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Chapter 14- Going Home


Light. A bright, blinding white light. The brighter it got, the more he had to fight for his breath. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get enough air.

Then, he was suddenly plunged into darkness. With the black, also came a rush of cool air barreling into his starved lungs.

But almost as soon as it was gone, the light was back; and along with the light, came the fears and nightmares.


Greg's eyes snapped open and he sat up bolt straight in bed, noticing too late as he smacked foreheads with an unaware Nick.


"Oo, that's gonna leave a bruise," Catherine said quietly, putting a hand to her own forehead.

Greg fell back with a stifled yelp, while Nick sat on the edge of the bed, nursing his own bump.

"Greg?" Catherine asked quietly, leaning forward in her chair, "Are you okay? You've been thrashing around for awhile now."

Greg's wheezing breaths slowed eventually and he nodded, lying on the bed but immediately turning onto his side.

Nick raised a brow at this. 'He's afraid to lie on his back. It still brings up the memories.' He leaned forward again. "Greggo? You had an allergic reaction to your medication. The docs were able ta fix it, but not before your throat closed up. You'll have trouble talking for awhile. They said you should stay with someone for a lil while, till you're back to health. Would ya mind stayin with me?"

Greg didn't move at first, but then to Nick and Catherine's surprise, he nodded.

"What? You don't wanna stay with me?" Nick felt very put out by the simple gesture, but Greg quickly shook his head, this time in a sort of impatient way.

Catherine grabbed a nearby newspaper and pen, and handed them to Greg.

Writing in the margins, Greg gave the paper back.

I want to go home. Can we go there instead?

Nick slowly sighed in relief. Greg did want to stay with him. "Of course we can Greg. Anything you want."

Greg smiled happily before he slowly closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.

Catherine and Nick both smiled.

"Hey," Catherine said sadly after awhile. "I should head home for awhile. Lindsey's expecting me and Mother has been callin for awhile."

"Go, go." Nick insisted. "I'll stay here and watch him."

Catherine nodded slowly and stood. She smiled softly down at Greg and pulled the blanket back over him, before leaving quietly.

Nick sighed as he sand into his seat; he didn't plan to move for awhile.


Three days later found the entire team in Greg's room, helping him get ready to leave for home. Greg was still unable to speak more than a few words at a time before his throat would close up, but Doctor Rowland had given him medication for it, along with painkillers and others for his injuries.

Warrick had brought along fresh clothes for Greg, who changed into them while Sara and Catherine went to retrieve his belongings from the front desk. He had some difficulties with the cast on his leg and the sling that now held his right arm, but he was ready when the girls returned.

Greg's injuries had healed slightly over the past few days; the cast on his right arm was now placed in a sling to help keep it immobile, while his left cast had been replaced by thick gauze to cover the lacerations but still allow use of the arm. The head wound wasn't as bad, but too much quick movement left him very dizzy and nauseous.

He smiled as Nick placed a hand on his shoulder gently.

"You ready to go home?"

Greg's smile grew even wider as he nodded and followed the others out of the room.

Grissom stopped at the door and took one last look around the room. That's when he saw it; a small notebook with writing on it.

Grissom slowly walked over to the table and picked up the pad. Upon closer inspection, he saw Greg's neat handwriting, slightly slanted from the cast, across the page in what seemed to be a poem.


Deadly Nightmare Greg Sanders

He woke up, wondering where was here

When he figured it out, his heart stopped in fear

He cried out for help, hoping someone heard his plea

But no one was there, just he

An eerie silence met Grissom's ears

And a single phone call confirmed his fears

Greg Sanders was kidnapped, leaving no trace

And our favorite CSI's started a life saving race

How could there friend die this way

Or can the CSI's save the day

The mad man chuckled, enjoying this game

Feeling not one once of shame

Then the boss came in with a box, giving them hope for the night

But when he opened it, the CSI's hearts froze in fright

For in the box there was a picture with there friend that looked dead

With wires around his wrists, feet and blood dripping from his head

But, again there would be hope on this dreary night

as another thing came in boss man's sight

Grabbing the walkie talkie, he shouted the young man's name

And his heart stopped when a reply came

They chatted and hope was a live in each heart

But instantly the hope was torn apart

For the poor man lost the battle with the darkness

And slipped in unconscious bliss

Enemies became friends as they raced time

with only one thing on their mind

To save their friend

Before his life came to an end

Grissom went to the place from which Greg was taken

And he noted that this was planned, and he wasn't mistaken

Then Nick gave Grissom a call

While hurrying the hall

Archie had narrowed down where Greg might be

And the CSI's hearts rose with dreams of getting Greg free

They waited for Grissom and had a small break

After almost everyone left, a noise made Sara quake

"Nick" Greg's voice drifted into the silent room

Sara replied and chatted, and Sara suddenly felt a sense of loom

"I'm sorry, Sara, you guys were my best friends"

And that was how the transmission ends!

Hearing Sara's cries, they hurried back in

and found their friend's hope was near the end

"He said to tell everyone good-bye"

And they all knew he thought he would surely die

All of them rushed a ware house

And they found a body underground, but it's readings were cold

All their hearts constricted with fear

When suddenly Warrik shouted, " he's not here"

After everything calmed down and words stopped flying

They found out this was actually the place were Greg was lying

But he was removed before the CSIs arrived

So it would mean Greg, somewhere, had survived

Inside, they found an address to were they could find Greg

But only four could come, the rest must stay

So the boys rushed to the car, hoping to save there friend from dying

And to the SUV, Brass shouted, " Nick, I'm driving"

Poor Greggy, still trapped like a rat

So alone, confused and scared, I'll give you that

First he saw the light as the lid to his prison dissappeared

But, alas, only a bandage on the wound and back into the prison, I fear

Suddenly, something hit the lid causing Greg to jump

And, also causing his injured head to hit the top with a thump

"It wasn't hard to find all five of you

But you, I took a great interest in you"

"You have friends, unlike the others

I know several of your teammates treat you like a younger brother

who all almost praised your talents in the lab

But now, it's your turn to end up on the slab"

"Before you die, I want to know what goes on in your head

Why you jump into other people's lives when they're dead"

"You-you did all this. Killed all those people" Greg shouted. voice laced with pain

"Y-you'll be charged with the same crimes for this!" he said, tears falling like rain.

"Oh, you don't seem to get it Greggy I don't care.

I have nothing left, so I don't need to play fair."

A loud crash suddenly erupted from outside

But when he heard Nick's voice, he thought he had died

"Greg!" Nick shouted, " Nick!" Greg shouted back

And Greg swore he was so happy, he could have a heart attack

He felt his hopes soar

As Nick promised to open the box, No, Nick swore

Nick tried to lift off the top

And when it wouldn't budge, his heart nearly stopped

" Nick! GET ME OUT OF HERE" Greg was pleading

Suddenly, Greg started coughing, lungs starved of the air they were needing

Nick's heart nearly stopped, " Greg, calm down till I can get the key.

Are you alright, Bud? Greg? Can you hear me?"

When Greg answered, he turned to Chris

And the anger was ablaze in his eyes, a sure sign he was pissed

" Were is the key" Nick asked in a dangerous tone

Chris just smiled, pointed to a drawer and said, " You'll have to find it on your own."

And so the team rushed to look for the right key

To set poor Greggie free

Finally Grissom and Greg found a way to communicate

1 knock for no and 2 knocks for yes on the lid everyone was starting to hate

So, using this way to talk, Nick asked questions with Grissom and Warrick continued their search for the key

When Grissom stood up, showing, " I have it!" and unlocked the lock, setting it free

When suddenly...


The CSI's turned to see Brass knocked down, landing on his rump

Chris stood holding up a gun

" Step away, I'm not even close to done"

" We'll not let you get away with this.."

But Chris' face turned red, and he was clearly pissed

"He has to pay!

Now get away!"

The three slowly stood

And Greg started shouting, as loud as he could

"Nick, open up…Grissom…COUGH…Warrick PLEASE!"

Warrick lunged for the lock, but something caused him to freeze

A bullet impacted itself near Warrick's hand

And he retracted it, stightening his stand

"I said no touching! Greg isn't getting out of here alive!"

When BANG! And Chris took a nose dive

Brass stood, an extra gun in hand

And Chris was shot, sending him to another land

As soon as the initial shock had lifted, Nick flung around and worked the lock off the case

Knowing all to well that there was no time to waste

Finally the 3 men lifted the lid

to see what horrors it hid

Most of his wounds were still bleeding

But, scariest of them all was the young CSI wasn't breathing

Finally, they got Greg to breath again

And Nick laughed, glad that Greg didn't give in

Finally, paramedics arrived to take him to safety

But first, they had to cut his wrists and ankles free

Slowly, Grissom lifted Greg's wrists, causing pain to shoot up is arm

But Griss held on tight as Nick cut him free knowing if he didn't, it would cause Greg more harm

Finally, the cuts were.. cut off and Greg was whisked away

Nick and Warrick came also, but Grissom chose to stay

" Our nightmare is over.." Brass said

" But Greg's nightmare has just started," Grissom said, shaking his head

Meanwhile in the ambulance, Greg noticed Warrick's hand

"You're hurt," and at first, Warrick didn't understand

Then he noticed where the wood had struck his hand, " It's okay"

And Greg smiled a small smile, but the first of the day

" Were you guys all worried about me?"

But when he asked, the answer was on there face, clear to see

Finally, after a day buried under ground

And dragged around town

And locked in a box with a lock

And having his friends race the clock

He knew that he would of not made it without his friends

And knew without them, he would of had an untimely end

So he was forever grateful to the people who set him free

His friends, his fellow workers...His family


Grissom smiled slowly; when had Greg become a poet? He held the notebook close as he walked across the room and out the door, shutting it quietly behind him.



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