written by Shaun Garin

Kim Possible is owned by Disney. Pixar and Disney own The Incredibles. Used for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

Chapter 2 : Pattern

"Cleanup on aisle twelve, cleanup on aisle twelve."

Dr. Drakken reached up and picked the box of Frosted O's from the shelf and dumped it into his cart. Letting out a tired sigh, he pushed the cart around the corner, only to bang into someone else coming from the other side. "Watch where you're going!" he snapped.

"I'm sorry, I... Drew?"

Drakken's head snapped up to look at James Possible. His lip curled under in a sneer. "Oh, you. Excuse me while I go raid the produce aisle."

"What are you doing out of prison so early?" asked James curiously, one hand shoved into his pocket for a cellular phone.

"If you must know, Shego broke us out again. Although I haven't had the heart to pull anything off."

"Not since Kimmie cub and Ronald went and took out your latest scheme," pointed out James. "Using MY Cybertronic technology for that matter."

Drakken's hands tightened on the cart handle before he let out an enormous tired sigh. "James... do you want some cocoa moo?"

James blinked before shrugging. "As long as you don't spike it."

"Please. I would never sink to that level," snorted Drakken as the pair headed to the back of the store cafe that Smarty-Mart had installed.

Ordering two large hot chocolates and getting a curious look from the boy at the till, Drakken set down the mugs and took a long drink of his own. There was a long silence as the pair sipped at their cups. Then, James spoke. "It's been a long time since we've sat at a cafe like this, Drew."

"Yes," replied Drakken, unconcerned about the use of his real name. "Brings back memories. Sitting at the counter of the College coffee shop, hitting on anything that moved, planning out our big escapade next..."

"Ramish betting on who would get a girlfriend first, dates with Anne," added James. "And... the bad times. When we made fun of you."

Drakken's hand curled around his mug and he sipped at it. "James... what would you say if I were to go straight?"

"Honestly? I think Kimmie-cub would be relieved. No more attempts to take over the world... now that's she's with Ronald..."

Drakken did a spit take, flooding the table with hot chocolate. James flinched and grabbed the paper napkins from the side. "What? The Buffoon with your baby girl? What are you THINKING James? I know you. You have a letting go issue with your Kimmie cub for the last three years!"

James gave him an evil eye. "My Kimmie cub is in good hands. Ronald will gladly put himself into deep space if he ever makes her unhappy."

Drakken rubbed his forehead. "Has the whole world gone mad? Monkey Fist will have a field day knowing that Ron Stoppable is dating. Probably rant on how the Mystic Monkey Power will dissolve into nothingness."

James shrugged. "Monkey Fist is his problem."

"Naw, it's more like Monkey Fist is Amy's problem. Sweet beautiful Amy, dating a genetically altered monkey man. And now she's altered herself." Drakken puddled his head on his arms and wept.

"Come on now, Drew. It can't be that bad," said James, feeling like he missed something important. "This Amy woman sounds wonderful. I'm sure it's just a phase."

To counter this, Drakken reached for his wallet and pulled out two Before and After pictures. James looked at them and raised an eyebrow. "Maybe she has inner beauty?"

"That's what KILLIGAN said," groused Drakken. "I love her for her intellect. And Lord Montgomery Sodding Fisk had to get her enamored with him."

"Well, she loves him enough to alter her own body with Gorilla Arms... And I was wondering why Kimmie was 'gelling' after Ron for the last few days before Prom."

Drakken snorted as he lifted his head up. "Your little girl has been pinning for Ron for years. And she never knew? For shame, Jamesy. Sheltering your poor little girl for such a long time, she can't see any other boy without you breathing down their necks!"

James raised an eyebrow. And then the other. "You're mocking me, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes I am. Consider it payback for when you mocked me before I had you brain tapped."

"Back to the whole straight thing. Are you actually considering doing it?"

Drakken sighed. "It doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere. All I want is to be known for my intelligence and even then I'm mocked. From you and the old crew to even Professor Dementor who's a whiney German or whatever race he is, who has to wear a mask and can't even make a proper teleportation device."

James sipped his hot chocolate. "Well maybe you should stop with the machines and go into cloning."

"I've tried that! Shego has a no-cloning clause in her contract which means I can't make an army of Shegos."

"There's a lot of other things cloning can do," said James. "You can make body parts and sell them for use in surgery replacements."

Drakken blinked several times. "That just might work actually..."

"I know Anne is constantly worried about the amount of donated organs and blood. I'm sure with a little know how, you can start working on cloned organs that WON'T dissolve in carbonated soda." James pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled an address down on it. "Here's the number for an acquaintance of Anne's. She'll teach you everything you need to know about constructing solid clones."

"I... I don't know what to say," said Drakken. "Perhaps you're right. I should make an attempt to go straight. And this will fund any research I make into robots."

"About those robots. I would suggest steering clear of the robots." Drakken gave James a look and James shrugged. "Lets face it, Drew. You can't make a decent robot."

"Right... well, I'd best go pick up Shego. Before she gets any urges and knocks a bank over." Drakken got up, paused and reached into his jacket to pull out a card and pen. Scribbling down an address and phone number, he handed it to James. "Just in case. My new lair is here in Middleton."

James nodded. "All right. I'll send some of Nana's Lemon Squares when I can get the chance."

Drakken snorted. "If Kim doesn't blow it up first."

"I'll let her know that she should leave you alone for now."

They shared a moment and then, Drakken was gone, pushing his cart to the twelve items or less line.

"Another dead end," remarked Ron. "Ever get the feeling we're being led around by our noses?"

"Noses, yep," remarked Rufus as he collapsed on Ron's knee.

"C'mon guys, we're close. I can feel it." insisted Kim as the pair sprawled on the campus lawn of Harvard University. Following a lead, Team Possible-Stoppable had encountered a man who made Duff Killigan in his kilt look even sillier than usual. He called himself the Underminer.

Getting on in his years, the Underminer was a dirty mole-like man who's sole duty was to destroy anything on the surface with his digging tools of doom. He was also terribly themed, using nothing but jackhammers and shovels as his weapons of choice. Jack-Jack didn't even get involved, merely let Team Possible-Stoppable pound the living daylights out of him with Kim doing the most pounding. Ron had intercepted a jackhammer of doom and had bounced all around Harvard before Rufus had turned it off. He proceeded to be sick in the Harvard gardens.

"I'm gonna have to agree with Ron and the naked mole rat on this one, Kim," remarked Jack-Jack who sprawled on the lawn. "Even I'm getting frustrated."

"Can't you just, you know, give yourself mental powers and scan for your dad?"

"I've tried that already," said Jack-Jack. "Whoever has my dad definitely knows how to shield themselves from all types of communication and scanning, including mental powers. We're probably looking at someone who could easily defeat a Super and do it with style."

"Then why don't we get another Super to help?" asked Ron from his prone position. "I'm sure someone else would be helpful in our, ya know, government requested quest."

"That's what the government wants to avoid, Ron," reasoned Kim. "Hence why WE'RE here doing the leg work?"

"Oh right. Well, at least it'll be my honor to pass out here because I'm way beyond my twelve hours of lazy sleep. And I'm SURE we're not getting a nice little pension plan if one of us dies via supervillian abilities of doom." retorted Ron.

"Ugh! You two are such a couple of slackers!" exclaimed Kim. "It's amazing we haven't met Jack-Jack when we were in Pre-K!"

"I would have been seven by your Pre-K," replied Jack-Jack with a snort.

Suddenly, there was a burst of wind as a taller man resolved over Jack-Jack. "Heeeeey, little brother!" exclaimed Dash.

"Dashield Robert Parr! Mom told us to... oh, hey mom." Jack-Jack blushed as his mother unfolded herself from Dash's shoulders, having mimicked a backpack. "Guys, this is my mom, Helen Parr."

"Hello," said Helen, reaching out to shake Kim and Ron's hand and Rufus' tiny paw. She stretched one of them to grasp Ron and Rufus' hand and paw. "Nice to finally meet you."

"Likewise," said Kim. "The unmoving lump on the ground is Ron and Rufus."

"Unmoving lump, that's me," put in Ron from the ground. "I'm marinating. No big."

"It's good to see kids without powers doing so well these days," said Helen. She had a smile on her face but it was somewhat bittersweet. "I wish sometimes, we could have done better when we were young."

To Kim, Helen Parr, standing at an age of seventy-six, seemed to age ten years more with the remark. Dash settled a hand on his mothers shoulder. "Sorry," he said. "It's not common knowledge, but our greatest nemesis was a boy who idolized dad as a kid. And dad continually shrugged him off."

"A boy? What kind of boy was this kid anyhow?" asked Ron, lifting his head.

"The same boy who would grow up to become the evil supergenius called Syndrome." said Jack-Jack, his features etched in a scowl. "Dad and him had a long history, stemming from when dad scorned him as a kid."

Kim rubbed her forehead, feeling a migraine coming on. "I suppose this entails a long sorid story?"

"Yes, but it's not needed right now," said Helen. "We came here to give you this. It's a record of all of Bob's most dangerous foes. I hope it'll help you with the missions."

Kim took the flat disk and stuck it into her backpack. "We need to get going. Wasted enough time with wild goose chases."

"Ugh, school," grumbled Ron as he got up on his feet.

"It's been twelve years, hasn't it old friend?"

The large figure stood in the center of the room, bathed in light so intense, it prevented him from seeing anyone in the room. "Well, I thought I wouldn't have to see your ugly face again." the figure mocked, despite being unable to see who had brought him to the room.

"A shock, no less," replied the person in front of him. "I arranged for your release, because there is something I need for you to do."

"I only work when there's a payment. You know that better than anyone else."

"Ah ah ah," said the person, waggling a finger. "I'm sure you would be pleased to note that five million dollars have been deposited into your Swiss Account. All I need for you to do, is to do the job I need done. After all, you are the best man for the job, Anima."

Anima grunted and folded his arms. "What is the target?"

"I trust you have heard about this girl. Kimberly Anne Possible and her sidekick, Ronald Stoppable."

"On many occasions. A girl with no powers, taking on world conquerors. She is of little concern."

"Yes, but she has proven herself to be most versatile. I want you to eliminate her, or at the very least break up the team and utterly crush either members mind and spirit. You have powers of the mind AND the physical skills to match things. You have as well the power of the darkness behind you, Anima. I'm certain you can accomplish this."

"One little girl. Is there any trade off to this small little adventure?"

"There is someone else you can deal with while there. I'm certain you remember Daniel Rockwaller, AKA Flareguy?"

"I thought he was dead."

"Yes he is. But his family still lives. You may eliminate them as well. Call it a chance to finish what you started twenty five years ago, when Flareguy took your humanity, and made you what you are today. After all, his children have no power on their own. An eye for an eye, don't you agree?"

A grunt. "Very well. I will return when the business is completed."

Shutting off the lights, Anima faded into the darkness.


Bonnie jerked up from where her head rested on her desk. A piece of paper stuck to her cheek and she ripped it off viciously, throwing it to the side. Her room was still dark like she preferred it. Littering the room were candles, all in various stages of consumption.

Breathing hard for a moment, she let herself lean back on her uncomfortable desk chair. It served to remind her that she needed to stay alert.

Then why could she not stop drifting off today?

Bonnie knew the answer. Reaching down into her desk drawer, she pulled out a small tin. Opening it up, she pulled out a small lighter. The lighter fluid was almost gone, from decades of use. Bringing it up to eye level, she looked at the liquid and decided on a course of action.

"Just once more," she said, flicking it on.

The flame danced on the edge of the lighter as she added it's flame to the candle on her desk. Raising a hand tentatively, she held it over the flames. "Still not hot," she murmured as she twitched a finger through the flames. It danced for her, pulsing. Like a conductor directing an orchestra, she made it bob and weave.

Bonnie allowed herself to smile for a little bit before she whispered, "Happy Birthday, Daddy."

"Bon-bon! Tara and Brick are here to see you!" called her mother from the bottom of the stairs. Bonnie jumped, the flame almost hitting the ceiling with her shock. Hurriedly extinguishing the flame before the thudding on the stairs could reach her room, she picked up a pencil and started jotting down mindless math equations.

The door burst open and Brick crowed, "Hey, Bonnie! What's up?" He then sniffed the air. "Are you smoking up here?"

"NO!" exclaimed Bonnie, a bit more forcefully than she needed. Coughing to regain her composure, she added, "I was just burning a candle."

"It's not very good to burn a candle in an enclosed space," said Tara, picking through the customary mess Bonnie kept in her room. It was a carefully controlled mess because of the extensive amount of candles Bonnie kept in her room. Tara never did understand Bonnie's thing about candles, but kept her thoughts to herself.

"I'm all right," said Bonnie, standing up and brushing off her slacks. "So, what's going on?"

Brick rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. "Well, we were hoping you would want to go and, ya know, get some supper. Your mom isn't cooking tonight and we thought you needed to get out of the room. You've been cooped up here since prom and that's unnatural. And I'm sure your sisters are driving you nuts."

"Gee, Brick, I didn't know you cared," remarked Bonnie, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "After you went off with Monique."

Brick coughed uncomfortably as Tara stepped in. "Bonnie, we're your friends, even when Brick isn't making a fool of himself." A startled protest came from Brick as Tara pushed on. "Lets face it. Kim dating Ron isn't the end of the world. Something's bothering you, and it's NOT just them."

Bonnie sighed as she grabbed her purse. "C'mon, you're driving."

"So, what's the sitch Wade?"

"I did some more digging around people who could feasibly contain or defeat Mr. Incredible. Surprisingly, the list isn't very large." said Wade. He tapped several more keys on his keyboard and brought up a smaller window on the locker screen. "In total, there are at least seven people who can do it, and three of them are dead."

"Old age?" asked Kim.

"Two of them. One of them died two years ago, and nearly took the Metroville State Bridge and Mr. Incredible with him."

"Okay, lowdown. Please and thank you."

The screen changed to show a large dragon standing in a tattered lab coat. "Dr. Marvin Revel, otherwise known as Dr. Dragonis. He's the first one on the list and arguably the only one who could defeat Mr. Incredible in a slugfest. Genetically mutated to take on the physical characteristics of a dragon."

"Special powers?"

"High resistance to heat, and can breathe chemicals that when it hits the air, turns into pure napalm."

"Sounds nasty. Is he one of the dead guys?"

"Afraid not," said Wade. "Dr. Dragonis is currently in cryogenic suspension. Even though he's completely immune to incredible temperatures, he also has an odd weakness to extreme cold."

"That figures. He's a giant lizard. Next?"

"Ormus. He was an evil clone of Mr. Incredible, although he died because of his body being unstable. That was back in the 1950s though."

"Eeew, don't need the messy details," said Kim. "Next?"

"Jupiter. Believed himself to be a god, he used the whole kitan and thunderbolt thing to fight Mr. Incredible around 1980. Jupiter's currently institutionalized in a mental facility in Metroville."

"That's no help. Sure he's insane, but he's no threat now. Next?"

"Dominatrix and Black Soldier. Both products of a super soldier program from a small country I won't bother to pronounce. Dominatrix is dead now, and Black Soldier has been on life support from old age and a last fight."

"Two more then," said Kim.

"Max Blaster. He's living now in Florida with, get this, your Nana."

"Nana? He lives with Nana?"

"Yeah. Max Blaster was a big time sharpshooter till his manager made off with the money they earned during the shows. Gun for hire, although I think your Nana has everything under control."

"Not much help there if he can be beaten at shuffleboard or martial arts by Nana. And the last one?"

"Syndrome," said Wade, bringing up the picture of the aging man with the wild hairstyle. "Evil genius by trade."

"Great, a Drakken predecessor."

"Kim, Syndrome is WAY more evil than Drakken. And he was the father of modern technology. Much of our technology is based off of his designs. He was a genius, only limited by his imagination."

"So what happened to him?" asked Kim.

"He had it out with Mr. Incredible two years ago on the Metroville State Bridge. While Syndrome pioneered much of the technology used today, a lot of it is outlawed due to its powerful nature."

"Such as?"

Bringing up a schematic, Wade sipped at his soda. "Zero-point energy gloves. Those gloves can generate a null energy field, allowing someone to pick up anything of any size, and throw it like it was a Frisbee. Here, I'll bring up a video."

The screen changed to show Mr. Incredible standing on the ground below. Syndrome hovered overhead, laughing.

"Well Mr. Incredible, I think it's time to end this little charade and focus on actually beating you senseless."

"Just try it."

Syndrome laughed and pointed a finger at the nearest building. A beam of sparkling white light shot out and engulfed the building. With a flick of his finger, he ripped the entire three story building off it's foundation. "Oh I WILL bring it, and I doubt you can catch an entire building!"

Mr. Incredible had to dodge as the building was hurled at him. Cackling insanely, Syndrome ripped another building, this one six stories high from its foundation and hurled it on top of the previous building. The sound of screaming people could be heard as the building collapsed in on itself.

Kim watched the footage in dull shock. "That's sick," she said as Wade's image appeared back onto the screen. "If Drakken had that kind of technology, he wouldn't NEED a doomsday device. Or even Shego for that matter. Just pick up a building and hurl it at me and Ron." She shivered.

"That's why Syndrome Core Tech was banned from use. Highly illegal for anyone to use. Only people with the highest clearance can use it." Wade sipped his soda. "Its good that he's dead."

"Yeah," said Kim. "Hey, I'm gonna get going to lunch. I'm not feeling so well after seeing that."

"Later Kim," said Wade as Kim shut her locker.

Letting out a sigh, Kim leaned against the locker door. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she felt weary after following leads over the weekend. It didn't help that she was also loosing sleep over studying for junior high finals. Senior year was just around the corner and she was not ready to sleep just yet.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Ron in the crowd of students headed for another class. "Ron? Ron, Latin Class is this way!"

Ron didn't reply and disappeared around the corner. Grumbling to herself, Kim grabbed her backpack and set off after her errant boyfriend. When she rounded the corner however, Kim froze in utter shock.

Tara King was pulling back from what looked like an incredible kiss from RON no less. Ron wore his goofy smile as the walked towards the other end of the hall, hand in hand. Kim felt a small part of her heart breaking as her expression turned into a steely resolve. Marching towards them, she was suddenly cut off by a flood of students out of Spanish class. When they cleared, they were gone.

"Kim, you looking for someone?" asked a voice from around her waist. Kim looked down and found Felix sitting in his wheelchair. "You look distressed."

"I am distressed," said Kim, looking around for traces of Ron and Tara. "I thought I just saw Ron. And Tara."

"Uh huh. Well they are in Latin Class after all," said Felix. "Hey I need to get back to my class. It's upstairs."


Felix stopped short on wheeling his chair towards the stairs. "Are you SERIOUS? Ron and Tara King, kissing? But aren't you DATING Ron now?"

"I AM!" exclaimed Kim in frustration. "I'm sure I saw it. Though I may not have been getting enough sleep lately."

"I think you need to lie down. I'm sure the nurse will let you rest for a bit. I'll let the Latin teacher know you're in the infirmary."

"Thanks, Felix," said Kim as she gathered her books and headed down the hall. As Felix jetted up the stairwell, Kim scowled and broke out into a run to find the nearest person who had seen Ron and Tara go.

Skidding around the corner, her expression started running the gauntlet of emotional values. Ron was in a tremendous lip-lock with Bonnie. BONNIE! A raging inferno of rage boiled into Kim's system as Ron grabbed Bonnie's rear.

"RON!" Yelled Kim as she ran towards them. And then was blocked by the considerable size of Mr. Barkin.

"Possible, aren't you supposed to be in class right about now?" asked the former military man.

"I, uh, was headed for the infirmary," said Kim, trying to duck around Mr. Barkin.

"The infirmary is on the other side of the school," said Mr. Barkin. He folded his arms sternly. "If you're going there, do NOT be running and yelling. That will earn you a detention, Little Lady."

"Sorry Mr. Barkin," said Kim. "It won't happen again."

Mr. Barkin nodded and moved out of the way. And Kim made an ARRRRGH sound, teeth clenched in fury as Ron and Bonnie had vanished. Then, she sagged against the wall. "Okay, Kim, think. There has to be a reasonable explanation for this. Yeah, like Ron, the guy who's loved me since Pre-K suddenly started cheating on me with other girls. Girls that are happily with other men. Yeah, that's it."

Shaking her head and rubbing her temples to reduce the stress headache that was threatening to build, she grabbed her backpack and headed off in the opposite direction towards the infirmary.

Jack-Jack sighed as he nibbled at his normal sized Naco. Normally mexican food didn't agree with him, but when times were desperate, you ate what you could. His companion, a woman in her mid-thirties looked at him and raised an eyebrow as she brushed a lock of black hair away from her face. "Something's on your mind, Jack-Jack."

"Oh, um, nothing really," replied Jack-Jack. "Just, you know, eating this slow. Mexican doesn't agree with me, you know Violet?"

Violet shook her head. "I think there's something that is bothering you. C'mon Jack-Jack, tell your big sister everything."

"I'm... just worried you know? Normally I can find dad no problem. But now, its like he vanished off the face of the planet. And what's worse, no one has called in with a demand. No way to track them. And to top this all off, I can't hear dad's thoughts anymore. It's like his mind shut down." Jack-Jack put his Naco down and rested his head against his cheek. "I'm scared, Violet. Scared that dad might be dead."

"Don't say things like that," said Violet sternly. "I'm sure with time, you can find him. Besides, you have something on your side that dad has as well. You have us. And you have Kim and Ron to help you find dad."

Jack-Jack smiled. "Thanks, Violet." He then eyed his Naco and said, "You know, I suddenly feel hungry for Nacos. Want another?"

Violet shook her head. "I'm good, thanks. I can't imagine how Ron Stoppable eats here all the time."

"Junk food and extreme workouts. It's a life."

Violet giggled. And then there was a boom in the middle of Middleton. "Oh dear, sounds like Sharon found someone to fight."

Attuning his super hearing, Jack-Jack raised an eyebrow. "Well what do you know?"

"Someone we know?"

"Someone I DATED. Though the fight is kind of lame, fighting over something at Club Banana. Oooh, sounds like Shego's getting the worst of Sharon's temper."

Violet smiled. "It's good training for Sharon."

"And I'm sure the construction crews are basking in the money we're paying them to repair damage via supervillian fight," said Jack-Jack wryly.



"WHOA!" exclaimed Felix as he shielded himself from Kim's maniac swing. "Are... you feeling all right?"

"No, I am not," bit out Kim as she sagged to the ground and puddled her limbs into a puppy-like look. "Ron... I keep seeing him with girls."

"Maybe you need sleep. I'm sure it's nothing."

"I slept! And I keep seeing him! I just saw him with Zita and they were going at it! Like I mean, shameless! And in the middle of the gym too!"

"Uh huh. Okay, lets get you back to the infirmary. Lets go and..."

Suddenly Kim lept to her feet and yelled, "STOPPABLE!" Then, she tore down the hallway, leaving her books behind. Felix watched her go and blinked twice.

Picking up Kim's bag, he followed behind the girl who seemed to be chasing nothing. Fishing out Kim's Kimmunicator, he flicked it on. "Wade, it's Felix."

"What's up? Need codes for Zombie Mayhem 4?"

"No, there's something seriously wrong with Kim. She's been seeing Ron cheat on her all morning."

Wade spit out his soda. "What? That's impossible!"

"Can you track his movements starting from the beginning of the day?"

"Sure, gimme a sec." Several keystrokes and Wade clicked it. "He's been at all his classes. Now he's in the gym, getting ready for cheer practice."

"That's odd. Kim has been saying he's been giving her the run-around. I think something odd has happened to her. Drugged perhaps on a mission before today hit?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary. Mudslide in Burma, Professor Dementor and a sheep stampede in New Zealand. You don't think something is messing with her mind, do you?"

"Kim's been running on little sleep, and studying for finals while going on missions. I dunno about you, but she could be hallucinating from those combined things."

"Right. I'll check up on the situation and get right on it."


Felix winced and a real yelp of pain could be heard from the gym. "Uh oh. Gotta go, Wade."

Ron didn't know what happened. First, he was getting changed for cheer practice, warming up with his pre-ritual chant. And then Kim came in, looking like a deranged bull and literally grabbed him, throwing him into the bleachers.

It was surreal. Kim was screaming about him cheating on her. Ron had tried to defend himself but she seemed beyond reach. And then, the worst blow hit.

She told him she never wanted to see him again and ran out in tears.

Ron watched as she ran away, standing like he had been poleaxed. "What... just happened?"

"Ron! Are you okay, bud?" asked Felix as he zoomed up and screeched to a halt.

"Yeah... I will be... as soon as my heart stops shattering into a million pieces."

Felix sighed. "Ron, this is serious! I think there's something seriously wrong with Kim. She's been seeing you cheating on her all day!"

Ron whirled around. "What? And where was I when this cheating was going on?"

"In class, but that's besides the point. I think something's happened to her. Either it's lack of sleep, some kind of weird drug that got into her system via a mission or outside influence. Either way, she isn't herself." Felix shook his head. "I think we need to get her to see a doctor. Preferably her mom. Something's up and I DON'T think it's simply lack of sleep."

"Right. C'mon Rufus, we need to get things sorted out." Suddenly, before Ron, Rufus and Felix could move, the Kimmunicator chirped. "Talk to me, Wade."

"Did you stop Kim?" asked Wade. His expression was panicked and he still typed at a furious pace.

"No, why?" asked Felix.

"Kim seems to be affected by some strange waves in the air. I think something is mind controlling her from a distance. From what I could pick up, I think it's attuned her paranoia centers and stimulated several hallucinations." Wade shook his head. "It's hard to peg down, but they all seem to be centering on her. Someone is doing this deliberately."

"Mind Control chip?" asked Ron. "Or a Moodulator?"

"Nothing," said Wade. "I hacked into Global Justice's surveillance satellites and looked at her from orbit. She has nothing on her. This is bad. In the state Kim is in, I don't think even a good night's sleep will help her. She's set on full paranoia mode right now."

Ron swore violently for a moment, drawing an open mouthed expression from Felix and half the cheering squad. "C'mon Felix, I'll need your help."

Barging out of the gym doors, Ron was stopped by Josh Mankey who stood in their way. "Out of the way, Mankey."

"What just happened there, Ron?" asked Josh. "I saw Kim run out crying. CRYING! And she was sobbing about you!"

"Long story short, I don't think she's in her right state of mind," said Felix. "Something's affecting her state of judgment and causing paranoid hallucinations. Now are you going to move or am I going to make you move?" Two mechanical arms sprouted out of Felix's chair and Josh moved aside.

"Hey, I'm worried about her as well," said Josh. "Ron, you're a good guy. Go after her."

Ron's hard expression softened. "Thanks, Mankey. C'mon Felix."

"Hold up guys," said Josh, stopping them suddenly.

"Whaaaat? We're in a hurry!"

"She was running towards the Space Center," said Josh as he held up a set of keys. "C'mon, I'll drive."


"You'd rather WALK?" asked Josh as he unlocked his car.

"Riding sounds good," said Ron as he and Felix piled into the car.

The light flicked on as Dr. Drakken stood, looking like a deer caught in the headlights while cradling a small sequencer under his arms. Shego folded her arms, looking excessively rumpled in her green bathrobe and her hair wild. "Dr. D, what are you doing?" she asked. "It's the middle of the night!"

"I, er, um, was out on a date. That's it!" stammered Drakken as he hid the sequencer behind his back.

Shego glared her "Hundred Watt Plasma Glare O'Death" at him. "With a DNA Sequence Reader no less," drawled Shego. "Unless you're dating DNAmy, I don't see why you're going out. Unless, you stole some of my HAIR and began to CLONE me?"

A fist twitched and a spark of green plasma erupted from her fingertips. Drakken backed up and waved his hand. "No no no, nothing of the sort, Shego! I was merely taking lessons on how to make clones that will STAY solid despite being dunked in carbonated soda."

Shego let the plasma extinguish itself from her hand as she sighed. "Whatever. I'm going to bed."

"Shego," said Drakken, stopping her at the door. "What would you say if I was going straight?"

Shego paused, one hand on the door. After a long moment, the supervillianess spoke. "Well... what ever happens, you've still got me." And with that, she headed upstairs to bed.

Drakken let out a long breath. "Thank you, Shego."

Setting the DNA Sequencer on the table, he sat down at his chair and began to go over the notes one more time before he fell asleep.

Several hours later, aninsistant beeping awoke Drakken from slumber. Rubbing his eyes, he checked the read out. And then paled. And then yelled "SHEGO!"

"Mr. Dr. P!"


Ron screeched to a halt as he panted for half a minute, leaning on the wall. "Mr. P, I need to talk to Kim."

"I suspected as much, the way she came in running and crying about you cheating on her." James' tone was level but every word cut into Ron's chest.

"Believe us, Mr. Possible, we think Kim's not in her right state of mind," said Felix. "According to Wade, there's some kind of weird waves that is affecting her mind."

"Hmm... you boys might have a point."

Josh stepped forward. "Mr. Possible, c'mon. Lets leave Ron here. I'm sure he'll be able to deal with Kim properly."

Allowing himself to be led away, Ron called out, "Mr. P! Get that rocket ready in case I screw up!"

Felix looked at Ron as the Possible patriarch rounded the corner with Josh. "What was that all about?"

"Long story short, I promised to put myself into a black hole if I hurt Kim." Ron sighed and handed Rufus to Felix. "Hold Rufus for me, Felix. This may not be pretty."

Felix nodded as he let the Naked Mole Rat scramble to his head. "Good luck," they chorused.

"Go away."

"Morning, KP."

"Don't you understand english, Ron? Scram."

"Love to. But first what can you tell me about clowns?"

"That one can sue you if you hork on them." The door swished closed behind Ron as Kim looked up from where she sat, curled into her father's office chair, but could not meet Ron's gaze.

"I figured as much," said Ron. He dropped down next to Kim. "How're you feeling?"

"How could you do it, Ron? How could you go behind my back with those girls?"

Ron winced, stung by her accusations. "Believe me Kim, and I know this from the bottom of my heart, I would never betray you."

"Liar, I saw you. Tara... Bonnie... Zita... damnit Ron, I saw you!"

Ron turned the chair around and grabbed Kim in a hug. Kim stiffened in his embrace. "Kim.. you're not well. Something is affecting your judgment."

Suddenly Kim shoved, throwing him over the desk. "Let go of me! I can't... I can't..."

Ron saw the tears fall from Kim's eyes and he longed to hold her. "Kim... please, for our sake as well as everyone who is worried about you. Get some rest. Don't worry, Wade, Mankey, Felix and even Rufus and I are trying to find what's affecting you."

The door hissed open as Ron touched the controls. "For what its worth, Kimberly Anne Possible... I love you. I still do."

The door hissing shut, Kim sunk into the chair and cried.

"How did it go?"

Ron shook his head. "Not good. Whatever is affecting her is STILL doing it." Ron sunk onto the bench next to the door and buried his face in his hands. "This... is the worst day ever."

"Ron... remember, her judgment is being impaired. This is Kim. I've seen you two close, even when I first moved here. If there's anyone who can help her, its you." said Felix.

"Felix is right," said Mr. Possible as he walked up next to him and sat down. Josh accompanied him, leaning on the wall opposite them. Mr Possible looked a bit older than he was, the years adding to the dismay he felt. "Ronald, you and Kimmie cub belong together. It's not right to see this happen."

"Even I could see it," said Josh, folding his arms. "Face it, Ron, you need her. And she needs you."

"Uh huh, Kim," said Rufus.

Ron raised his face and smiled. "You guys... thanks."

"Ron," said Wade from the Kimmunicator Felix held. "I think I have a lock on the type of waves. They're mental waves, like a brain pattern."

"Meaning?" asked Ron.

"Meaning that whoever is controlling her is not using drugs or machines. The person is a super. One with mental powers."

"Or a superVILLIAN," stressed Felix. "Wade, can you get a lock?"

"Sorry, these are a strange version of Alpha Waves. I can't pinpoint the location any more than finding out what type they are."

"What about a device made to track it?" asked Josh.

"An Alpha Wave TDM? But that kind of technology is banned, outlawed because it's Syndrome Core Tech," protested Wade. "It would take MONTHS to clear up the red tape."

"What's so bad about it? It can track Alpha Waves, right?" asked Ron curiously.

"The Alpha Wave TDM is a highly sophisticated device. It expands any and all mental powers of the person using it. Not to mention that you can literally go into someone's mind and destroy it from the inside out. It'll track the Alpha Waves, but it's dangerous. That's why it was banned."

"But it's our only hope," protested Felix. "Without one, we wouldn't be able to track whatever is doing this down easily."

"Oh man, this is not good," said Ron. "We'll have to split up. Comb the city."

"Hold on, Ronald." said Mr. Possible, drawing attention to them. "I have something that could help. Lets head to the house. I'll bring Kimmie cub along and put her to bed."

"Boys, I must stress that you let NO ONE see what you're about to see," said Mr. Possible. The group stood or sat in the living room as Mr. Possible moved the picture of Kim from Pre-K aside to reveal a small panel in the wall. Hissing open, Mr. Possible tapped several numbers, was subjected to a retinal scan, dental scan and then spoke his name. "Dr. James Timothy Possible."

A laser weapon dropped out of the ceiling and Ron yelped. Rufus ducked into Ron's pocket. Josh and Felix recoiled in shock. "And guests." The laser weapon retracted itself, leaving everyone looking pale and stricken.

"Was that thing ALWAYS there?" Ron demanded hotly.

"It's needed. If someone knew I had this here, it would be disastrous." Answered Mr. Possible. The floor suddenly produced seams and they lowered into the ground. Further than needed.

"This isn't the basement," remarked Ron.

"Oooh, Batcave," said Felix with a grin.

Josh grinned. "Too bad there aren't fireman poles."

"Dude, you watch the old sixties Batman?" asked Ron.

"It's a past time," answered Josh with a grin.

The floor stopped at a vault door where Mr. Possible repeated the scans and the laser weapon. A door opened to reveal a twenty by twenty room. "Aw, no Batcave?" asked Ron, dejectedly.

"Mr. Possible? Are you a superhero?" asked Josh curiously as the room lit up.

"No, actually. And not a supervillian either. This is a vault, where things from my youth are stored. Including these."

Mr Possible flicked on a light and Felix gasped in shock. "Syndrome Tech! Is it first generation?"

Mr. Possible shook his head. "Second generation reversed, but no less effective. There. That helmet there is the Alpha Wave TDM."

Josh walked over and picked it up from the shelf. Looking it over and blowing a small layer of dust off it, he tossed it over to Felix who yelped. "Careful! This is valuable and extremely expensive!"

"Second generation, does that mean it's from the old days? But Mr. P, you're not THAT old."

"Thank you, Ronald," said Mr. Possible. "When me and my friends were in college, we were a rambunctious bunch. And we reverse engineered the technology. We never realized that we were working on taboos in the scientific community. When we left college, or in Drew's case dropped out, we did vow to never use it unless necessary." A short laugh. "Drew was the one who insisted. He said it was crucial. That we could become superheros if we needed to be. In the end, look at us now."

Ron rested a hand on Mr. Possible's shoulder. "Mr. P, to me, and to everyone who knows you. You and your friends ARE superheros. Well, maybe cept Drakken but then again..."

"Thank you, Ronald. Boys, I expect that technology back home or at the very least melted into slag if it falls into enemy hands. Back home would be preferable."

"Yes sir. Hey, look at me! I'm Professor Xavier!" exclaimed Felix who was now wearing the helmet and grinning from his chair.

"You're not hovering," pointed out Ron. Felix quickly proved him wrong by activating his hover mode and Ron grinned, giving him a thumbs up. "Booyah!"

Josh rolled his eyes but was grinning. "C'mon, lets hook this up to the Kimmunicator and find the guy who's making Kim cry."

"Anything, Wade?"

"Almost have it. There. It's coming from the Tri-City Convention Center. It's not in use, so it's a perfect place to fight it out, if it comes down to it."

"Or to set a trap," said Felix.

"It can be fairly well defended, and lots of places for a big trap," said Wade. "There's a skylight and the front entrance is unlocked."

Josh shook his head as he took the turn off towards the Convention Center. "We're going to have to go in there smart. I've seen enough spy movies to know that the direct approach is always bad."

"But Felix is in a wheelchair," said Ron. "We need to plan this out."

"I have an idea. This guy is probably expecting Ron, knowing him, to take the direct approach." said Felix, earning a "Hey!" from Ron. "So, Josh and I will take the direct approach. Ron, you take the skylight and do a credible Batman impression. In the meantime, Rufus moves the Alpha Wave TDM into position and zaps this guy good. I'm sure our resident naked mole rat will have more than enough mental firepower to fry this goon."

Rufus saluted.

"Right. We have NO idea what this guy or girl is capable of. Everyone watch yourself."

Pulling the car into the parking lot, the four piled out. Handing the Alpha Wave TDM to Rufus, Felix gave Ron a nod and Josh tightened his gloves. Each one of them were dressed in similar Kim-style mission togs in a small tribute to Kim who was obviously suffering from the person affecting her.

"Need me to fly you up?" asked Felix.

"Yeah, I don't feel like loosing my pants today," said Ron.

Flying Ron up to the rooftop, Felix quickly rejoined Josh. Together, they went through the front doors as Ron pried the skylight open. "All right... time to party."

"I don't like this. No guards knocked out, and the convention center has displays for this years Superhero convention half set up. It's just asking for a trap to spring," said Felix.

"I agree... duck." Josh and Felix ducked as a mannequin dressed in a classic Mr. Incredible costume flew over their heads. "I think the trap is set."

"Split up!" exclaimed Felix as the pair scattered.

Josh headed down the aisles, ducking and weaving around thrown items from an unknown assailant. Ducking under a pile of flying megamesh costumes and rolling away from flying comic books, Josh grabbed the nearest thing possible to knock a flying table away and swung.

It split apart neatly, flying in two different directions as Josh stared at the glowing green LIGHTSABER he held in his hands. "Whoa," he remarked before he swung it again to cleave a flying stand up model of Captain Miracle. Then, he took off down the aisles, pausing to slash flying items that were too big to dodge.

Felix was also in the middle of dodging around flying items. Using his mechanical arms from his chair, he knocked away displays and flying tables. Rounding the corner, another table came careeming at him. The arms intercepted it and broke it apart into splinters. "Ouch, I'd hate to be the table," he quipped.

There was a sudden thrumming sound and Felix whirled to see Josh standing behind him, holding the lightsaber. "Watch your back," said Josh as he fended off another flying piece of debrie.

"Dude, that's a lightsaber!" exclaimed Felix appreciatively. "Where did you get it?"

"From a stand that read Working Movie Replicas Inc." grunted Josh as he cleaved a potted plant in two, showering them with dirt. "Fortunately, everything thrown at us is nice and BIG. If I had to reflect Blaster bolts, we'd be in trouble."

Felix laughed as he and Josh fought their way to the center of the room. In the center of the room stood a large man. He was a complete inky black color and currently, was slamming Ron up and down on the ground by twitching his index finger. Ron was yelling "Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow!" with every hit.

"Man, that is SO wrong today," sighed Felix. "Our enemy just HAS to be able to do a Darth Vader impression."

"Ah... more... insects," remarked the man. "So good of you to come. But it is too late."

"Let Kim go," said Josh, holding out his lightsaber offensively. The man twitched his neck and it suddenly crumpled in on itself. Josh threw it aside and it exploded, taking a sign that read "Pop TV, the wave of the future" with it.

"Well... I suppose I can play with you children before I crush Miss Possible's mind." Ron was thrown into Josh and the man crackled his knuckles. "Come children, to your doom."

"Must you be cliché?" quipped Felix as the three teenagers charged into the fray. And then, the cold hit.

Bonnie gasped as she felt a deep cold pang in her chest. Clutching at her chest, she looked around and called out to Brick in the drivers seat. "Wait! Pull in here, Brick."

Brick hauled the car into the parking lot, nearly hitting several cars in the process. Screeching to a halt and shutting the engine, Brick looked over at Bonnie. "What's up?"

"That's Josh Mankey's car," said Bonnie, getting out of the car. Tara and Brick followed and she looked at it. "It's still warm. He's here."

"And look, the doors are wide open. Do you think they're helping to set up the convention?" asked Tara. Suddenly, the wall exploded outwards as a literal stage was hurled through the wall and into the parking lot.

Brick gaped. "Well, maybe they're redecorating?"

The same cold struck Bonnie's chest and her eyes narrowed. "No... they're in trouble."

"Kim is there, right? She can handle it." said Tara, but Bonnie was already marching to the hole in the wall. "Bonnie? Bonnie! Bonnie, come back! Oh Brick, stop her!"

Brick ran after Bonnie. Seizing her by the arm, he exclaimed, "What's gotten into you?"

"Let me go, Brick," said Bonnie. "I need to go in there."

"A stage was hurled through the wall. No way, let Possible and Stoppable deal with this."

"Let GO!" Brick yelped as if he was burned and jerked away. Bonnie ran into the convention center. Giving each other helpless glances, they followed the girl.

"Well now.. this is convenient." said the man suddenly as he threw Felix into Josh and casually parrying Ron's strikes. "Someone else is coming to play."

"KP?" asked Ron and then he was knocked into a display.

"ANIMA!" yelled a female voice and the boys looked up.

Anima seemed to turn lazily as Bonnie stood behind him, a lighter in her hands. "Well now... this is convenient after all."

"DIE ANIMA!" And Bonnie flicked the lighter.

An incredible torrent of flames burst from the lighter. Felix and Josh scrambled out of the way and nearly ran into Brick and Tara who ran in from the opposite direction. "What the hell's going on?" demanded Josh.

"That's what WE want to know!" exclaimed Brick.

The flames engulfed Anima, flickering with brilliant orange flames. For a full minute, Bonnie kept the lighter on as the sprinkler system kicked in, dousing everyone in water. Then, Bonnie turned off the lighter and lowered her arm. "Dad..."

"Well now... that was a tickle," said a voice from behind her. Bonnie gasped and then cried out as she was struck from behind. She flew over a few tables and crashed into a display, bringing it down on her head. The lighter skittered towards Anima who crushed it beneath his foot. Anima resolved from the shadows and seemed to smile. "I had a feeling you would be here. After all, you and your father have so much... history with me, do you not?"

And black flames rushed towards her as Bonnie watched them come as memories rushed to the forefront of her mind.

A plate shattered and Mrs. Rockwaller gasped. Jack-Jack looked up, concerned. "Mrs. Rockwaller?"

"It's Bonnie," said Mrs. Rockwaller. Turning to look at the plate that had smashed, her expression turned to fear. "She's in danger. When Daniel died, the plate next to the one there shattered as well."

Jack-Jack nodded. "I have to go. Don't worry Mrs. Rockwaller, I won't let your daughter die."

"Please... I... can't let someone else I love die."

Jack-Jack rested a hand on her shoulder and said, "I know. She'll be safe. I promise you." Shifting his powers to teleportation, Jack-Jack vanished.

Connie closed her eyes. "Bonnie... might be dead mom?"

"But... she can't be. Not like dad," added Lonnie. "Mom?"

Mrs. Rockwaller's only response was to gather her daughters into a hug.

"Bonnie... fire is a wonderful gift. But it can burn, and cause pain. Our gift is here, given to us by the Grand Flare."

"I don't understand, daddy."

"You will. But please, remember this. If the Black Flare is ever used, you must defend our home."

"Daddy, you can defend it. You're never going away, right?"

"Of course."

"Bonnie, RUN!"

"Daddy, I won't leave! I'll stop him too!"

"Do as I say! Run!"

"Daddy! Youuuuuuu..."


With a burst of brilliant white-orange flames, the black flames were met in the middle of the room. "Wade, what the hell is happening?" cried Ron into the communicator.

"It's Bonnie!" yelled Wade over the roar of the flames. "She's somehow producing those flames! It's reaching a critical level, you guys have got to get out of there before she burns the whole place down!"

"You heard Wade, move people!" yelled Felix.

"But what about Bonnie?" cried Tara. "We can leave her!"

"If we don't leave, we'll be too charcoaled to worry about it!" yelled Josh. He scooped Tara up in his arms and deposited her into Felix's lap. Ron scooped up Rufus and they made a break for the hole in the wall.

Anima grunted and pushed his flames further, the inky black and violet flames licking up against Bonnie's own. "Like father like daughter," he growled. "This pain, the endless flame welling up in my body. I love it."

"You killed my father, and then tried to kill my friends. I won't allow this!" snarled Bonnie. "This is for my father, who was your friend, your BROTHER, UNCLE GREGORY!"

"Your uncle is DEAD! Killed by your father when I took the dive into the chemicals! But look what happened!" Anima pushed his flames further as they burned colder and colder. "Look! I am ANIMA! Wielder of the Black Flare, the antithesis to your father's Grand Flare! Everyone was proud when perfect Daniel Rockwaller became the keeper."

"So that's what this is all about?" cried Bonnie, pushing Anima's flames back. "Revenge? Hate for the family who's champion was my father and not you? That's the biggest load of bullshit I've heard all my life!"

"He didn't deserve the power, I DID!" Flames pushed further. "And he goes and seals them away when he dies, just to throw me off balance. But who would have thought that his daughter, his previous Bon-Bon was the holder? The irony. It's wonderful." Anima's eyes glowed red. "Now DIE."

Bonnie yelled as her arms trembled from the output. Slowly, the flames crawled towards her hands. Then, without warning, brilliant green and black plasma joined Bonnie's flames and stopped the advancement of Anima's Black Flare. Bonnie looked to her side and gaped. "Hey, aren't you Shego?"

"Got it in one," said Shego as she poured more of her comet plasma into the shoving war. "Man, you're green, taking on Anima like this."

"This is personal. Butt out."

"Love to, honey, but can't. Dr. D was worried at the power output here at the center. He's outside, getting that TDM thingy ready for a long range shot. Me, on the other hand have had nearly thirty years of using my powers. So I can help you with this little fight." Shego smirked. "Besides, Kimmie would kill me if I let you die like this."

"Gee, thanks," deadpanned Bonnie as she yelled and increased the fire. Shego added her own and the blast moved itself towards Anima.

"Shego. So you stand against me. And I thought Team Go was filled with nothing but bunglers." snarled Anima.

"Please. You have a thing with Rockwaller? Fine. But me on the other hand, I'm good. And I know for a fact that YOU can't use your mental powers when calling on the Black Flare. So face it, you're out of luck."

"Fool, I can triple the intensity!" The Black Flames burned even colder and shoved itself backwards. Shego grimaced and Bonnie was nearly knocked on her backside.

"Don't let up," said Shego. "If that flame hits us, we're going to be deader than any extinct mammal. And I'm NOT letting Dr. D clone us to keep us alive so that Kimmie can kill us."

"I'm trying, but I'm slipping," grunted Bonnie.

Anima cackled. "Come now. Is that the best you can do?"

"It's worth doing this pointless tug of war in order to keep you from using your mental powers," snarled Shego. "Besides, this'll do just fine."


The flames forged their way forward. And then, clashed against a beam of white-hot flames. Meta grinned as he walked forward to join the three. "Hey ladies."

"Changeling!" exclaimed Shego. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Saving your ass. Now listen Bonnie. Your mom and sisters are waiting for you to come home. So use the power of the Grand Flare to get rid of this guy once and for all."

"I'm trying," said Bonnie. "But this is too hard."

"Nothing is hard. Just believe. Let yourself go."

Shego gave Meta a look. "Real philosophical, Mr. I Watched Star Wars Ten Times in a Week."

Bonnie nodded and focused onto the flames.

"Bonnie... fire is a wonderful gift. But it can burn, and cause pain. Our gift is here, given to us by the Grand Flare."

"I don't understand, daddy."

"You will. But please, remember this. If the Black Flare is ever used, you must defend our home."

"Daddy, you can defend it. You're never going away, right?"

"Of course."

"Daddy? How do you use the Grand Flare anyhow?"

"The Grand Flare? Well... you have to let go."

"I don't understand."

"The Grand Flare is fueled by our emotions. Love, joy, the thirst for life and the feeling you are needed. If you believe in yourself, you can win. And unleash the Grand Flare's power."

"So, these flames aren't from the Grand Flare?"

"Ha ha... no, these are normal flames. Just remember, let yourself go. Remember that I'll be here, watching you."

"Daddy knew all along," said Bonnie as the Black Flare moved closer and closer. "He knew how to do it. And he knew that I wouldn't let him down."

"A foolish effort," said Anima. "Your father was a fool."

"A fool... who loved me, and my mom, and my sisters... and he loved you too!"

The world around Bonnie exploded and both Meta and Shego were thrown backwards. Anima was forced to break off the attack as he shielded his eyes.

"Love... Kindness..."

"Bonnie, we have the... what in the world?" said Tara as the others ran in, followed by Drakken who carried the TMD in his hands.

"Peace... friendship..."

"NO!" A burst of Black Flare splashed off the shield of pure white fire.

"Honor and hope. With these words, I vow to protect the people, and wield the sacred flame. Grand Flare : Awaken!"

The explosion suddenly inverted itself as Bonnie stood there, glowing with an aura of white flames. Her eyes were a pure white as it flared with fire. "Come, Uncle. Lets finish this."

Anima laughed and held up a hand. A ball of Black Flare grew in his hand. Bonnie's outstretched hand produced a shimmering Grand Flare.

The blasts were thrown. One passed the other. And the world was bathed in flames.

"Boys, how did it go?" asked Mr. Possible as they walked in the door with accessories in tow.

"Well, suffice to say it, the TDM is completely fried," said Felix, handing the item to him. "Other than that, we're fine."

"I see... and Drew? What are you doing here?"

Drakken shifted uncomfortably. "I... detected the immense output of thermal energy while doing scans. I thought it might be some sort of new technology so I..."

Shego sighed. "Dr. D was so worried about you guys, he kept tabs on everyone. Luckily, he recognized the power of the Black Flare and dragged me along for the ride."

"Yes... and James..." Drakken was suddenly in Mr. Possible's face as he grabbed him by the shirt. "What are you THINKING hauling out Syndrome Core Tech? There's a REASON why we sealed them away!"

James loosed Drakken's hold on his shirt and folded his arms. "If Shego was in a life or death scenario, wouldn't you do it? One that could cause the end of the world?"

"Well... I.."

Shego snorted and threw up her arms. "Well, far be it from me to get in the middle of your buddy-spat. I'm not moving from this couch till someone shoves me off." With that, she flopped on the couch. "Jack-Jack! Come here and do your former boyfriend thing and give me a neck massage."

"Yes ma'am," said Jack-Jack, smirking.

"Sounds like a plan. You guys wanna sorta, you know, hang out?" asked Felix, addressing Josh, Brick, Bonnie and Tara.

Brick and Josh looked at each other. "There's nothing we really can do right now. It's the weekend." answered Josh.

"I think Bonnie needs time to relax as well," said Tara. Bonnie opened her mouth to protest but Tara dragged the other girl to the couch.

"I'm not an invalid," said Bonnie but allowed herself to be pushed onto the couch.

"I'm... gonna go check on Kim," said Ron, darting up the stairs.

"Kim? Are you there?"

The door opened and Ron looked at the lump in the bed. Shutting the door behind him, he walked over and sat on the side of the bed. "I got him for ya, Kim. Well, actually Bonnie, Shego and Jack-Jack got him for you." A sigh. "I'm sorry, KP. I didn't even know you were being affected by Anima. Some boyfriend I am."


"Well I suppose you're still being affected, or asleep. I'll see you in the morning, KP."

As Ron got up to head downstairs, Kim's hand reached over and caught his own. "Ron..." said the voice from the lump and Kim's head emerged from under the sheets. "I forgive you. It wasn't your fault."

"But I should have been more attentive," said Ron, sitting back down on the bed. "I... I just felt so helpless when I found out you were being mind controlled by Bonnie's freakoid uncle. I'm sorry, I should have noticed this sooner."

"It's not your fault," said Kim as she sat up and wrapped her arms around Ron. "It's my fault too for working so hard and making myself susceptible to hallucinations."

Ron wrapped his arms around her. "Love ya, KP."

"Love you Ron." Kim reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips. "You know," she said, her voice turning sultry. "This is when the hero gets the reward by making love to the heroine."

Ron stammered. "Uh... KP? Your dad would put me into a black hole for doing that!"

Kim giggled. "Don't worry, that's till MUCH later." She kissed him again. "For now, you just get PDA all the time."

Ron grinned goofily as he kissed her back. "So no home runs for me?"

"I don't think so, Stoppable." Kim slid out of bed and ran a hairbrush through her unruly mop of hair. "Lets go downstairs. I'm sure everyone is waiting for us."

"Are.. you okay, Bonnie?"

Bonnie looked up at Kim who sat down next to her. They had all retreated to the Possible household after the battle, including Drakken and Shego who had decided to stick around for a while. Bonnie laughed, short and clipped. "Yeah... I'm fine."

"I'm sorry about your uncle. And your father."

"Uncle Greg isn't dead. He's just... the Grand Flare burned the Black Flare out of him. He's powerless now. But the Black Flare will choose another." Bonnie hung her head. "It may start all over again."

"For what it's worth... I'm sorry. I didn't know this would happen, had I had been in the proper state of mind."

Bonnie didn't reply, deeming to withhold her usual snappy retort. Instead, she held up a hand and white flame burned there. "Daddy knew that I could do it. Become a wielder of the Grand Flame. Because of him, I learned how to control fire. How to do wonderful things with it. And how it can hurt someone."

"Your dad sounds wonderful," said Kim.

"He was... I miss him."

"Did your uncle...?"

Bonnie nodded. "I was five. When my dad died. Uncle Greg came to finish the rivalry. And dad died before he sealed the Grand Flare away. He always told me... 'Bonnie... fire is a wonderful gift. But it can burn, and cause pain. Our gift is here, given to us by the Grand Flare.' I never really knew what he meant, how fire was different. And then, one day, he elaborated."

"What did he say?" asked Kim.

"The Grand Flare is fueled by our emotions. Love, joy, the thirst for life and the feeling you are needed. If you believe in yourself, you can win. And unleash the Grand Flare's power." Bonnie wiped a tear from her eye. "And he was right. I just needed to remember daddy's words."


Bonnie smiled despite her tears. "Hey, Kim, I won't go easy on you still. We're still rivals, despite this."

"Right. And I think we both need some of Drakken's cocoa-moo. It's been a long day." Kim stood and opened the door. "Are you coming?"

"In a minute," said Bonnie.

Kim looked like she wanted to say something before Ron called out "KP, help! Brick, Josh and Felix are gang-beating me at the game! And Jack-Jack zapped himself into the game and now is beating on me too!"

"What's wrong, Stoppable? My mad skills too much for you?" chortled Jack-Jack from the screen.

"You took my power up!" exclaimed Brick. "No one does that to the Brickinator!"

"Suck plasma, Felix! Ha!" laughed Josh.

"Turn down the volume, I've had enough explosions for one day," shouted Shego from the couch.

"No shouting, Shego," called out Mr. Possible from the kitchen.

Kim giggled and Bonnie smiled. "They really are getting along, aren't they?"

"Yeah. Hey, you go inside. I think Stoppable needs help."

Kim nodded and closed the screen door. "Okay Ron, show me how to work this thing," she said as Bonnie stood and watched the sunset.