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It was 9:00 am in the Titans Tower and everyone was up and about. Robin was sitting on the couch reading a newspaper. Starfire was lying on the floor reading a history book. Raven was on the other side of the couch, opposite to Robin, reading a black book with a red jewel on the front. Cyborg and Beast Boy? Nope they weren't reading. Video games were more sort of their thing. They both sat in the middle of the couch while shouting various things at each other and the screen which showed some type of racing game. As Beast Boy was about to win the game the alarm rang as the tower flashed red.

"AH!" BB fell off the couch as the alarm scared the stuffing out of him. Robin dashed over to a spherical yellow computer.

"Titans Trouble!" The titans gave Robin that 'duh' look. He sweat dropped.

"It's Adonis. He's causing chaos all over the city!" Robin glanced at the computer screen showing the city. We better get there fast. With that the titans left for the T-car. Since Cyborg used nitro they arrived where the villain was in about 5 minutes.

"Ah the Teen Titans, I knew my messing around would cause you wussies to come out of your 'T'." Adonis grinned at them.

"What are you planning?" Robin glared at him.

"Revenge. Revenge for making a fool out of me!"

"You make a fool out of yourself even without our help.." Beast Boy stated. Adonis' face turned red with anger, matching the color of his metal suit.

"YOU!" He pointed a finger at BB.

"SHALL PAY!" He then charged at the Titans.

"Titans move!" all the titans jumped out of the way except Beast Boy. He morphed into a tyrannosaurus and charged back at Adonis. Adonis caught him by the horns. There was much tension between them. BB morphed into a swordfish, making Adonis loose grasp of the dinosaur horns, also making BB shoot into him like a sphere. BB cracked a little of the suit. Adonis was about to smash fish-BB with his fist.

"Hyah." Starfire shot 3 star bolts at him, hitting her target. While the smoke was clearing around Adonis BB morphed back into a human. As the smoke cleared from Adonis' eyes he was met with a punch coming from Cyborg. He quickly blocked the metal fist with his hand. Then Adonis uppercut Cyborg in the stomach with his knee and elbowed his back as it arched up from the uppercut. Cyborg went slamming into the ground.

"Cyborg!" Raven went up to Cy and started healing him. He had a few cracks here and there but some blood flowing cuts on his human parts. Adonis was going to attack the two titans when Robin hit him with a flying kick. Adonis went flying face first into a wall while Robin landed on his feet. He then threw one of his ice disks as Adonis turned around. He was then a frozen statue. Robin turned back to Cy where all the titans minus Robin, were. Robin ran over to them. Cyborg opened his eyes and started to get up. No one noticed as the now ice covered Adonis was starting to melt.

"Thanks Rae." Cy smiled at her. She returned it with a nod of the head. Raven then looked to the side of Beast Boy who was standing in front of her. Adonis has a big ball of red energy collecting between his hands. Raven's eyes grew wide as he shot the ball directly at Beast Boy. Before anyone else could react Raven pushed Beast Boy out of the way. Instead of hitting Beast Boy the ball of energy hit Raven smack in her stomach. She screamed as she was sent flying backwards into a wall.

"Raven!" Everyone screamed as they ran to her. Adonis took the chance to leave now. If he stayed he would probably get caught. So it would be better just to have the last blow and leave. 'A shame it was Raven again..' Adonis thought she was well...hot. He would of rather hit BB anyways.

"Oh well." And with that he shrugged and took his leave. The titans gathered around the clump of debris and started digging through it where Raven had collided with the wall. Then everyone heard a moan. A pile of the debris shifted and Raven sat up.

"Raven!" BB squeaked. Everyone ran up to her. She was sitting, hunched over with her arms covering her stomach, tears of pain coming out of her eyes. Robin lightly pulled her arms away. Raven's costume was burnt at her midsection showing the flesh of her stomach. It had been badly burnt and cut from the blast. Blood was dripping down it. Starfire gasped while the others looked at the wound wide eyed. Raven didn't have the strength to sit up anymore and fell backwards against the ground. The pain was unbearable, so nauseating. She felt sick. Raven turned her head away from the others as she felt bile rise up in her throat and release onto the floor. She coughed spewing up some blood along with the vomit.

"We have to get her medical attention NOW!" Robin looked at Cyborg who was already phoning an ambulance. Starfire and Beast Boy were trying to comfort Raven.

"Don't worry help is coming…" Star said placing her hand on Raven's arm.

"Raven…" BB whispered.

"….." Everything faded to black for Raven as she heard the sound of the ambulance approaching.

The Titans were all sitting in the waiting room of one of Jump Cities many hospitals. Robin was pacing back and forth, Star was trying to keep tears from her eyes, and Cyborg counted the minutes on a digital clock built into his arm. Beast Boy just sat in a chair looking at the ground.

'How could I let Adonis hurt Raven, again. She pushed me out of the way to block a blast I didn't even see coming. How could I be so stupid and blind. Ill get MY revenge on Adonis now, if it's the last thing I do. Dang how much time has gone by… A minute? An hour? A day? I cant even tell anymore. I just hope Raven's ok.' Beast Boy was deep in thought, basically scolding himself. A doctor then walked over to the Titans breaking his train of thought. All of the Titans stood up.

"Doctor is she ok?" BB looked at the bald headed man.

"Well there was some internal bleeding but she is fine now. You may go see her." The doctor pushed up his glasses. All the Titans looked relieved, and started for Raven's room.

"Oh and one more thing, during the procedure it seems that Raven had caught a very high fever. Nothing threatening, it's just like having the flu. But she may be a bit delirious, an effect caused by the medication we have given her." And with that the doctor left. The Titans stood in front of the door as BB reached for the knob….

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