"Gentlemen and ladies. Thank you for coming."

The room was in a building set east of the Pentagon. It was officially known as the Superhero Government Building. In the room, several men and women sat around the table as an elderly man rolled out in a hoverchair. In his late eighties, Rick was one of the best men to call on when you needed his opinion. And he was also a good friend of Mr. Incredible, the superhero who had saved the world on many occasions.

"Not at all, Rick," said a man with a thick mustache. "Always a pleasure. What is the situation?"

Rick clicked a control on the side of his armrest as a picture appeared on the screen on the side of the room. "Mr. Incredible has vanished."

Numerous gasps and startled exclamations could be heard and Rick held up his hand to forestall a tumult of rapid-fire exclamations of shock or horror. "He was last seen three weeks ago when he and his wife Helen Parr were on vacation. They had retired two years ago and were traveling cross country, visiting the sights. Helen thought he had gone out for a walk. He never returned."

"Someone able to capture Mr. Incredible? It is almost too hard to believe," said a dark man with a thick Hindu accent. "The man has been known to lift a bullet train over his head and balance a bus on the other. The amount of tensile strength needed to contain Mr. Incredible is off the charts."

"We do not know if it is a kidnapping yet, but Intel points that there may be some foul play involved. Mr. Incredible is super strong and durable. But by no means is he invincible. Gentlemen and ladies, we need to seek out Mr. Incredible before anyone else decides to capitalize on his missing status. He is seventy four years old but can still make a sizable hole in walls and thick armor plating." Rick sighed to himself. Things just got worse at times when Bob was involved.

"We should contact an organization to get their help," said another man from the side. He was big and burly.

"Global Justice may be able to help," added another, this one a woman with dark hair. "Dr. Director would be able to assist us."

"No," said a woman, bringing her attention to the rest of them. "Getting Global Justice involved would just cause panic. I suggest we get a consultant."

"And who may that be?" asked the mustached man. "Do you have someone in mind?"

The woman smiled as she brushed silver hair away from her face. "I believe I do, actually." Tapping several keys, she swung her computer around to reveal a simple web address.

Rick smiled and nodded. "It is a good idea, Mirage. And well played. After all, she can do anything."


written by Shaun Garin

Kim Possible is owned by Disney. Pixar and Disney own The Incredibles. Used for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

Chapter 1 : Thread

The sun rose over the hills of Middleton as a banged up scooter pulled into the Possible home driveway. Putting to a halt and the rockets dying down, Ron got off and helped Kim off the bike.

The pair looked tired from their all night stay outside but happy as their hands met. "Some night, huh KP?" said Ron with a small goofy looking smile.

"Yeah, it was perfect," said Kim as she leaned her head against his shoulder. "Ron? You're my best friend."

"Don't you mean boyfriend?" asked Ron teasingly as they got to the door.

Kim turned around and smiled. Then she leaned in and their lips met.

Suddenly, there was a click and a flash. The pair jumped away from each other, startled as a hiss of a megaphone could be heard.

"Attention Middleton! We've detected cooties in the area!" cried the voice of Tim, his voice amplified.

"Repeat, there are cooties in the area!" added Jim as he pocketed the digital camera. Kim's expression grew dark. "Kim's got another boyfriend!"

"TWEEBS!" cried Kim as she leapt up and scrambled upwards to where her brothers stood with identical mocking grins on their faces, megaphones in hand.

Ron chuckled as he watched Kim scramble after her brothers. Fishing out his key, he opened the door and made an EEP sound. Mr. Dr. Possible stood there, red eyed and tired looking. "Ron," he growled. "How long did Erik keep Kimmie-cub out?"

"Um, hey, Mr. Dr. P. Um, there's a reasonable explanation for this..." stammered Ron. Sensing doom, Ron dropped to his knees and started prostrating himself in front of Mr. Dr. Possible. "I beg forgiveness! Don't put me into the black hole!" cried Ron as he did a credible imitation of Dr. Drakken.

Mr. Dr. Possible rubbed his forehead. This was going to be a odd early morning.

"And that's what happened," said Kim. Her mother looked at her from over a cup of coffee as Kim had finished exacting her revenge on the twins and had come down from the roof to see Ron whimpering at her fathers feet. Ron and her father had adjourned to the dining room to talk things over and she was in the kitchen with her mother.

Mrs. Dr. Possible looked at her daughter, set down her coffee and began to cry happily. "Oh my little Kimmie! I knew Ronald was good for you!"

"Mom! Stop embarrassing me!" yelped Kim out of reflex.

"Oh come now," said her mother, wiping her tears. "It must have been wonderful."

"It feels nice," said Kim, a blush painting her features. "Me and Ron... I never really thought about us like that before."

"Because you were preschool friends, right?"

"Yeah, but he was my best friend. And then... we sorta kissed during the prom. And it went from there."

Mrs. Dr. Possible smiled as she raised an eyebrow. "So, what did you and Ronald do all tonight?"

"Just sat and talked. It was nice outside the night before, minus the whole killer robot thing." Kim sighed as she buried her face in her hands. "I just don't know how to feel though."

"That's perfectly natural, Kimmie," said Mrs. Dr. Possible. "From best friends to boyfriend. Some of the best relationships come out of events like that. You just feel overwhelmed because Ronald has been in your life for so long and he's just been your friend till today."

"I suppose you're right. I feel happy that Ron and I took our relationship another step, but at the same time, I feel scared. Knowing that he knows me so well. And I know him as well. Too well."

Mrs. Dr. Possible smiled. "It's tough, but you're a strong girl, Kimmie. Don't worry. Whatever happens, your Father and I will be right behind you. Tim! Jim!"

"Yeah Mom?" chorused the twins as the poked their heads around the corner.

"Can you stop your Father from putting poor Ronald into a black hole? I think he's tying him onto the rocket in the back yard."

"Cool, Ron's gonna be in space!" cried Tim as he high fived Jim. The pair raced out to the back yard as Mrs. Dr. Possible smiled.

Kim smiled back and laid a hand on her mothers. "Thanks mom." She then took a sip of her hot chocolate.

"So... how's Ronald as a kisser?"

Kim sprayed the table in shock. "MOM!"

"So are we clear that if you hurt Kimmie-cub, I will go through with the threat of putting you into a deep space black hole?" said Mr. Dr. Possible.

"No worries Mr. Dr. P, I have everything under control. Can you let me down now?" Ron grimaced at the thought of being launched into deep space. Deep space was bad enough but the thought of getting sent into a black hole was even WORSE. Mr. Dr. Possible was notorious for being overprotective of Kim and it showed. The fact that they spent the whole night talking after the prom was probably even worse and delivering her home at sunrise was probably the topping on the Naco.

"Deep space, nuh-uh," chimed in Rufus who was similarly tied up to the rocket.

Mr. Dr. Possible gave Ron a look. "Just as a warning. I remember issuing it during the Moodulator incident."

"Mr. Dr. P, I have said it once, and I'll say it again. Kim is in good hands. I'll put myself into deep space if I ever hurt her."

Mr. Dr. Possible smiled at that. "You're a good man, Ronald. Boys, can you help him down?"

The twins saluted, having opted to watch their father run Ron through the wringer. When Ron was free and Rufus was safely nestled inside his pocket, Mr. Dr. Possible offered his hand. Ron grasped it and shook. "Thanks, Mr. Dr. P."

Mr. Dr. Possible smiled and led him inside the house. "I think we need breakfast. You look tired."

Traveling along the streets of Middleton was a vintage car. This car was special however. Cared for lovingly, it was a 1920 Starfire, only one of twenty ever made. The makers of the car had gone bankrupt soon after their mass expenditure went through. The car itself was a sleek black with brown lines.

The man at the wheel was a twenty five year old man with red hair that seemed to either want to be blonde or red at the same time. Well muscled yet not overly so, he spoke to the air as a cellular phone was jacked into the car.

"Yes Mom, I'm here in Middleton now," said the man. "I'm sure it won't be hard to locate the Bueno Nacho."

"Jack-Jack Parr, you know Mexican food doesn't agree with you," said a woman's voice from the speakers.

"Mooom," whined Jack-Jack. "I'm not EATING it, Rick just gave me the location of their typical hangout. I can't just go marching into their school and drag them out of class, right?"

"Jack-Jack, you're just like your Father," grumbled his mom. "I wish he was here."

"Mom, don't worry," said Jack-Jack, a hint of steel in his voice. "I'll find Dad and bring him home. Besides, whoever has Dad locked up won't keep him there for very much longer. I'd put good money that Dad'll escape halfway through the mission."

"I hope you're right." There was a sound of the doorbell and his mom sighed. "Lucius and Honey are here. I'll call you later Jack-Jack. Take care."

"Take care Mom," said Jack-Jack as he punched the off switch. He then tapped a button on his dashboard and the radio panel swiveled down. "Enough of this wandering around." He turned a dial to locate and the location of the Bueno Nacho flashed on the road map. "Shoulda done this previously."

With a grin, he zoomed off into the city.

"Aw c'mon Ron, there was nothing bad about this morning."

"Sure, if you can discount your Dad tying me to a rocket."

Kim giggled as she punched her boyfriend on the shoulder. "Ron, Dad is just, well, overprotective."

"I kind of figured as much," said Ron as he dug into his grande sized Chimmerito. "I think the only reason why he let me go is that I said I'd put myself into space if I hurt you."

"Aw, that's so sweet," remarked Kim, laying her head on his shoulder and tracing a few lines across his chest. "I think I can find some way of repaying you."

Ron nearly choked and Monique who watched the exchange from the other side of the booth barely held back from laughing out loud. "KP!" exclaimed Ron. "I... you.. we..."

Monique couldn't take it anymore and collapsed on the brown Bueno Nacho table, shoulders shaking with laughter. "Girl, you've got it going on!" she managed after a few gasps.

"You... are evil," said Ron, recomposing himself with some effort.

"Really?" asked Kim as she reached down and ran her hand across his side. Ron shuddered and nearly melted. "I think I could do something worse."

"Evil!" gasped out Ron. "You're using my spot!"

Monique smirked as she lifted her head from where it was pooled on her arms. "That's just a show that she's into you, Ron."

"Uh huh," chimed in Rufus as he belched from his previous tremendous pile of nachos. "Likes you."

Ron whimpered and said, "I will have my revenge!"

Kim yelped as he grabbed her and started blowing on her ear, nibbling it. Kim groaned. "God, Ron! Not in public!"

"Take it KP!" exclaimed Ron with a grin. He blew again and Kim shuddered, going limp.

"Ooooo-kay, not in public you two and definitely not in front of ME," said Monique, vaguely disturbed at the way they were tormenting each other. Her disturbed expression turned mischievous. "I'm sure Ned would be more than happy to lend the staff room for you."

The pair straightened up immediately, all intents off as they returned to their food without an argument. "That's better," said Monique. "Torment each other on your own time. Not mine."

The pair had the decency to blush terribly, something that Monique could have sworn was beyond Ron's capability. Considering the amount of times he lost his pants to the grappling hook and daily life, it was no wonder he couldn't be embarrassed.

The doors to Bueno Nacho opened up and Ron craned his neck to look over at the newcomer. "New guy in town."

Monique turned around and nodded. "Not a regular. At least not one that's carrying keys to a 1920 Starfire."

Making an unerring path towards the table, the young man nodded politely to everyone. "Hello. Are you Team Possible?"

"More or less," said Kim. "Who're you?"

"Jack-Jack Parr," said Jack-Jack with a smile. "I'm with the Bureau of Superheros. May I sit?"

Monique sidled over and Jack-Jack sat down. Rufus popped his head out of the nachos and eyed him curiously. Jack-Jack's expression lit up. "Cool, a naked mole rat!"

Ron was immediately on edge, memories of last night still fresh in his mind. "So, what's a guy from Metroville doing here?"

"I'm looking to hire Team Possible for a mission," said Jack-Jack.

"What sort of mission?" asked Kim.

"It involves Superheros." Jack-Jack looked around and placed an object on the table. It beeped twice and he said, "Voice Shield. Whatever we say won't get out of this booth."

"Convenient," said Kim. "Now, about the mission?"

Jack-Jack pulled a small palmtop out of his pocket and placed it on the table. A representation of a seventy some man appeared on it, one that they all recognized. "Hey, isn't that Mr. Incredible?" asked Monique.

"Indeed," said Jack-Jack. "Mr. Incredible has been missing. Some are suspecting foul play, or even kidnapping. He was kidnapped two weeks ago when he and his wife were in Chicago on vacation. It was their retirement."

"His wife?" asked Ron.

Jack-Jack tapped the screen to show a woman in her seventies as well, still well defined like her husband. "Elastiwoman. She has three children as well."

"Otherwise known as the Incredibles," summarized Kim. "Blur, the speedster, Vanish, able to become invisible and make shields and Changeling, able to change his powers to anything."

Jack-Jack coughed. "Changeling changed his name. He's been known as Meta for the last four years."

"What I don't get is how someone could kidnap Mr. Incredible," said Ron. "Sure he's old now but he could probably put his fist through a brick wall."

"Twenty inch battleship steel actually," said Jack-Jack. "We measured it."

"So what do you need us for?" said Kim. "This is certainly something more than we should be able to handle."

"Involving Supers on a world wide hunt would only strike worry into the populace," answered Jack-Jack. "If we sent everyone on a world hunt, something would stir up trouble in the populace."

"And you don't want anyone to know that something bad is going down," summed up Monique. "So you want a consultant like Kim and Ron to deal with this."

"Ideally yes, although I have been assigned for this mission." A flicker of anger appeared in his eyes. "This is sort of personal."

"I would bet," murmured Monique. "Being Meta and all and the son of Mr. Incredible."

Jack-Jack jerked as if stung while Ron and Kim stared at Monique in shock. "What?" gaped Ron.

"How did you figure it out?" asked Jack-Jack, righting himself.

"The clues were obvious. You knew that Meta changed his name when the rest of the world still knows him as Changeling. You're the same build and hair color as Changeling AND..." Monique lifted his jacket sleeve to reveal a bit of deep red form fitting costume, "your sleeve was hanging out. No one wears Hypermesh as a fashion statement."

Jack-Jack grinned. "You're good. And you're not part of Team Possible?"

"More like an auxiliary," said Monique. "Or just the girl with super observation skills."

"Indeed. I think I'm in love," replied Jack-Jack with an amused grin. As Monique grinned back, Ron rolled his eyes.

"Okay, lets get back to square one." said Ron, cutting into the looks the pair were trading. "So, what's the status?"

"My Dad was last seen in the Chicago area." said Jack-Jack. "We should go and check it out. The car is parked outside."

Before Kim could agree to the whole situation, a beeping sound was heard. Digging out the Kimmunicator, Wade flickered onto the screen. "Hey Kim, big hit on the site."

"Ooogh, what's the sitch, Wade?" asked Kim.

"Drakken's been spotted in Chicago. Looks like he's in the Technological Institute of Metatronics." Wade tapped several more times on his keyboard. "I can get you a ride in thirty minutes."

"No thanks, we've got our own ride," said Kim.

"Huh? Who're you getting a ride from?" asked Wade, curious.

"We were planning on heading to Chicago actually," said Kim. "Meet Jack-Jack Parr."

Jack-Jack took the offered Kimmunicator and was surprised that a thirteen year old kid was looking back at him. "Hey," he greeted. "I contracted Team Possible for a mission. I suppose things are coinciding with it."

"What kind of mission? Normally someone hits the site," said Wade.

"Superhero related. In short, Mr. Incredible is missing and his last known location was Chicago," answered Jack-Jack. "I'm his son and I've been assigned to help Team Possible locate him."

"Sounds cool," said Wade, typing furiously. "I'll start gathering leads on where he could have disappeared to. So, what kind of transport are you taking?"

Jack-Jack grinned. "A 1920 Starfire. Otherwise known as the Incredimobile."

"WHOOOO!" cried Ron as the Incredimobile raced down the highway at speeds neatly exceeding 150 Miles Per Hour. "Faster dude! This is awesome!"

"We're already going as fast as possible," said Jack-Jack. He had suited up before kicking the Incredimobile into the ultra modern superhero car. He neatly weaved in and out of the traffic on the highway, earning glares and honks. "How are you two holding up?"

"Just fine," called out Kim as Monique read a fashion magazine. The other girl had decided to come along mainly for the reason that shopping in Chicago was awesome. Dressed in Kim's mission togs, Monique made a rather good cut in the black top and brown cargo pants.

"We're approaching Metroville," called out Jack-Jack. "Mind you, even though we have a good Super fight repair crew, don't go nuts, okay?"

The beeping of the Kimmunicator caught Kim's attention as she fished out the small blue object. "Kim, I've downloaded the feed from the Institute. Looks like Drakken is trying to steal the Synthoharmonic Platform."

"Which does what exactly?" asked Kim curiously.

"It creates a high level harmonic frequency that allows things to move faster than normal. Drakken could actually use it to upgrade his synthodrones."

Kim scowled darkly and Jack-Jack threw a questioning look at Ron who said, "Erik. Date for prom. Synthodrone."

"Ah," said Jack-Jack as he pulled off the interstate and shifted the course tracer. "Hang on." Punching the red button, the car lept to 200 Miles Per Hour.

Kim looked at the amount of people milling around and then at the Seniors who were looking around innocently. Then she clicked on the feed. "Wade, your information is way off. The SENIORS are here."

"Ah, Miss Possible," said Senor Senior Senior. "It is so good of you to be here. What brings you to the Institute?"

"We had a tip that Drakken was here, stealing the Synthoharmonic Platform. What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to show Junior the newest technology I invested in. Specifically the Synthoharmonic Platform." answered Senor Senior Senior. "One does not take over the world, without investing in a few legal business ventures first, Miss Possible."

"True," said Junior who stood to the side, watching the assembly of the platforms being run on the machines. "Father has several legal businesses and investments. It is what makes us billionaires."

Kim clicked on her Kimmunicator and said, "Wade, what's going on?"

"I'm sorry Kim," said Wade. "It was a false lead. I didn't think to check for falsified information when I got the lead. Drakken's nowhere near the area."

"Something is not right here," said Meta as he scanned the area. Using his powers, he gave himself X-ray vision and looked about. "Nothing is out of the ordinary. I think we've been set up."

"By what exactly?" asked Ron. "It's not like someone is planning an ambush."

"No, I would have spotted that," said Meta. "I think someone set up a distinct camera feed and altered it. A lot."

"Alas, I have business to attend to," said Senor Senior Senior. "Come Junior. Would you also like a tour, Miss Possible?"

"No thanks, we'll pass."

"Something isn't right," said Monique as the group had supper at the Chicago Bueno Nacho. "Wade is usually on the ball for you guys, but nothing was out of the way. Some kind of misleading information could have been sunk into the site."

"If that's the case, Wade could have caught it," said Ron, his mouth full of Naco.

"I just don't get it," said Jack-Jack, now out of costume. "Something is amiss." Just then, he lifted his head from his lemonade and scowled. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" asked Kim.

"Sorry, I have super hearing on all the time. Something is coming this way."

There was a maniacal cackle as a red blur raced by, leaving a literal burning streak. Jack-Jack cursed as a second blur, this one blue and silver raced after him, yelling at his opponent. "I gotta go guys, that was Blur. And looks like Scarlet Fire broke out of jail again."

"Right. We need to get home. You mind if we borrow the car?" asked Ron hopefully. Jack-Jack grinned and tossed him the keys.

"Autopilot, set it for Middleton. I'll come pick it up tomorrow." He jogged out the door and in a blur of motion, was zooming off after his brother and Scarlet Fire, already transformed and changed to his brother's super speed.

"BOOYAH!" exclaimed Ron. "Drivers' seat!"

"Oh no you don't," snapped Monique as she yanked the keys out of Ron's hands. "I distinctly remember Mr. Barkin's drivers ed class. Do the words 'any crash you can walk away from' sound familiar?"

Ron pouted and performed a credible Drakken whine. "But I wanna drive the superhero car!"

Kim palmed her face. "Ron, you can sit in the drivers' seat when we're headed home. First of all, we want to go shopping since we came all the way out here for nothing."

Ron looked between Kim and Monique. Two inscrutable walls of feminine power. He sagged in defeat. "Fine."

"God, he's getting harder to deal with," grumbled Blur as he kicked Scarlet Fire in the ribs. The unconcious supervillian only moaned and twitched.

"I think you're just getting out of shape," remarked Meta, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Out of shape? May I remind you that I am the fastest man alive?" said Blur, folding his arms with a superior smirk. "You might be the man who can do anything, but I am the fastest man alive. Even Dad agrees with me."

Meta smirked. "Oh really? Care to make that a fair wager?"

"Three times around the world?" said Blur, cracking his knuckles.

"Loser treats the other to their restaurant of choice," said Meta, switching his powers into his legs. "On your mark..."

"Get set, go!" cried Blur as the brothers raced westward.

Halfway to Hawaii, Blur's cellphone rang. Snapping out a grumble, Blur flicked it open. "Hello?"

"Dash? Where the hell are you? Practice was an hour ago and the game is in two days!"

"Oh, sorry coach, I kinda lost track of the time," said Blur, grimacing. He mouthed, "Coach," to Meta who nodded and used his powers to reply back mentally.

"Why don't you just weasel out of it?" asked Meta telepathically.

"I would, but I'm almost fresh out of excuses." replied Blur mentally. He then replied back to the yelling of his coach. "okay, coach, I'll be there next practice. No, I won't skip out on it. Thanks."

Blur shut off his cellphone and groaned. "Why did I take up competitive sports?"

"Because you wanted to do it since for most of your early years, you couldn't," pointed out Meta, his powers still adjusted for both super speed and mental projection.

"Eesh, right. I'm sure Violet is still having a ball that the worlds best athlete can't even make it to half of his games because he's too busy saving the world," grumbled Blur. The pair zoomed past a startled Chinese man and made their way towards India. "You phone her recently?"

"Last week," said Meta verbally, refocusing his powers into super speed and canceling his telepathic abilities. He had begun to lag behind. "She was pretty distraught when she heard Dad is missing. Although she's taking this excuse to teach Sharon how to use her powers properly."

"Any names for her yet?" asked Blur.

"Greg was adamant on Irongirl but Violet kept pointing out to him that Sharon has both invisibility and Greg's protective powers. Sharon suggested Invision though."

"Invision? Something between a cross of Invisibility and Iron?" asked Blur.

Meta smirked. "Yep. I'm partial to it and Uncle Lucius is definitely all for it. Speaking of which, mom asked me if we're giving her any grandchildren."

"Guh. It's hard enough keeping a girlfriend the way I am. I'm thinking I need to find a nice cute Super and settle down."

"I could give you an introduction to Powergirl," said Meta, grinning madly.

"Oh no you won't," ground out Blur. "I remember the last date you hooked me up on. You and your sick twisted Syndrome-like mind. Setting me up with Shego."

"She's cute," pointed out Meta, "and I do not act like Syndrome."

"Suuuuuure you don't," drawled Blur, dodging around a few startled Greeks. "First of all, Shego was always cute, if you're into the pale hot women. Granted she could probably take your head off when she got mad but still. And lets face it; you and Dad tangled with Syndrome enough times that you probably know what his favorite breakfast cereal is after the many attempts at lobotomizing him."

"Crispy Flakes in the morning with chocolate milk, a side of toast spread with honey and a glass of green tea," recited Meta blandly. "Can we get off the mortal enemy kick and focus on a girl?"

"Fine. Mom wants grandkids to spoil and possibly teach into a mini Elastigirl. I'm going to see if I can get Miss Amazing to be my date for the NFL playoffs."

"Dude, Miss Amazing is sixty!" exclaimed Meta in horror. Blur reached over and slapped his brother on the head.

"Miss Amazing. As in Mrs. Amazing's granddaughter. She's young and hot, right?"

"And if you get upset, you're facing down a girl who can fly and shatter concrete in a single blow." deadpanned Meta.

"Like that's a problem? We DO spar with Dad and he can make swiss cheese out of battleship steel by pushing his finger through it." Blur grinned. "Face it. You're scared of women who're more powerful than you."

"Hello? Tagline of the man who can do anything?" snapped Meta as he dodged around a fishing boat. "I'm freaking overkill against anyone."

"And considering our line up of a rogues gallery since we were kids, I don't think overkill could be applied to you. Face it. Powergirl can outfight you. Miss Amazing can fly faster than you. MOM who is seventy six this year, can still hand you your ass. I think it qualifies that being the man who can do anything doesn't apply when there's people who're better than you who specialize in their skills."

"You just like rubbing it in, don't you?" grumbled Meta.

"Yeah, and I've always been faster than you. Prepare to buy me Bueno Nacho Bro!" With that, Blur put on a burst of speed that pulled him several miles ahead while cackling in amusement.

"Damnit, stop holding back!" cried Meta as he raced after his brother.

"Chicago is SO good for shopping!" exclaimed Monique as she and Kim walked out of the store, arms laden with bags. Ron trailed behind, holding several boxes of shoes and bags with Rufus handling his own small share. "Oh! There's a T and B!"

Ron groaned. "Can't we drop this stuff off in the car first?"

Kim threw a saucy smirk at Ron. "What's the matter Ron? A big and strong man like you can't lift a few packages?"

"Ooooh, just for that, bring it!" exclaimed Ron.

"Uh huh, bring it," chimed in Rufus.

The girls giggled and shoved their own bags onto his arms. Ron wobbled but stayed upright. It was times like these he was glad the Mystic Monkey Power kicked in for extra strength. Although he wished that the Power had an on and off switch. Against a normal guy like Brick Flag it came out. It never tended to come out against Monkey Fist and a horde of ninja monkeys and he ended up running from them more than fighting for his life.

Just then, the beeping of the Kimmunicator sounded. Kim pulled it out and flicked on the screen. "What up Wade?"

"There's been a silent alarm tripped in the Chicago National, five blocks north of your position. Police are on their way; ETA Ten Minutes. Looks like the guy doing the robbery is Tommy Jonny, one of the local villains in the area."

"Any Superheros on dispatch?" asked Kim as Ron piled the stuff into the trunk and Monique got into the car, calling shotgun. She got into the car and started it up.

"One, but he's off dealing with a fire in the west side of Chicago. I think we need to help out on this one." reported Wade. "I'll see if I can get some message to the nearest available one."

"Thanks Wade." Kim shut off the Kimmunicator. "Looks like we're going villain hunting."

Kim pulled the car into traffic as Ron threw her a look. "KP, this is Tommy Jonny. You know, as in the man who can turn his hands into Tommy Guns?"

"I'm with Ron on this one," said Monique. "We could be in serious trouble, especially with someone shooting at you with Tommy Guns."

"Not to mention the bullet factor! I dunno about you but mission togs aren't exactly bulletproof," added Ron. "I think getting filled with holes would be demoralizing for ANYONE to experience."

Kim weaved out of a block and clicked the panel open. "That's why I'm sure someone won't mind if I borrow a suit. Besides, it's no big." Switching the car into autopilot, Kim was swung down and a machine clothed her in one of Jack-Jack's old Changeling costume. Sitting up again, she looked at herself and said, "Does it look all right?"

"You could stand to loose the mask, girl," replied Monique. "Everyone knows you're Kim Possible. If anyone asks, you could also remove the midriff."

"At least you make a good fit," said Ron.

"Pretty," chimed in Rufus.

Kim grinned as she clicked the car into high speed and blasted off into the night.

When the Incredimobile pulled up, many of the cops were relieved to see Mr. Incredible arriving. When Kim, Ron and Monique got out of the car, jaws were dropped and unwound. One of the officers came up to them and said, "Who're you kids?"

"Kim Possible and company," Kim said. "The car and suit are on loan for this mission. What's the sitch?"

The officer raised an eyebrow and just shook his head. "Tommy Jonny is inside the building with four hostages. Employees no less. Normally we'd call in a Super for this, but Frozone is off dealing with a fire on the west end."

"Aren't there any other Supers in the area who can manage this?" asked Monique.

"None that we can contact that can get here in time. Flyguy is nowhere to be found as usual, Blur is halfway around the world and Mr. Incredible, well if he loaned Kim Possible his car then he must be enjoying his retirement. You kids be careful in there. Tommy Jonny isn't the most stable of all supervillians."

"Right. We'll send a signal through Monique if we need back up," said Kim. "Lets go Ron."

"Keep sharp you two," said Monique as the pair scurried off towards the alleyway.

The officer looked at Monique. "New addition to Team Possible?"

"Friend of theirs. Came for the shopping, not the action," said Monique with a smile.


"It's just a graze, Ron," said Monique, patching up his arm. "Not like it's going to hurt that badly."

"Says you. YOU didn't get shot," grumbled Ron as Kim sat at the wheel. She currently snoozed softly as the autopilot sent them towards Middleton. Rufus lay on the passenger side chair, curled up in a ball. Ron gazed at Kim who muttered something about Pandaroo.

Monique smiled. "You really love her, don't you Ron?"

Ron nodded. "For a long time. It just took Prom to figure out these feelings I had for her since Pre-K."

"I'm sure Kim had the same feelings," said Monique. "Although she does make a cute cut in that skintight costume, huh?"

"She looks better in Kim-style," replied Ron absently.

"True, I was partial to the bare midriff myself," added Monique. Ron gave her a curious look and Monique smirked. "I'm secure enough in my sexuality to admit that Kim is a hottie as well as one of my best friends."

Ron chuckled softly. "Although I'm worried. Mr. Incredible vanished. And we're no closer to finding out where he went."

"True. It's not like Wade to be so much off the mark," said Monique. "Something's wrong. Hand me the Kimmunicator?"

Ron did so and Wade flickered onto the screen. He was dressed in pajamas and looked sleepy. "Oh, hi Monique. What's up?"

"Wade, could you be a dear and look up Superhero activity for the last twenty four hours?"

"Sure, but it'll take a while." Several rapid keystrokes later, Wade grinned. "Done. Okay, there have been several on actives that were around lately. Frozone as you know, was in the west side of Chicago dealing with a fire. Then Blur and Meta were dealing with Scarlet Fire. Other than that, it's been actually really quiet."

"Any supervillian news?" asked Ron.

"Looks like there was a minor jailbreak at Metroville Prison. Scarlet Fire was brought back though. Everyone else was still locked up." Wade scowled. "I agree with you guys. Something definitely is up with this. I tried tracing the person who hit the site but it was from an internet cafe in Chicago. When I checked the security cameras, no one was using it. I think it was accessed via a remote server and then downloaded into the computer and uploaded automatically. It's done so that even I couldn't find the person who did it."

"Which means we're no closer to finding the person who took Mr. Incredible." surmised Ron. "Keep us informed, Wade."

"Right. I'll keep working on this till mom makes me go to bed." The signal terminated.

Monique yawned. "I dunno about you, but I need sleep. Wake me up when we reach Middleton."

"Right." Monique settled down and soon was fast asleep.

Ron watched the scenery zoom by. Middleton was still another hour or two away and he still felt uneasy. He soon drifted off into an uneasy slumber.