Bad Memories

Chapter 1:(Prologe) The Battle

WARNING: This story contains scenes of :gore, rape, melistation, torture and probably some cutting.

I in no way condone such violent acts (accept cutting...that I understand).

If you find any of the above mentioned topics offencive Do Not Read.

If you ignore this warning, read and are deeply emotionally scarred it's your own damn fault.

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Authors Note:This is not on the topic of my fic but did anyone else notice that in the episode where Cyborg builds the T-Car that Raven says she puts a bit of her soul into a object when she uses her magic and her dark energy blasts...since all her magic is black does that mean her soul is black too...? Just wondering...

It started out like any other call.

"Titans, go!"Robin yelled authoritativly, as the others swooped into attack the robber, who was wearing nothing more than a bandana over the lower half of his face and gogles to conceal his identity.

He was apperently very fast and a very skilled fighter, though his vision was obviously compermised by the gogles, all this became rather apparent after all the titans attacked him, he easily dodged Raven's black energy, Starfire's starbolts and Cyborg's sonic canon, he held his ground when Beastboy charged him as a rino, the man just grabed BB's head and flipped him over and threw him at least 30 feet, he was also very strong, now it was Robin's turn, he let loose a flurry of punches and kicks, and the masked man blocked everyone of them. The battle heated up as the titans attacked furriously, the man simply dodged the attacks, flipping and jumping around. It became apparent that the gogles blurred his vision when he took a defencive stance to a SUV the same shade green as Beastboy.

After a flurry of punches from Robin were nerrowly dodged by the man, who's skill seemed to be slpping by the second, he jumped onto a car some 20 feet away from the titans, and removed his gogles, his eye's were nothing special, the titans couldn't even make out what color they were at this distance.

He scanned the titans trying to match the fighting type's from the colored blurs to each of them, when his eyes landed on Raven... if they couldn't see his eyes before... they could now!

His eyes grew to the size of saucers before he removed his bandana.

"You" He said obviously very surprised to see her, all eyes turned to Raven, who looked as confused as every one else.

Suddenly her eyes filled with hate, Raven couldn't understand it, she couldn't remember who this man was, but just from seeing his face her hate was consuming her. Hate satcurating her being, it took over every fiber of her. She felt sick with hate. And just as he was starting to look familiar.

It was gone.

All was black.

Darkness surrounded her, it was all she had known for so long.

Raven was naked, curled in the fetal position in the corner of a very cold, very small, very dark room.

The darkness was so absolute it seemed to swallow any light that dared try to give her hope...she was crying, crying for an end to this hell, for any semblence of hope, of light, for any thing but the darkness and pain.

Then it was gone, she was back with the titans... but she was no longer flying, she was on the ground, and she saw no sign of the other titans, or the robber.

Raven turned her head slowly around, there they were, thank god they hadn't left her...but something was off, they looked like they had been beaten pretty badly, Robin's left eye was sweling shut, he was also holding his left arm in a way that all but said it was broken, Cyborg's right arm was completely destroyed and his left leg looked to be on the verge of breaking, Beastboy had a nasty diagonal gash across the entire lenth of his torso, which he was holding as if his internal organs would fall out, which from the look of it, they might, and Starfire was on the ground, her left leg obviously broken, her right wrist was also broken and she looked like she was on the verge of passing out, how did this happen? the stangest thing was that they all looked horrified, absolute terror showed through on all of there faces, but what scarred her the most... all the terror seemed to be pointed toward her... why were her friends afraid of her?

She made a fist absentmindedly, when she felt a warm slick substance on her hand, she looked down.


Her hands, both of them were completely covered in blood.

It was now that she looked down to see the body laying at her feet.

She almost let out a gasp...almost.

The robber was laying at her feet, dead, he had several holes about the size of saucers in his chest, where blood still oozed from, his arms were violently ripped off leaving broken pieces of bone in there wake, one of the bloody ends of the arm was visibly worse than the other, it was then that she noticed his face, if that's what you could call a face, it had been beaten so badly it no longer looked remotly human.

"No" Raven said in only a whisper "I couldn't have done all this "Still not but a whisper.

Already visions of what probably happened played in her head.

Hate had consumed her body, she could already see herself transforming again, four glowing red eyes, giant towering form, black tendrals slithering from under her cloak, and a voice as inhuman as she looked.

The looks she was getting from the other titans and the body at her feet only added more proof, but if she couldn't even remember doing it, that means rage was gaining ground in her head.

Just then she felt a pain in the back of her neck, her hand immediatly went up to the site of the pain, she grabbed the object and brought it into view, it was one of Robins Tranqulizer darts, she turned to see Robin standing six feet away with his tranq gun extended, his teeth gritted, one thought passed through Ravens mind before she passed out into nothingness.

That thought was the realization that Robin's teeth were clenched, not because it hurt him to knock her out, but because he was so disgusted with her, needless to say her sleep would be full of bad dreams.

Full of blood and betrayel.

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