leaving him in a garbage bag is a bit much don't you think?"

Touji turned around nearly gagging."This is the work of a sick, sick individual."

"Considering the territory we're in and the rumors."

The younger Sargent turned around. "You think it was the Butcher?"

The Lieutenant turned to the ally's entrance "Yeah Katachi and him have hated either other for years."

"Should we bring him in for questioning?"

Then Misato noticed something. "Wait a second." She walked towards a nearby trash can. She moved it to find an oversized bloody knife. "This looks like Katachi's knife don't it."

The Sargent leaned over her shoulder and smiled. "I love it when they do something stupid." He then ran tothe street and called out to some of the other officers "Someone get me an evidence bag now!"

No one noticed above them the shadow that moved back into the night.


Makoto Hyuga has done well for himself after the dismantling of NERV, going as far as becoming the newest City Councilman of Tokyo-3. But unfortunately, some parts of his past wouldn't remain in his past. "Councilman Hyuga?" his secretary spoke through the intercom on his desk.

"Yes, Kaname?" Makoto smiled as he answered the hail.

"Officer Katsuragi's back," the secretary said dully, "Do you want me to send her in or tell her your not here?"

"Um … Kaname, is she in hearing range of you and the intercom?" Hyuga sweat dropped.

"Ahuh, why?" the bouncy secretary answered.

"Uh … never mind … send her in …" Makoto sighed, rubbing his face. "Good help is hard to find …"

"Ain't that the truth," Misato said as she slinked into the office. The way the purple haired beauty was swinging her hips gave the young councilman a very bad feeling.

"Hey, buddy, guess what," Misato beamed at her old friend, "Got some great news!"

"Oh?" Makoto gulped as she leaned against the side of his desk, letting her skirt ride up her thighs.

"The Commissioner is planning on retiring in the next few months," Misato said as she fanned herself slightly, "My, is it hot in here?" she asked as she began slowly unbuttoning the top of her uniform top. "Anyway, guess who's been nominated to take his place?"

"You-you've been nominated?" Makoto looked like he'd hyperventilate soon, "That's breast! Would you like to clit down?" He choked out in a squeaky voice as she unbuttoned down where he could see the top of her bra.

"Yeah, but two others have been nominated though …" She pouted, turning to face him head on, moving to the opposite side of his desk. "You know what would get me the job no doubt Makoto-chan?" she asked in an almost child-like voice as she leaned across the desk, giving a full view down her top.

Makoto answered by shaking his head quickly. "If I could find and catch that mean old vigilante Batman, I'm sure that would guarantee me getting to be the Commissioner …" She said reaching across to toy with his now longer bangs with her fingers.

"I wouldn't … know anything … a breast that," Makoto forced out, his eyes stuck on her cleavage.

"Oh … poo … but wait … I'm sure the commissioner has information on the Batman in his personal computer … in his office …" she whispered, as she drew small invisible patterns on Makoto's cheek and chin with her forefinger's nail. ྭྭ

"That's … uh … the … err … Commissioner's personal computer, Misato …" Makoto whimpered, sweating bullets, "he's the only one who can … uh … um … can get … uh … in there … Eep!" he yelped when she quickly moved around the desk to plop down in his lap.

"But MAKOOOOOOTOOO!" She whined as she gazed up at him with a flirty seductive smile on her face. "You hacked all the personal computers when we worked together at NERV … I know you still can do it …"

"This is a trick," Makoto choked, looking anywhere but the beautiful woman in his lap. "You're probably got a bug and trying to get me in trouble, AND arrested. Arresting a City Councilman for hacking would probably get you the job too!"

"I'm not trying to get you in trouble, Makoto … I thought you knew me better then that …" She said sadly before throwing another seductive glance. "If you don't believe me you can strip search me right here…" she said earning another 'eep' from her friend.

"C'mon, Makoto … I just wanna know what the Commish knows …" Masato said, stroking his cheek. "Please … Makoto … please?"

Makoto sat back with a loud sigh. "Fine, I'll give it a shot, but NO PROMISES!" He stated with as forceful a glare as he could muster.

"Thanks, Makoto!" Masato squealed as she moved in to kiss the tip of his nose, "You're a great friend. Give me a call on my cell to meet you when you got the stuff. K?"

Misato hopped off his lap and walked out of his office, stopping at the door to look back to give her friend a wink, before leaving him alone.

Makoto seemed to go limp in his chair and stared up at the ceiling. "I'm so weak …"


It had been a long night for Batman. After seeing the crime scene and giving it his own look over he patrolled the City. A few minor crimes stopped. The entire night though something about the crime scene just itched at the back of his mind.

Batman walked up to his computer console and quickly brought up information on Kouji "The Butcher" Katachi. Reading up on the yakuza he sat back and thought.

"The dismembering is his prefered style of killing. Just seems odd his masters would let him off his leash to kill a rival." Shinji pulled the cowl off his head and began to pace the cave. "There's been a peace for the last year that's benefitted both factions. It doesn't make sence to break it now. His knife is his most cherished weapon there is no way he'd leave it behind. The butcher loves slaughter but is no fool. Something about this doesn't fit.."

The Dark Knight sat down again and began to brood "Cui bono"

To Be Continued...


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