The Titans had finally reached Raven's room. The door opened and what they saw made them gasp.

"Raven!" They all said mostly at the same time. Cyborg rushed over to her. He picked up her wrist and read her pulse with the technology built in his hand.

"Her pulse is weak but returning to normal."

"What could of happened?" Beast Boy knelt next to Raven and gently held her head up. He wiped some blood off of her mouth. Robin studied Raven for a second.

"She might have internal bleeding due to the amount of blood on the floor from her mouth. We have to get her to the Tower's medical bay."

"Wasn't the doctor supposed to fix the internal bleeding Robin?"

"Yeah he was supposed to Star, but we have no idea what is going on with Raven right now so the only thing we can do is scan and check her body for defects." Robin motioned for Cyborg to pick her up. Cy gently picked her up with the aid of Beast Boy.

"If anything is wrong with Raven because of the doctor's fault then we have a serious lawsuit…." Cy started off towards the medical bay with the Titans at his feet.

The faint beeping of a heart monitor could be heard in the very dull ,white medical room. Raven was placed on a bed. Beast Boy had gotten a chair and put it next to the bed. He took Raven's hand in his. Starfire had sat on the other side of her unconscious friend with her elbows on the bed and her head in her hands. Cyborg and Robin were typing furiously at computers, reading scans.

"Why isn't she healing herself? Like last time when I hurt…..when she got hurt?" Beat Boy looked over at his non floating friend who laid still in the bed. He noticed she had a couple of scratches on her left leg that looked awfully familiar.

"Yes ,shouldn't she be healing herself by now?" Star was curious too. Suddenly the heart monitor's beep started beeping faster. Raven started flinching around in pain, moans escaping her throat. Robin and Cyborg ran over to the bed.

"It's……my…no…-cough-…my.." Raven tried to speak to her friends. Even though her eyes weren't open she could sense they were there.

"What, what is it?" Beast Boy asked very worriedly.

"M-my healing powers…..failing….reversing… ..effect…" Then Raven's body once again went limp. The Titans looked at each other trying to figure out what she had said.

"Healing powers failing? Reversed effect? What did she mean?" Robin started pacing the room. Beast Boy put a finger to his chin while his other hand was still grasping Raven's. He ran one finger over her hand until he felt something wet. BB looked at her hand. There was a medium size gash on it that was slowly bleeding.

'What the? That wasn't there a second ago!' Beast Boy thought to himself. He stared at the gash harder until he realized something. A memory not too long ago came to his mind.

Four months ago the Titans were fighting Dr.Light -cough for the 4th time that month cough-.

Beast Boy slammed into a building.

"Dude! Why do our prisons suck at keeping villains in?" Cyborg blasted his sonic cannon at Dr. Light before turning to answer his green friend.

"Maybe they want to keep us on our toes, you know, keep us from slacking off." Cyborg shrugged.

"I never slack off!" Beast Boy put is hands on his hips. Cyborg rolled his eyes in a 'yeah right' fashion.

"Friends watch out!" Starfire shot 5 star bolts at 7 lightning whips that came from Dr. Light. Robin threw a birdarang at the 6th one, negating the effect. Unfortunately they didn't see the seventh one. The seventh one shot past Cyborg and slashed at the confused BB. He tried to block it but it caught him right in the hand. He went flying backwards in a spiral.

"Oof.." Beast boy landed on the ground with a thud. Raven flew over and landed next to him.

"Hey, are you ok?" She put an arm around his back to help him get his balance. Beast Boy had one hand holding the other. When he took it away his glove was covered in blood.

"Heh, who knew your hand could have that much blood, eh heh…Sort of looks like a moon.." Beast Boy laughed a little bit to put humor on his injury, which sort of did look like a moon.

"Hold still." Raven pulled the glove off his hand. She put her hand on his. He winced. Soon a light blue glow surrounded both their hands.

At first Beast Boy's hand felt burning hot with the twinge of pain but then it started to become numb. After 5 more seconds his hand tingled with the relaxing sensation of coolness. It felt really good. And then all together his hand felt nothing, normal. He studied it then looked at Raven with a smile. He loved the feeling whenever Raven healed him.

"Thanks Rae!" She picked up the bloody glove from the ground and handed it to him.

"You might want to get another one of these."

"Heh ,will do!" And with that they both ran back to help Cyborg, Star, and Robin defeat Dr. Light.

"So that's what she meant!" Beast Boy's mind was finally out of the trance he was in ,remembering the past fight. He once again looked at Raven's hand. It had the exact moon shaped cut that he had gotten from Dr. Light.

"Guys! I figured out what Raven meant, with the healing and the powers and the reversed effect thing."

"Well, you gonna tell us?" Cyborg crossed his arms waiting for an answer.

"You know how Raven's powers heal injuries? Well something has gone wrong with them and now for every injury she ever healed, she is getting hurt with them." The Titans looked at him a bit confused. He sweat dropped.

"Here, take her hand for instance. See this cut? This was a cut I had before she healed me. And now it is a fresh wound."

"Oh I get it, so basically she is going to be hurt by all the injuries she has healed in the past." Robin said.

"Yes!" Beast Boy exclaimed glad that they were on the same page with him.

"Or at least I think that's what's happening with Raven…."

"Beast Boy is correct! These scratches on friend Raven's leg are from when Silky and I were playing. Silky had gotten too rough and accidentally scratched my leg up. Raven offered to heal it for me."

"I remember when she did that too." Robin looked over to Raven.

"Guys, it's great we know what the problem is but how are we going to fix this? I mean if Raven is going to get every injury we ever did that she has healed………." Cyborg's voice trailed off.

"Oh my gosh you're right! Do you know how many times and for what reason Raven has healed us before? She might not even live through one of these injuries let alone all of them!" Realization smacked Robin and the others hard in the face.

A bunch of guilt washed over Beast Boy as he recalled the many times he went to Raven just for her to heal a paper cut or any insignificant little bruise he had acquired during that day. He looked over at her and felt a tear well up in one of his eyes.

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