Chapter Twenty

Two days later the Daily Prophet reported on the trial of Ginny Weasley for the attacks on Justin Finch-Fletchley, Colin Creevy, Nearly-Headless Nick, Mrs. Norris, and Rhianna Snape. It also mentioned the attempted attack on Professor Severus Snape. Harry read it with interest as it said that Ginny was given six months in Azkaban since Dumbledore had insisted that Ginny had been controlled by dark magic on the attacks of everyone, but Rhianna and Severus. The six months was for just the attack on Rhianna.

On the upside Severus was a lot nicer to Rhianna since she was attacked and gave Gryffindor twenty points for doing a flawless job on her potion. However, everyone knew that he had helped her because her hands still shook from the venom. Several weeks later the Mandrakes were finally mature enough for Professor Snape to make a potion out of them. Soon all the victims were back to normal and life inside Hogwarts returned to normal as well.

"I leave you, Rhianna," the dragon said.


"Because my work is done here," it told her. "And I think that your friend will be returning soon."

And with that, it lifted off and was soon gone. Rhianna kind of missed him already.

Rhianna was exempt from exams due to her condition, which made Rhianna a little upset. Dumbledore got a letter from the Ministry that said that they couldn't find any proof that Severus and Hermione were having a relationship and apologized for wasting Dumbledore's time. Hagrid was cleared of the attacks that happened fifty years ago because Rhianna had managed to prove, thanks to Moaning Myrtle telling them that Hagrid didn't even sound like the voice that she had heard. No one knew how Rhianna had managed that, but Hagrid was grateful.

"You're just like your mum," he told her.

"Thanks, Hagrid," Rhianna said.

So all and all Rhianna managed to pass her first year, gain loads of friends, and control her magic. Wizard Brightstar did return as the dragon had said, telling her that her work was finally done.

"But I don't want to leave here," Rhianna said.

He looked at her.

"And why not?"

"Because I like it here," Rhianna said. "And anyway, I'm not going to disappear."

Wizard Brightstar was about to protest, but Dumbledore silenced him.

"She does have a point," he told him. "And I'm going to be more then happy to allow her to return."

"But what about the summer?"

"She's staying here with Severus this summer," he told him. "Severus is staying here as well so it all works out."

He sighed and then agreed that she could stay. Rhianna felt contented and happy. However, she wondered what her second year would bring; she hoped that it was at least dragon free.


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