The Decepticons landed far enough form the cave to not cause alert. Starscream had resumed his pacing in front of the cave, mumbling under his breath. Megatron approached as Starscream walked away from him. The silver and red seeker turned to see Megatron face to face.

"What is the meaning of this?" Megatron growled.

Starscream stopped in mid stride to keep from hitting the commander. "Megatron how did you? Who?" He stopped as the great back cannon was raised again in his direction. "No Megatron, I was just planning to set up a small recon base." He pleaded.

Megatron raised and optic brow at the traitorous seeker. "Soundwave." Out from the bushes the large indigo robot strode out of the under brush. "Play bad Buzzsaw's recording." The communications office pressed the play button on his waist. Starscream's voice came through clearly, and but to rest what was said.

"Megatron!" the seeker whined.

"I have had enough of your usurper ways." He fired the ebony cannon directly at the pleading seeker.

The bolt of fusion energy ripped threw the seekers cock pit and out his back. Starscream fell to his knees unable to compute what had really happened. Energon flowed freely on to the dirt from the gapping wound and his optics flickered brightly. He fell to his hands as the life giving energy leaked from his chassis.

Thundercracker and Skywarp look on as the came out of the brush, faces in awe as the looked at their friend and wing mate near termination before them.

Megatron wanted to more to do with him, let him lay in the mess he created himself, but that how ever was not an option. For all his wrongs Starscream had finer points as well. Angry at the frustration, but unwilling to sacrifice a good warrior Megatron turned his back to the seeker and faced Soundwave.

"Skywarp, Thundercracker, take him back to base and see that Hook fixes this heap. Soundwave, monitor him this is the last time. Should he decide to do it again I shall not miss his spark chamber.

Hearing Megatron speak Skywarp and Thundercracker slowly picked up the still smoking Starscream, and looked at the damage as they held him between them. In side the hole they could see that the sliver spark compartment had been melted where the blast had touched it. Both jets shuttered at the thought of such a near death experience. Grasping the now stasis locked jet, the two flew up and out on course for the undersea base.