"John?" Monica whispered as she slowly became conscious. She opened her eyes slowly, disorientated. Where was she?

She moved to sit up, but realised she already was. Her back was against a wooden wall and her arms were above her head, chained in place.

"Oh shit." she gasped when she remember what had happened. She had been jumped in the ladies room by a guy in a black mask and knocked out.

Monica pulled at the chains, attempting to break free. But it was no use. The chains were designed not to break. She metal around her wrists hurt. Turning her slightly tanned skin red raw from her escape effort.

Giving up with trying to break the chains, Monica finally looked at her surroundings. She was in a room which was made of wood. A cabin it looked like. It had a fire place and a couple of uncomfortable chairs and an ancient sofa. It even had a small television set in the corner. She saw there was a kitchen off to her side, but couldn't see what it had in it. There was two more doors which led into two other rooms. And there was another door which led to whatever was outside. She knew it led to the outside as the window next to the door showed darkness from the night.

Monica felt her body tense as she saw the window light her. A car had just pulled up in front of the cabin.

"How the hell did he get passed us? HOW DID HE GET TO HER WITHOUT ANYONE SEEING HIM!" John yelled as he walked back out of the club.

"John, we'll find her." Dana tried to calm him. But Monica was missing, had been kidnapped by a killer. He couldn't stay calm.

"How! We haven't been able to find him before! How do you expect us to be able to find him now!" John yelled at her.

"Agent Doggett calm down," Mulder made an attempt to calm him.

"Calm! Monica has just been kidnapped by THE BARBER! A rapist AND a serial killer! Why wasn't anyone watching her! You all knew she fit the profile of victims! You should have been watching her!" He made a move to grab Mulder, but Skinner stopped him first. Slamming him against the wall of the club.

"Agent Doggett you will calm down this instant!" When John tried to struggle, Skinner pinned him harder. "Blaming Mulder or anyone else is not going to help Agent Reyes at this moment. We will do all we can to find her, and blaming everyone is not going to do her any good." He paused. "Now are you calm?" He finally asked when he felt John stop struggling against him.

"Yes sir." Doggett answered after taking a deep, calming breath.

Skinner let him go slowly.

"We have something!" Follmer came running out of the club, in his hand he held an evidence bag, inside the bag was an unmarked video tape.