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Authors Note:Well this is how this going to work. Every story idea has three parts. First is a quick authors note on some of the important points of the story. The third part is the summery. And the second part is probably the most important, every story is just in a ruff idea mode, so just about anything in it can be changed, I welcome you to give your own variations on the story's you vote for, but the second part shows the bare bones idea I had to start the story, and that part cannot be changed. To vote just put the numbers that are next to your three favorite idea's in a review, you can put any changes you think should happen next to the number. The more vote's a story get's the faster I'll start it.

But another thing to keep in mind is that these are written...well basicly just to remind me of the story, so they are very ruff. I copied them...more or less exactly from the 'Ideas' file on me computer, the only thing I changed was a few bit's that gave away the endings

Quick Note:The idea's get beter as you go down the list

Quick note 2: I'm very very rushed as I do this so please excuse any spelling, or grammer errors. or anythingg else I scewed up because I went to fast.

1.This was my first dark yuri story It was also the first idea I had for Raven cutting..

Raven and Starfire are in a relationship. And Raven cuts herself. Plus thay have to eventually leave.

Starfire and Raven are in a relationship, Raven cuts herself, Star knows but knowing why, doesn't try to stop her, the other titans find out,(Choice: Raven is so afraid of there reaction she leaves before they confront her OR they adimently are against one part of the equation, the lesbian relationship or the cutting), eather way they tell her (Or them, as the case may be) to stop it immediatly, she(or they) refuse, they leave to start a new life.

Note: One part of there whole "Stop being Lesbians" thing could be Robin is in love with Starfire and doesn't want Raven to have her, also Beastboy feels the same, he loves Raven and doesn't want Star to have her.

2.The summery doesn't say this but my original intention was for her to have been an assassin in the past.

Raven having huge amount of physical streagth and martial arts knowlege, plus the titans have to find out sooner or later.

During a fight the villian does something to make Raven lose her powers temporaily ...but using marshal arts she easily defeats him revealing not only that she is skilled but physically stronger than Robin, Beastboy and maybe the others...this raises questions about her past, what else she's been hiding, and what's the limit to what she can do, it also it raises the question 'why hasn't she used them before?'

3.This would be a very dramatic fic that would have Raven recounting a bad childhood. She would also look very scared and weak in the tapes

...Just about the entire's really not that long.

The Titans receive a DVD recording tape containing Raven in a mental hospital. It goes through her therapy sessions she had while she was institutionalized in her eairly teens. very dramatic and dark.

4.She would be like the second or third in command of an ultra elite organization that would be one hell of a crossover. I was thinking of having like Rayne from the BloodRayne video game, and Kirika Yamora from Noir, and the major from Ghost In The Shell in it. They would all be female, and Raven would probably have a girlfriend in there somewhere.

Again not much could be changed, maybe how the titans find out.

Raven is high ranking member of secret powerful society. She is called in for a very important meeting, and the titans watch the whole thing through a hidden camera in her brouch.

5.I thought of this after playing BloodRayne for the second time, and then I watched "Prophecy" on TV...i thought 'Perfect Match'

Her relationship with Rayne could be changed, but they have to at least be good friends. Also, how dark Raven's past is, could be anything you want it to be.

BloodRayne crossover centered around Raven and Rayne's hate of there fathers, relationship unknown, probaly sexual and monogamus, will probaly reveal that raven has killed many people some inicent

6.I just thought of this after reading like four one shots where Raven killed herself and I thought "Wouldn't it be great to have the drama of a full suicide and still have her in the story?"

Again, the summeries are still pretty short so...I quess that thing about her emotions. Or maybe she could kill herself right after "Birthmark" to try to save the world, and then like God sends her back because her father would rise any way and she's the only one that can stop him...see this is how you can change it...use your imagination.

Raven kills her self to get rid of the deprission, she comes back to life, possbly without a need to control her emotions.

7.This actually has the first chapter half written and believe me, it's a lot darker and better then it sounds.

Sorry already started it so nothing can be changed

Raven was raped by her father and gave birth, he stole the baby and Raven joined the TT to use there resources to look for her, but the titans don't know.

8.I can't really say anything about this or I'l give something away.

The sneak attack. Them being seperated and Starfire's POV. Other than that it's up to you.

When a sneak attack throws the world into chaos, the titans are seperated, Starfire's POV as she search's the ruins of the world, finding the few surviving humans, and eventually Robin, Cyborg and Beastboy, each doing what they can to help those who survived and building a resistance, they all join up to help find the other titans, but when only Raven is left, one of there spy's says he over heard a conversation that tells him that "the one who caused all this destruction is going to arrive at a castle that demons just finished" they call off there search and attack.

9.This was spun off of no. 3

How they meet the girl. Raven remembering her and saving her.

During a battle the villian resorts to taking a hostage to save himself, but Raven recognizes the girl as one she was once in a mental institution with and summonds up power the titans have never seen her with before(Without going dark)and she save's the girl by almost killing the man, the girl comes to live with the titans where at first they learn that she has mental problems, then eventually Raven tells them where they met, then later her own dark past.

10.I thought of this when I was half asleep...

The change in the time line. Raven loving this female titan. And her coming back...Sorry none of that can be changed.

Change so that when the titans started off it was only Cyborg, Robin and Raven, then Starfire came 8 month later then Beastboy came 8 months after that. Something triggers Starfire to beleave there was a titan before her, she asks Beastboy and together they find out that there was one, she died (She'd come out and say 'Sorry amnesia') or she just disipeared, this affected all the titans greatly, but Raven more so. Raven and this female titan were in love. Then they confront Raven, she tells them every thing aand then the mystery girl shows up.

11.I actually started writting this and got stuck...though I'd be more then happy to give it another shot if it gets enough vote's.

The entire summery is ironclad...but you could mess with how they react.

Raven and jinx have been in a secret relationship for six months, they decide to tell the titans.

12. I actually have had this idea for a long just took me along time to remember to put it in the idea file.

The titans leaving for a long time then returning to find the city in less then perfect status. The sobbing angry girl wwho is in a relationship with Raven. Raven's mind is slipping.

The titans minus Raven get sucked into a dimension where they are in a perpetual state of bliss, they all realize that Raven was not taken in but figure, selfishly, it's not there problem. When they finally return, the tower is destroyed, and parts of the city are in ruins, the titans ask a near by policeman what happened to Raven and are surprised to learn that she is still fighting, as they talk about what they where doing all this time, they notice a teen-age girl watching with a great deal of hate on her face, she ends up attacking them yelling'You selfish bastered! You did this to her!You made her suffer for your own pleasure', but she has no powers so they easily defeat her, she explains that after they left Raven tried to defend the city on her own, it worked for awile, but one day she was captured and raped, she escaped when her powers went out of control, she regained control but still killed the rapists. Since then her mind started slipping and she got a reputation for losing her cool in battles with robbers and she would kill them, the girl then reveals that she's been helping Raven for awile, and that they are in fact, dating.

She explains that it's not like they go out to a movie and a dinner, but that they care for each other very much, but as was said ealier, Ravens mind is slipping, all she's been though meens there are times when she is increadibly violent, at this time they notice a few brusies on the girls arm, she explains that Raven sometimes forgets who she (The girlfriend) is and attacks her, she eventually takes them to there hidout, the same abondend mental hospital that she was in in 'How long is forever'


13.I was surprised when I saw a storry with a similar story pop up awile's not exaclty like it but the whole abuse daughter thing is pretty distictive.

Okay Raven has to run away. She has to get pregnant and has to have a daughter. She must be an alcoholic, chain smoking adicted(Though whether it's prescription drug she's abusing or strret drugs is up for grabs)And she absolutle must abuse her daughter. Oh and at some point they have to go back to the tower.

Raven ran away because of her powers. She try's to start a new life, she even gets a loving boyfriend, but when she finds out she is pregnant he runs away from her. 17 years later is where the real story starts. Raven is now only a shell of her former self, she's an alcoholic, a chain smoker, and an adict she also abuses her daughter. Something...not really sure what...make's her go back to the titans tower, she also brings her daughter. When she arrive's, Robin and Starfire have a 14 year old daughter and have been engadged for longer then they can remember, and still havin't gotten married, it's taking so long because Starfire is planning it alone so everything will be perfect. Beastboy(Now officially called BB), is in a serious relationship with Terra, who was brought back from stone about six month's after Raven left. Cyborg has been dating Bumblebee on and off for about seven years. The titans are over joyed that Raven has finally come back, they think that the reason why she left has something to do with the fact she has a daughter but they're more then stuned by her appearance and after just an hour they get the impression that a few things may not be quite right. Raven smell's like a bar, like booze and cigarette smoke. Also her daughter is more then just shy, she seems afraid and ashamed. She nearly falls off her chair when Raven calls out here name, she then runs over to one of the box's they brought and bring's over some pill bottle's. After Raven downs the pills she heads for the front door. The titans ask where she's going and she answers, "Outside...I need a smoke...I'm assuming the tower is still a no smoking zone"She continue's when no one answers, they all turn to Raven's frightened daughter and ask how long had she smoked, but the girl just looks away, she's obviously frightened so Robin walks over to her and says"You don't have to be afriad, your safe here"And he reassuraly put's a hand on her right bycep and squeezs lovingly, as soon as he sqeezes though she get's a pained look on her face and brings up her other hand, pushing away Robin's and starts to rub her arm. Robin, getting the idea she has an injury there say's"Sorry, I didn't know...what happened to your arm?"Naobi (The daughter) looks even more scared now and starts with some of the basic"Nothing...I just ran into a door was my own fault..."After this the rest of the titans are starting to get worried, they've delt with enough abused children and battered women to notice that this girl was showing all the symptoms.

14.This was just a thought I had once.

Raven must have lived on the street for a long time.Something must remind her before something from her past arrives.

Raven is a street rat, she has her powers, but is so afraid of them that she only uses them when she absolutly needs them(Note Raven may or may not have been a prostitute). For a few chapters we fallow this time line then fast forward to when she's living with the titans. There will be some thing important like the anniversary of something to remind her of her time on the streets, then some bad connections will be made.Like some one who saved her life a few time's is involved in a bank robbery. Alternate to the anniversary could be letting a criminal escape because she know's that they will use the money they stole to feed others on the street.

15.I honestly can't remember what inspired this might have something to do with that fic I mentioned

Raven is a half demon. The titans find out and kick her out. Years later they give her a second chance, but she really hates them for abandoning her.

Raven is a half demon. She's tryed her entire like to hide it, the titans find out and have similar reaction as to that of the initial one in "Shards Of Hope" except even Starfire feels that way, they kick her out(Being unable to murder there friend when she never did anything wrong) but they give her a warning "If you ever do a crime or use your powers again...we will hunt you down..."The bit about her power's didn't have to be said. Beside's her mother, the titans were the only people Raven had ever trusted, there betrayal (Even though she understood), had made it so she's just focused enough not to have her power's go off, but not enough to actually use them. Then we fast forward to the future, it's been ten years and the titans's(Who's ranks have changed slightly) has all but forgotten about her...when a respected collegue off handedly remarks that his thesis was on demons...they read it, and find much to there horror they find out that not all demons are evil, the reason every one assumes they are is two fold, there genepool did start in hell, and because...most demons now are upstanding citizens that just want to have a normal life, so the only demons anyone ever hears of are the one's trying to do damage. The titans don't entirely believe it, but figure they at least owe her a chance to rejoin the titans. Then we go over to Raven and find her living a pretty petetic life (Note: Raven will have been a prositute for a period of time about a year after being kicked out, if she is still one today is optional, and not likely) she to has almost forgotten about the titans...she only remembers the betrayal...her mind is slowly sliping away from her.

16.This was the second idea I had for a Raven/Jinx fic.

Raven and jinx's relationship must be a secret from the titans.

Raven and Jinx have been secretly dating for a long time. This fic follows them as they try to keep it a secret, and as other s find out

17.Unfortunatly if you haven't beaten the god of war video game this summery wont make much sence. But in the story itself I would give enough info from the game that you would understand everything.

Most of you won't understand this one so don't try to change it.

God Of War cossover. Raven is Kratos's daughter, he wasn't looking when the blade's hit her, or he would have seen that it hit in the back, going all the way through, but it didn't kill her... When he became a god some of it was passed down to her, saving her from dying (Which she was very close to) and giving her immortality. But any immortal on earth who is not a god is a demon. She always knew what her father was as she grew up in the streets of ancient Greece, but she had not been looking either when the blade's hit, so she was under the impretion that her father had killed her intentionally both time's, so she refuses to pray to him, and since that is the only way( beside's being a soilder in a war) that he could ever see her...he still believe's she's dead. Something happends for the titans to see the huge scar, and when asked she tell's them the truth"My father gave it to me..." this surprises the titans, but they decide not to prosue it. But in a battle the titans are about to all be killed and Raven looks up at the sky and yells "God of war, hear my plea! You know who I am! Spare my life, and I will forgive you!" Then Kratos's minions raise from the ground and ruthlessly destroys the offening presance.

18.This was another fic that I had the idea for awile and I just never remembered to put it here. This was inspired by the most depresing fic I have ever read. In a nut shell it was, Raven love's Starfire, she tells Star, star backs away scarred, then theres a battle and star is taken, she shows up saying "I escaped and this has made me realise I love you raven", they have a short but love filled relationship, before star is killed, and then it's revealed that star never escaped from the villan it was just a clone that died and the real strfire doesn't love Raven in the least bit, so Raven grows old alone never knowing love. That was the most depresing fic I ever read.

The whole scepter thing turning her life into hell is not going to change, but what she does is still up to you.

In a fight with Dr. Light, he use's a scepter that he says will send her to hell. But it doesn't do anything. They capture him, and then stuff starts to happen, Raven has been in love with Starfire forever, and for some reason she decides to ask Starfire out...only to be shot down hard, then she starts to developed demon lusts, like for drinking blood and eating human flesh, she also has flash's where she want's to kill her friends, she starts off with easily controling the urge's. But after a couple of weeks she starts to give in, she starts by drinking human blood, then when it escalate's she starts off by killing a street thug. Her friends find out and she goes on the run, after month's of running from her former friends she realises that the scepter the Dr. Light used caused all of this and breaks into the tower. She uses a book in her bookcase to reverse the effects. After everything is sorted out her and Starfire get together and start there life together.