Close Yet Far

Author: Gothic Spook

Category: Case file, Angst

Rating: R (Violence)

Summary: The people who stand in the background at some point in our lives, are sometimes the most dangerous, the ones we shouldn't ignore.

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"Lets run through the plan once more," Follmer said as he put his ear piece in place and looked around at the FBI Agents in front of him.

Agent Fox Mulder, Agent Dana Scully, Agent John Doggett, Agent Monica Reyes, Assistant Director Skinner and a few other agents where sitting in the back of an FBI van, from the outside it looked like an average delivery van. People passing by had no idea that it was filled with FBI agents sent out to catch a killer.

All the agents in the van followed Follmer's actions and also put their ear pieces into place.

"Agents Doggett and Scully are the undercover couple. Reyes and Mulder are the singles. The rest of you are the group of friends hanging outside the club, giving us a heads up if any suspicious looking characters enter the club."

"Doggett and Scully go first, followed by the group, then Reyes and Finally Mulder. Follmer and I will be here listening and recording everything." Skinner instructed.

John and Dana exited the van first. It was parked a few streets down from the club to make it look less suspicious. As soon as they stepped out of the van they got into character as a couple. John took Dana's hand in his own and they started walking towards the club. Monica couldn't help but focus her eyes on their hands, how he had taken her hand with no hesitation and without a care in the world.

A few minutes later and the group of agents left the van and made their way to the club, acting like a bunch of single guys having a good night out. Before Monica stepped out of the van she checked her self out. Her outfit was a pair of jeans, her nice boots, and the nicest top she could find which she would normally wear to a club.

Before the van doors closed behind her Skinner told her to be careful for the hundredth time. She knew why he told her to be careful more than the others. She fit the profile for the victims.

As soon as she was in the club she got herself a drink and sat down at an empty table. She hated sitting by herself in places like this, but she wasn't out like she usually would be, she was on a case. A man had been kidnapping girls from this club once a week. All the girls were attractive, with brown hair and brown eyes. The bodies of the girls would be found exactly three days later, beaten, and raped, with a new hair cut. The newspapers had given him the name The Barber due to cutting the girls hair.

As Monica took a sip of her bear she spotted John and Dana. They were dancing with the crowd. John was a pretty good dancer. They both looked like they were having fun. The fast beat of the song died out and a slower beat came through the speakers. With no hesitation they held each other close and swayed to the music. Monica watched as Johns hand held Dana around her waist and Dana's hands were firmly round John's neck. They looked like a real couple.

Monica felt a wave of sadness come over her. She felt like that should be her with John. It should be her in his arms. It should be her he was holding close. She couldn't help but feel her heart break that little bit more. She loved John, but he showed her nothing more than friendship. With Dana on the other hand, he worshipped the ground she walked on. He was there at her call and obeyed her every command. She knew there wasn't anything sexual or romantic going on between them. Dana was attached to Mulder and would never leave him. But knowing this still didn't stop the sadness wash over her.

Monica finished off her second beer of that night and headed to the ladies room. She needed to get her emotions under control. The most drinks she was allowed was two beers, so it looked like she really was just on a night out at the club and not an undercover FBI agent on a case. For the rest of the night it would be nothing but diet coke and water. As she entered the ladies room a pair of laughing girlfriends exited the bathroom and went back out to the club. Thus, Leaving Monica alone in the ladies room.

A couple of times through the night the agents outside had given them descriptions of men who had come into the club to keep an eye on. And the four agents inside had done just that, kept an eye on them. But there had been no trouble with any of them. A couple of the men had found girls not fitting the description. A couple had joined another group of men. The rest just sat at the bar and drank.

Monica opened her bag and took out her lip gloss, as she did her phone fell from her bag and onto the dirty ladies room floor.

"Crap," she muttered to herself. Who knew what had been on that floor and was now on her phone.

She bent down and picked the phone up from dirty floor. She stood up and looked down at her phone for a few seconds before placing it back in her bag. She looked up so she could do a touch up on her lip gloss but gasped in surprise as she saw the reflection of a man in a black mask. He grabbed her from behind and covered her nose and mouth with a piece of cloth. She struggled against him, tried to kick him and hit him, but as the smell of chloroform entered her sinuses she lost focus of everything around her and eventually faded into darkness.