Title: The Girl, The Dragon, and The Wild Magic

Rating: G

Summary: Rhianna can't do a simple spell, nor can she use a wand. When she is declared a Squib, her parents are sadden by this news. However, soon they discover the true reason behind it all. Rhianna has wild magic and must learn from the most powerful of the age. However, those kinds of wizards no longer exist. So a lesser wizard sends her back to when those wizards existed and with her arrival comes a very huge scaly problem.

Disclaimer: I've charmed this so that I don't own it.

Chapter One

Rhianna sighed as she headed with her parents to the Ministry of Magic. She hated this place, with wizards and witches that could do things that she had only imagined doing. Rhianna had hoped that she would have no problems in the few short years she started to train under her father. Her father, Severus Snape, had been a Potions Master for many years, but quit when times changed and he couldn't change with them. Her mother took over that position, a fine witch and an outstanding Potions Mistress.

Her parents had an unusual history. He had made fun of her when she first started at Hogwarts, calling her a know-it-all. However, in her sixth year they had fallen in love and he had trained her hard in getting ready for University, where she would learn to become Potions Mistress and then return to take over for him, when he left. She sometimes giggled when she remembered her telling her husband that the Slytherins thought that she would be like her husband, and how wrong they had been.

Well all of that was over. Their daughter, who was suppose to have inherited their abilities and powers, was unable to even say a spell without something not happening, or not happening the way that it was suppose to. Just last week she had put a boy in her village to sleep, who turned out to be the son of Harry Potter. Harry had marched to their home and yelled himself horse at Rhianna until she had to cover her ears, to block out the noise.

" Rhianna where here!" Hermione told her daughter.

Rhianna looked to see a large door made of ivory. It was open and all three of them entered. The room that they entered was bare, except for three wizards that were setting behind a long table. They looked really young, which didn't surprise Rhianna. All the greatest wizards of the age were dead, all thanks to Voldemort and his followers.

" Bring the child forward," one wizard demanded.

Severus pushed Rhianna forward and the wizard checked her over. He asked loads of questions, all which had a "no" answer. Finally he leaned back and shook his head.

" The child is a Squib!" the other wizard said. " She has no magic and no abilities!"

" What about those times that spells went wrong?" asked Hermione, her face horrified at the word " Squib"

" A fluke!" the third wizard said. " Something that will never happen again."

Hermione howled with anguish and her husband tried to make her feel better. However, nothing that she could say would make things better. What would happen now? Would she be disowned or worse, taken away. What did they do to children that couldn't do magic?

" Excuse me," said a new voice.

They all turned to see a wizard that looked several years older then the three that were behind the table. He had short brown hair, which looked like gray had invaded, blue eyes, and was wearing a long blue robe. Rhianna looked at this wizard and knew that he was a little more powerful then the three that had just judged her unfit to live among wizards and witches, and wouldn't be able to attend Hogwarts when she turned eleven.

" Wizard Brightstar," said one of them. " I had no idea that you were coming."

" Well when I heard that Severus and Hermione Snape's daughter was being tested for magical abilities, I thought I might as well show up. Sorry that I'm late!"

" Well the tests are over," said the first wizard, the one that had told her that she had no magical abilities at all. " She's a Squib!"

" Umm," muttered Wizard Brightstar. " Did you do the test by wand, or, are you all blinded by hate to do such a test."

Severus and Hermione looked at the three wizards, eyes narrowed. Rhianna knew that they hadn't given her all the tests that they should have. Suddenly a chuckling told them that Wizard Brightstar thought that this was amusing.

" I don't see why we should," said the second wizard.

" Well Marcus, I'm sure that the Minister of Magic would love to hear that you failed in your duties," Wizard Brightstar said. " I'm sure that unemployment will suit you just fine."

" All right!" he snapped.

He pulled out his wand and motioned for Rhianna to come forward again. He waved his wand and then suddenly it flew out of his hand. The pitcher of water exploded and a huge water serpent appeared. It reared its fangs, but then Wizard Brightstar dispelled it. He looked at the stunned group.

" Just what I thought," he muttered. " Rhianna has magic, she has wild magic.