" Razor's Assimilation"

By William Standaert

Copyright: I do not own the Swat Kats as they are the sole property of Hanna Barberra which is owned by Time Warner, nor am I the owner of the Borg which is a race in Star Trek which is a property of Paramount Pictures which is a property of Viacom.

Razor woke up in a corridor he recognized as a place on a Borg Cube. It was dark and he could see regeneration alcoves along the walls of it with Borg regenerating in them. Razor walked down the hallway and into a big chamber like room. He looked up and his eyes fell upon the Borg Queen. "Welcome Razor", said the Borg Queen as she assembled into her complete form. "What am I doing here?" asked Razor, "and who are you?" Razor was a little nervous. "I am the Borg Queen, O brought you here". Razor now stood eye level with her. "Are you their leader?", asked Razor. "In your terms yes", replied The Borg Queen. Razor tried to position himself in a safer position. He decided asking questions was a better way of keeping his distance until he knew what he was dealing with. "Why are you here and why are you attacking and killing us?", asked Razor. "We don't mean to kill your race", said the Borg Queen as she walked around Razor . "We came here and found a race worthy of assimilation into our collective mind" she said. Razor wondered what she meant by collective "Collective?", asked Razor. "Yes", said the Borg Queen,"The collective is composed of billions of races now all Borg's voices and thoughts, this is how we operate", she explained. Razor thought she was still beating around the bush."You still haven't answered my question", said Razor. "Why are you "assimilating" and killing us?" he asked again. "We don't mean to kill your kind", said The Borg Queen "that only happens to resist our attempts to incorporate your race into the Borg Collective in an effort to add to our overall goal of perfection". Razor wondered why the Borg wanted to incorporate the Kats into their collective "What perfection,all I see is these zombie-like creatures that have cybernetic devices attached to their bodies" , said Razor, "We seek perfection as a mix of organic and artificial means, we use the cybernetic devices to link all the Borg together in a collective which makes us efficient, it also aids in the specific task assigned to each new Borg", said the Borg Queen."We only seek to raise the quality of life for your kind" , said the Queen. "But if your goal is to incorporate our race into your collective, why have so many of our people died and suffered?" asked Razor. The guilt of suffering and the killing of many people had been on his mind and weighing heavily as he and T-bone went to fight the Borg and almost killed each time. "They only die because of their resistance, we do not like having caused the death of so many people either", said The Borg Queen. "that is why you are here, we believe that through a representative of your race they may cooperate in our efforts to incorporate them into our collective, that's why you are here", said the Borg Queen, "I want you to be that representative". " A representative , I don't know", said Razor. "Think of it Razor, you could end all the needless suffering and death of your people if you only help us", said the Borg Queen. That did it. She finally found his weakness. Razor was feeling guilty about not being able to stop the deaths and suffering of so many people that he was willing to do almost anything just so that they could live. "Well, all those suffering and death is just too much to go through for anyone and I don't want it to continue, but how would I be a representative for my people?", asked Razor. "We would assimilate you into the collective and you would join the over billions of unified voices in the collective, but for becoming our representative we would leave you with your individuality intact so you can help and observe us", said the Borg Queen. The thought of being in the collective was strange to Razor."But how can you attach cybernetic devices to a body?" asked Razor. "It will all be explained", said the Borg Queen. Razor felt he had no alternative. And besides, maybe it would be better if they would just submit to assimilation. At least they woudn't have to die. "Well, I couldn't bear to let all this suffering and death continue any longer, ok I'll do it", said Razor, "What do I have to do?". "First we will inject nanoprobes into your body so that they can alter your body so that it will accept the cybernetic components we will attach to you", said The Borg Queen. With that a Borg came and stuck it's organelles into Razor's neck and released the nanoprobes into his bloodstream. As it began to alter his DNA Razor could feel pain throughout his body. "Why is their so much pain?" asked Razor. "It is to be expected, but it will not last long". She was right it did not. It was immediately followed by a passive calmness that swept over Razor. "How do you feel now Razor?" asked the Borg Queen. "I feel calmer now", said Razor. "Now you have to walk over to the assimilation table to complete the process.", said the Borg Queen. Razor slowly sauntered over to the assimilation table and placed himself against it while it was facing upright. The surrounding Borg closed the arm and leg clamps down to keep him secure . "Now what happens", asked Razor. "This is when the attachment of your cybernetic components will take place", said the Borg Queen. Razor looked up and saw a Borg with a cutting tool "what is that?" asked Razor. "We are making the incision right above your left temple where your cortical node will be housed" said the Borg Queen. "Why do I need that for?" asked Razor. "It will regulate all your implants throughout your body, it will connect you to the collective and connect you to a regeneration alcove

All right" said Razor. " what is that implant that Borg has?", asked Razor. "That implant will fit onto your left eye and will give you better vision." said the Queen. This went on as razor asked about each of the implants being attached to him and The Borg Queen explained their purpose. "What is that they are attaching to me?" asked Razor. "It is protective armor to protect your organic and artificial components from damage", said the Borg Queen, " now your assimilation is complete".

The table lifted and the Borg released the clamps. Razor stood on his own. "How do you feel?" asked The Borg Queen. "I feel strange with all this technology in my body, it will take a while to get used to", said Razor. The Borg Queen then activated the controls that connected Razor with the rest of the collective. "Ah, what was that?" , asked a startled Razor. "I have included you into the collective now", said the Borg Queen. Razor could now feel the billions of voices unified in the collective, he could hear the thoughts and hear them and they could hear his without fear. He still felt a little overwhelmed. "All these voices, thoughts, feelings, I can feel them all but I don't know if I can handle them all", said Razor. "You will in time", said The Borg Queen, "but now you must regenerate". Razor was puzzled. "How do I do that?", said Razor. "You have a designated Regeneration alcove where you can rest and regenerate and get energy and nutrients for your artificial and organic components, you will also process data accumulated by the hive mind", said the Borg Queen. "Ok", said Razor. The Borg Queen led him to his regeneration alcove and Razor stepped inside and was connected to it and began receiving energy into his body. 8 Hours later Razor emerged from his regeneration cycle. "Well how do you feel now?" asked the Borg Queen. "I feel rested" said Razor. "Then it is time we had got down to business", said the Borg Queen. "As a Borg you must have a designation, as you are unique I think Razor of Borg will be an appropriate designation" said the Borg Queen. "Yes I think so to, since I am a Borg now, my designation is now Razor of Borg", said Razor. "Then it is time you have started to help the facilitation of your races'

incorporation into the collective. "Yes I agree, it is time to end the suffering and death, I will help them live by helping them become Borg" said Razor. Razor knew now that becoming Borg would be the widespread peference death.The Borg Queen readied the viewing screen that reached so far as that every cat could see and hear it. Razor stepped up to the podium and began to speak. As his image appeared on the screens around the city, astonished kats looked at it. Even T-Bone could see it from in the cockpit of the Turbo Kat. "I am Razor Of Borg, As of this moment forward you will become part us. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. This pointless and irrelevant death must not occur any longer. You will become assimilated into the Borg. You will offer no resistance". All the Kats in Megakat city were stunned to see Razor had become Borg and was now instructing them to also join the Borg. "They will now see that it is logical to submit to assimilation" said The Borg Queen. "Yes they will", said Razor.

End of Chapter 1