The fall of Starscream

It was late and over all dark at the submerged base. The fact did not matter as the jet commander sat at his desk going through files of the warriors and debating on what to do.

When he had returned for the last mission he had beena mess, for some ungodly reason his leader had insisted that they attack a nuclear power station. Not really a bad idea, but the location of this power center was too close to the Autobot's headquarters. That resulted in the Autobots finding and stopping them sooner. In fact not only had they been stopped, but also they had been beaten quite badly. Many more Autobots had come due to the close proximity to their base.

Megatron had taken a few of the smaller bot before his hands had become full with trying to defeat Optimus Prime. Soundwave and his cassettes had an all out war with Blaster and the Autobot cassettes. As for him, he and the other jets had been shot down by the Aerialbots, and then beaten by a horde of Autobots.

At the last moment an explosion rocked the entire area, and alarms began to wail everywhere. The nuclear reactor was on it's way to meltdown. Megatron took the time during the confusion to call the retreat, and lift off into the air before Prime and the others had a chance to find out what was happening. The rest of the Decepticons had done the same; the problem was that in the course of the battle the cubed energon had exploded from a bolt of stray laser fire.

Starscream got up from his desk, and began to pace. He needed help. 'Who though?' He wondered. He looked at the monitor of names. Many of them did not care who led, and then others still were loyal with out a doubt. Sure the Air Commander had a list of names that if he could just convince them he would love to have then on his side. Naturally the other high-ranking officers where on that list, though he knew that would never happen. Shockwave was loyal to Megatron and if not Megatron he would want the power himself. Then there was Soundwave, and when the thought of that came to his processor the red and silver jet scoffed. "That loyal lieutenant would never turn on Megatron." He mumbled. 'There has to be others, but who?' He wondered.

He thought about Soundwave a little longer, on many of his attempts at seizing power, it had been Soundwave that had foiled his plan. That gave him yet another obstacle, he would have to get a round or remove the communications officer before his next attempt.

Buzzsaw sat perfectly still; he had been in the room before the Air Commander had come in. His mission was to report on Starscream's treacherous behaviors, and if this was not one of them he did not know what was. He had landed on top of an overhead airshaft that left just enough room between in and the ceiling for him to sit in shadow. He recorded the actions of the jet, and then when the Commander left, he flew off the shaft and swooped around, transforming and sliding in between the grates of the air vent.

Inside a few moments later Frenzy crawled through and took the cassette back to Soundwave.