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Okay, I know my bio used to say that I would only be writing Yu Yu Hakusho stories, but I changed my mind. I love CSI and I decided to try my hand at it! I hope it turns out alright. This chappie is sort of a prologue, so it is meant to not make too much sense.

Anyway, enjoy!

If I owned, CSI, do you really think I would be spending all my time watching the show, reading the books and writing stories? NO! So, I guess I don't own it. Sobs


All he felt when he awoke was a dull pain in the back of his head.

All he remembered was walking out of the site of their last crime scene, then darkness. Everything else was a complete blur.

He tried to raise his hand to his head, but ended up hitting it hard on something hanging above him. Waving his hand a few times to sooth the pain, it wasn't until then that he noticed hid hands were bound tightly together, as well as his legs. Everything was pitch dark; all he could tell, was he seemed to be inside some kind of wooden box, barely big enough for him to fit.

Moving his hands as far as he could along the floor, they bumped into something small and metal. Lifting it to his face, he smiled slightly as he realized what it was: a flashlight! Flipping it on immediately, he was devastated at his newly recognized surroundings.

"No, no! Please God, no!"

Dropping the flashlight in fear, he pressed both hands firmly against the lid of his 'jail' and pushed with all his might, but nothing budged.

Fear completely consumed him as he yelled as loud as he could.

"Help me! Can anybody hear me? Please help!"

He waited for a few seconds, but nothing happened. The deathly quiet surrounding him told him what his subconscious had been dreading. Too frightened now to think straight, he continued to yell to deaf ears.

"Help! Please, get me out of here!"


Grissom sat quietly in his office, working on paper work from a case he had finished the night before. He had arrived an hour early for shift to finish the work, and when he now looked at the clock, he realized shift had started over 45 minutes ago.

Listening carefully, he was slightly surprised to find the halls completely quiet. Where was the loud punk rock music that could be heard pounding through the halls from the DNA lab? Standing up, Grissom moved to go out into the hall, but not before his phone rang.

He looked at the cause of the new noise for a second before answering.


A pause on the other end, then:

"It's very quiet around there, isn't it Mr. Grissom? Have you finally realized why? I have your little lab rat, and if you want him back, listen carefully."


So, what do you guys think? To tell you the truth, I just thought this up spur of the moment, cuz I thought it was a good idea and I don't think any fanfics have been done of it yet. So, I might end up changing this after awhile, but I don't know yet.

I'll try to update this as soon as I can, but I'm late for church and my sister is freaking out. Gotta Go!

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