A Broken Promise.


A Sasuke x Hinata x Gaara triangle, slight Itachi x Hinata. Hinata wants Naruto to notice her, unfortunately things don't always happen the way you want them to. Slightly angsty. – I Suck at Summaries- Please Read and Review.

Chapter 1.

Hinata looked at herself in the mirror as she sighed, seeing herself in the mirror had always depressed her. She thought she didn't look too bad, but compared to her friends: Ino, Sakura and TenTen she looked... well, plain. Hinata didn't like to admit it, but it bothered her that most of the boys prefered Sakura, Ino or TenTen. Hinata looked at the mirror again, she wanted to look good for the annual Konoha festival. But... she would never match Sakura or the others. Sighing, she picked a box where she kept her most precious possesion. She paused as she held the familiar hair clip.

"I'll not sacrifice my daughter for the well-being of another clan; much less the Uchiha clan! Sarutobi-Sama." A tall man in his thirties slammed his hand on the nearby table. His white eyes showed his anger.

"Hiashi-sama, please calm down." The man besides him raised his voice. "I will remind you that it is not for my clan´s well being, but for political reasons. Konoha hasn´t been able to rebuild its military power, since the last war."

Hiashi-sama glared angrily at the man besides him."Hmph. Uchiha, you have two sons, one of them seems to be causing a great commotion in Konoha because of his skills; the other who seems to have inherited your clan's weakness. I must decline your offer if you are trying to engage the weak one to my daughter, I'll not let him disgrace my families' noble blood."

"Heh. So you've heard about my son; you flatter me Hyuuga-sama. Itachi´s skills are near legendary. Even you seem to be amazed that an Uchiha has finally surpassed your clan's accomplishments." The man besides Hiashi boasted.

"Hmph." Hiashi scoffed.

"Very well. I agree." The Uchiha voiced.

"Well then, Shall we begin with the agreement? Hokage-sama politely raised from his seat with a familiar scroll. "Just sign here and the engagement will be completed." Sarutobi watched as the two men signed their names. He smiled. He had just assured peace between Konoha's strongest clans. Sure, he had said it was for Konoha... but in truth he had disguised the arrangement. It wasn´t something he liked to do, but the Uchihas and the Hyuugas had been rival clans for years. The rivalry had worsened because of Itachi´s superb accomplishments; as a Hokage he couldn´t afford to have another war, now that peace had finally been restored...

"I have arrived as I promised, Hiashi-sama." The proud Uchiha followed by his two sons greeted the arrogant man, who sat next to her six year old daughter. The Hyuuga watched his future son-in-law with interest. He wanted to see the boy who had surpassed his' and his ancestor's accomplishements.

Itachi, sensing the older Hyuuga's watchful eye, politely bowed and began to speak: "You have a beautiful daughter, Hiashi-sama, I am truly honored that she will become my wife."

Hiashi laughed, he could see why this boy was considered amazing. He had masked his emotions perfectly. He could also see that he was very well disciplined; he'd be a suitable husband for his daughter. " As expected from my future son-in-law. I can see your father has taught you well." Hiashi said. " Now let your father and me speak for a while. Hinata, show them around." Hiashi motioned her daughter to stand up.

Hinata stood from her position and walked towards her father. She bowed requesting permission, and once it was granted, she opened the door and asked the two Uchiha boys to follow her. All of this was done while avoiding unneccesary noises and interruptions. The girl had shown her excellent discipline and obedience in the task.

Itachi looked at his future wife as they walked away from the room. She was currently six, the same age as his brother Sasuke. He had lied to Hiashi before, she wasn't beautiful, but she wasn't ugly either. She was just nice in her own way. There was something about her that just said that she would be an excellent wife. She was obedient, shy and cute, if he had to admit it. She didn't look like the type of girl that who would fall for looks, or the type of girl who was exceedingly stubborn. She wasn't a spoiled child, either... that, he could tell just by looking at her. She reminded Itachi of himself they probably were quite alike, anyways.

"Nii-san? Nii-san?" Sasuke's voice and a familiar tug interrupted his brother's thoughts.

"What is it?" Itachi replied with no apparent interest.

"Nii-san, is it true that the cute girl over there will become your wife?" Sasuke looked at his brother, while holding a part of Itachi's short as he tagged along.

" Hai, Sasuke." He replied. "Why do you ask?"

" Nii-san." He whispered and motioned Itachi to kneel down, in a rather suspicious way.

Itachi kneeled down to hear what his little brother had to say.

"Nii-San, Can she be my wife too?" He whispered.

Itachi sweatdropped. "Iie, Sasuke you'll get your wife too." He then smiled at his foolish brother.

"But, Nii-san!" He whined out loud. Realizing that Hinata had just turned back to face him, Sasuke blushed and then whispered in Itachi's ear again. "I doubt she'll be as cute as yours."

"Heh." Itachi smirked. "You're probably right." He stood up and pat his brother's head.

Sasuke crossed his arms. "You always get better stuff, Itachi it's not fair." Sasuke whined again as he followed his older brother.

Itachi then decided to introduce himself to Hinata. They were quite far from the main house by now, so he could relax a little with out having the old Hyuuga around.

"So, what's your name little one?" Itachi caught up with Hinata.

She lowered her head.

"Did I do something wrong?" Itachi asked, hoping he hadn't.

"Iie..." She quickly answered. "M...y n...ame is ...Hyuuga H-Hinata." She stuttered while she looked at the ground.

"Hinata, that's a nice name, I'm Uchiha Itachi. Say Hinata-chan, would you mind if we sat under the tree over there?" Itachi pointed to a tree nearby.

Hinata blushed and nodded as she led them to the tree. Once there, Itachi sat beside her. Sasuke, who was still quite mad at his brother, also sat besides Hinata, though on the other side of the tree.

Itachi looked at Hinata once again, she was so young. Perhaps, she was better suited to be Sasuke's wife instead. He was sure that she'd correct Sasuke's bad manners and habits. He looked at her again, there was something about her that made her very interesting. She looked mature for such a young age. Maybe, she had accepted her cruel fate, just as he once had.

"So..." Itachi cleared his throat. " You're attending school, right?"

"Hai." She blushed.

"Then you must have met my brother, Sasuke?" Itachi smiled.

" I-iie..." Hinata lied... Anyways, she had only seen him a few times around.

" Hinata, you're in room A, right? " Sasuke suddenly asked.

Hinata nodded.

"Heh, I knew it." Sasuke crossed his arms, as he tried to do a "nice guy pose".

Itachi's eye suddenly twitched. Whatever Sasuke was trying to do, Itachi was going to make sure that his brother didn't suceed. It almost seemed as if Sasuke was trying to hit on his wife. His eye twitched again. As if, his little brother, could really snatch her. Itachi eyed Sasuke suspiciously.

" Oi! Hinata, would you like to be my wife?" Sasuke asked boldly.

" Eh?" Hinata covered her face with her hands, she felt her face was on fire.

Itachi glared at Sasuke as his eye twitched, yet again.

"Hinata, eh? Hinata? What's wrong? Daijoubou?" Sasuke asked concerned.

" Baka." Itachi flicked his brother's forehead.

" Hey! What was that for nii-san?" Sasuke whined as he rubbed his forehead.

"Hitting on my wife." Itachi responded calmly.

"Nani! But I didn't hit Hinata!" Sasuke shouted at Itachi and looked at him suspiciously.

Itachi laughed at his brother's foolishness, he watched as Hinata raised her head a little. She was still too embarrassed.

"Hinata tell him the truth?" Sasuke asked.

"Hinata back me up here?" Itachi begged.

Hinata touched the hair clip. She'd be married by now... If it wasn't for the Uchiha tragedy. Itachi... How could he have killed his entire clan? Hinata closed her eyes. Even on the day of the tragedy, Itachi's face had shown no hatred. He had masked his feelings perfectly.

"Ohayou, Hinata-chan." Itachi smiled as he greeted Hinata.

"Ohayou, Itachi-san" Hinata smiled back a slight blush appeared.

"Hinata-chan..." Itachi cleared his throat.

"W-What is it?" Hinata sensed Itachi's intentions.

"I have to go on a mission, a long mission. I won't be able to visit you for a while." Itachi stated.

"A long mission? How long?" Hinata asked concerned.

"Perhaps, some years." Itachi smiled.

"Eh?" Hinata's eyes went wide.

"Just kidding. You should have seen your face" Itachi laughed. " It'll be some months or so. Well, anyways, Hinata I brought you something."

"Itachi..." She lowered her head. " You shouldn't have."

"Hinata-chan, you shoudn't be ashamed, it's perfectly normal for me to give you a gift. Especially, since I technically am your boyfriend." Itachi winked.

Hinata blushed, she felt terribly embarrassed now. She began to play with her fingers nervously.

"Close your eyes." Itachi ordered. Hinata shut her eyes as he carefully clipped something in her hair.

"Promise you'll wait for me." Itachi smiled.

"O-okay." She smiled.

Itachi hugged her before he left. Itachi smiled, she'd wait for him, it was a promise.


Hinata felt the a few tears running down her cheeks. It had been so difficult to forget about Itachi. Especially, when Itachi's younger brother constantly reminded her. The normally cheery Sasuke had turned into a selfish, spoiled boy. Every time they'd see each other Sasuke would glare at her or make her incredibly uncomfortable. Sometimes he even said rude comments. Even so, Hinata sometimes felt sorry for Sasuke, growing up all alone. As for her... it had been tough to get over the older Uchiha, but when Naruto came into the picture, his cheery atittude had warmed her heart. She really really admired Naruto, a lot. Hinata looked at the hairpiece. It was incredibly beautiful, and it matched her mother's white kimono, which she was now wearing, perfectly. Her mother's kimono seemed to be the only decent piece of clothing she had left after her father had disowned her and cast her away with the branch family... Hinata shook her head, she would forget about the pain in her heart for now. Today, she would look her nicest for Naruto-kun. Hinata thought, as she clipped her possesion in its place.


"Hinata! Over here!" Ino waved. Hinata looked at Ino who wore a beautiful pink kimono. She sat with Shikamaru and Chouji at the barbeque stand. "Come sit with us!" Ino smiled.

Hinata smiled and waved. Out of all the girls in the classroom, she considered Ino to be the nicest.

" Oi, Hinata! You look very pretty today." Shikamaru greeted in his casual voice tone.

"Eh? Shikamaru!" An angry Ino grabbed Shikamaru's neck. " How come I'm your date and you never said anything like that!"

Hinata suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"How troublesome." The rookie jounin sighed.

Chouji and Hinata looked at each other as they both laughed. Ino's arm still hung around the jounin's neck.

"Hey Ino, I have an idea why don't we go see the others, since Hinata hasn't seen them yet." Shikamaru interrupted trying to escape a certain blonde's rage.

Ino looked at Shikamaru and scoffed. He had to try better than that.

Shikamaru quickly moved to plan B. "Psst. You know we could get a certain someone to cross the bridge with Hinata!" He whispered in Ino's ear knowing that it would trigger Ino's secret hobby.

"Alright." Ino agreed happily and almost immediately. Almost everyone knew about Hinata's huge crush on Naruto.

"Phew." Shikamaru looked back at Chouji who laughed at him.

"Let's go see Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke!" Ino said as she pointed towards the ramen stand.

Team Nine and Hinata began to walk towards the nearby stand... Hinata felt her heart beat at abnormally fast rate, as they entered. She felt her heart, and blushed. Would Naruto notice her?

"Eh? forehead girl! I see you still haven't taken Sasuke, to cross the bridge!" Ino emphasized the last words. – Yay! It's my Chance! - Inner Ino practically screamed.

"Ino-pig! You won't be taking him, because Sasuke-kun and me..." Sakura blushed and paused. "We'll be crossing that bridge first!" Sakura pointed back.

"Eh, Hinata enjoy the match." Shikamaru sighed as he took a seat. Chouji, followed Shikamaru's actions too, but he then ordered some ramen.

Hinata laughed, she had never witnessed one of their fights before. Secretly she wanted to cross the bridge that both girls were speaking about.But she wanted to cross it with Naruto-kun. It was said couples that crossed the bridge toghether would share a happy and long lasting relationship. She blushed and then, looked at Naruto, who was still eating his ramen. He probably wouldn't notice her today either. Hinata looked at the floor.

Shikamaru watched Hinata as she lowered her head; boy what had Naruto done to deserve such a nice girl. He looked at Sakura and Ino and then looked at Sasuke, whose eyes were fixed on Hinata. Wait, Hinata... Something was definetly wrong. Shikamaru concluded. Sasuke was glaring evily at the shy Hinata?

"Ino, why don't you show Hinata around?" Shikamaru interrupted Sakura and Ino's cafight.

Ino tried to read Shikamaru's mind as she eyed him suspiciously. What was wrong with Shikamaru? He knew better than that, he normally wouldn't interrupt their fights, unless it was something really, really serious. Ino blinked, it looked that she would just have to loose against Sakura again.

"Oh-ok, Let's go Hinata." Ino held Hinata's hand as she walked away.

"Heh. Looks like I win again, Ino-pig!" Sakura smirked as Inner Sakura cheered.

Ino ignored Sakura's comment as she walked away. "So where do you want to go Hinata?"

"A-Anywhere is fine. Arigatou, Ino." Hinata bowed.

"Then let's go see the couples that cross the bridge!" Ino said in a joyful manner.

" O-Ok." Hinata looked somewhat downcast. She had left without being able to talk to Naruto-kun.

"Hey, why the long face?" Ino noticed Hinata's mood.

"It's nothing." Hinata forced her smile. They walked a bit more until they were surrounded by many couples, many happy couples. The couples were each taking turns to cross the bridge. The people around cheered as the couples walked by.

"Hinata!" Ino suddenly shouted. " Look it's Neji and TenTen they're crossing the bridge."

Hinata fixed her eyes on the bridge. Then she stared at Neji, who looked very embarassed. TenTen on the other hand looked amazingly happy. Hinata was sure that TenTen had finally convinced Neji to make their relationship public. Neji had told Hinata that he had only hesitated because he disliked anything that dealt with excessive attention. So Neji and TenTen had kept their relationship in secret. Only Lee and her knew about it, until now. Hinata smiled, she knew her Nii-san would truly be happy now.

"Let's go greet them!" Ino rushed foward.

Hinata backed a little, she really didn't want to bother her Nii-san for awhile. Especially since she understood Neji's feelings better than anyone else. Almost instantly, she felt someone grab her hand rather forcefully and drag her into the nearby woods.

Hinata silently activated her Byakugan with her free hand, she really coudn't see her captor that well. Surely, he had not recognized her white eyes, otherwise he wouldn't be picking a fight with her. She would let him drag her a bit further in the woods. The more darkness, the clearer and easier it became to deal with her enemy. Hinata felt confident for once. Neji had been training her, and she wasn't as weak as before. A few moments later her captor came to a halt. She lifted her eyes to meet some angry red ones.

"S-Sasuke-kun?" She looked at the Uchiha increduosly as she deactivated her Byakugan. Sasuke, then grabbed her other hand and turned her around making it nearly impossible for Hinata to escape.

"S-Sasuke?" Hinata cried in pain, Sasuke was hurting her.

"Where did you get that? Who gave you the damn thing?" Sasuke said as he tightened his grip. "It was Itachi, wasn't it?"

Hinata shrieked in pain. She couldn't feel her hands anymore.

"Leave her alone."

Sasuke looked back to check where the voice had come from. Hinata, who was still unable to move, felt relieved. Someone had come to save her.

"Sabaku no Gaara, this is none of your business." Sasuke stared icily at the Sand Shinobi intently as Gaara got closer to him.

Hinata, sighed inwardly, it was true that Sunagakure and Konohagakure were allies again, but she expected someone else to rescue her. Not saying that she wasn't thankful, but this Gaara... he still looked a bit creepy and suspicious.

Sasuke suddenly let go of her in a rather painful way. Hinata fell on her knees, as her wrists began to hurt from the fall. She watched both men glare at each other and silently prayed. She wished that these two wouldn't get into a fight. Hinata watched Gaara's gourd intently as he released the cork. Hinata prayed some more, and closed her eyes, she didn't want him to kill Sasuke. Images of the ninjas from the hidden village of the rain still lingered on her mind...

Sasuke pushed Gaara as he left, not wanting to admit his obvious defeat. Gaara remained still as he watched the Uchiha leave. When Sasuke was finally out of his sight, Gaara shifted his gaze towards the girl, who seemed to have shut her eyes, in a rather funny way. He watched her wrists, which were now quite red and swollen.

"He's gone." He stated calmly. She peaked and opened her eyes as she looked around.

"Ar-Arigatou." She uttered not daring to lift her gaze.

She attempted to stand, but as soon as she did she let out a soft cry. Gaara watched the girl with a hint of curiousity... "Does it hurt?" Gaara asked.

"O-only a little..."

Gaara mentally slapped himself, where had that question come from? Of course she must feel, miserable? Even if she had said it only was a little. He hadn't felt too much pain before, but... He looked at her. She looked... distressed? He shook his head, this girl was probably waiting for him to leave. He watched her remove the hair clip from her hair, with her left hand. She had flinched a little, and pulled the thing quite forcefully... This girl had lied to him, he concluded, it hurt her like hell.

"Come." Gaara ordered.

"A-Ah?" Hinata asked.

"He broke your wrist didn't he? I'm taking you to the hospital." He said calmly.

That scared Hinata, a lot. He was trying to be nice with her, and all. But... he looked really scary. Last time he had... She shut her eyes, and preffered not to think about it again. The Sand Ninja sure looked determined anyways, he probably wouldn't take a no for an answer. Plus, it probably was the best she could do right now. Her hands hurt, and with Sasuke still around... She really felt that she had no choice. "O-Ok." She replied as she stood up and followed him.

"Phew, that was close." -Shikamaru sighed.- He had just witnessed the whole "fight". Shikamaru had followed the Uchiha around. Sasuke looked way too suspicious. When he heard Hinata cry in pain he was about to jump in, but when he saw Temari's scary brother... he labeled the whole thing as too troublesome. Besides, being a hero wasn't his kind of thing.

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