The poetry of Chemistry - Drookit Duck

A.N.- Right, this is a Spawn fic... Spike/Dawn...Not sure what you refer to it as... anyway, back to subject, I had a similar idea for two fics and decided just to try the both of them out and see which was better so here's the second try. The first one was a Spuffy one, but I like writing Spawn better so maybe this one'll be better...or maybe they both suck, but who cares, please read and enjoy anyway :)

Dawn grumbled as she came in the door.

"Stupid remote!" Buffy complained firing the evil, offending object onto the table in annoyance, "Stupid tiny little batteries that no one ever has!"

Dawn glared at her sister. Buffy froze, she could've sworn daggers were in that glare.

Dawn slammed the door loudly and stomped upstairs. It was obviously Chemistry homework night. Dawn had always been good at Chemistry, even Willow had been impressed, but lately she'd slipped. Every Wednesday she stomped home; locked herself in her room; screamed; threw a folder out of the window and stormed over to her friend's house. Buffy was used to the drill;- ignore and ignore.

Sure as always, the bedroom door slammed and the familiar sound of the lock clicked.

Buffy sighed, got up and switched the television volume up. After half-an-hour the folder appeared on the lawn, the pages sprawled all over. Then Dawn thumped down the stairs and disappeared out of the door. Buffy watched her sister kick the folder on her way past. Buffy sighed and shook her head.

Dawn stormed out of the street in the direction of, not a friend from school's house, but Spike's crypt.

Spike was sitting on top of the stone coffin smoking a cigarette. His hair was a mess having just woken up. He heard the familiar sound of the door opening, caught the familiar scent, the familiar scent of the youngest Summers girl. Dawn stormed inside and threw herself on to the chair.

"Chemistry?" Spike asked, knowing the answer.

Dawn nodded.


Another nod.

"Can't concentrate because of him again?"

Another nod.

"You want to talki, Little Bit?"



A shake.

Spike stubbed the cigarette out and went over to her. Dawn stood up and hugged him.

"Can we talk after?" Dawn asked quietly into Spike's chest. Spike nodded and stroked her long hair.

"Of course, little bit" he said. She reluctantly let go and Spike disappeared down the ladders. Dawn waited. He returned with a pen and paper which he handed to Dawn. She smiled, a smile which he returned. She watched his beautiful blue eyes, wondering how such subtle beauty could become suddenly so demonic and evil in a matter of seconds when he wanted it to. But for now they were blue.

He retrieved a can of cola and a bottle of beer from the refrigerator. Dawn took the cola with a grin and opened it with a hiss from the can.

"Right." Spike said, "What's the subject this week?"

Dawn sighed, nibbling the top of the pen, "I hate Chemistry." she said.

"Yeah, but we need a subject, love."

Dawn shrugged and sipped the cola. She put her head on his shoulder, imagining that it was warm and not cold and dead but muscular.

"What about..." Dawn closed her eyes, willing a theme to come to mind, "...kittens?"

Spike groaned. This was going to be a long night.

Damn poetry!

A.N.- not the best thing I could've written but hey, I only had one period of chemistry...and I stayed conscious this time! Thought the poetry thing would be sweet. Any views? Good? Bad? Better than the Buffy one? Worse? Should have included a brief weather report? Anything! Hani xXx