The Log

By nwsbysboomerang

Disclaimer: Nothing from the Harry Potter world belongs to me, but rather to J.K. Rowling.

Description: After the War Fred and George have opened their joke shop in Diagon Alley. They keep a log of all of their adventures in the joke shop.


Often times when one works with people they find themselves wondering about that person that they are currently working alongside. When you grow up you sometimes think of children as images of yourself as you once were. When you look into their eyes you see parts of your own nature staring back at you and you can't help but wonder if that is what adults once say when they looked into your eyes. You wonder who saw themselves in you. You want to delve into the minds of these children and uncover things about them you'd never find in any book or any biography. You want to see what they will do with what you hand them.

Dark times can make even the most giddy and witty of children solemn. After the War with Voldemort even my twin and I have matured and our eyes no longer stray so carelessly to our inventions. But even as we struggle to recover from our losses and the pains of the Shadow, we persevere in the cause of giving hope to a generation that was born under starless skies.

To escape the haunting shadows of our pasts Fred and I built two separate joke shops that we would run consecutively. We do not wish to make a franchise or a chain of stores, but rather just a few shops and a mail order. Fred and I live in the attic of the larger of the two which is set in a former townhouse in Diagon Alley. Our friend Lee Jordan runs the second store in Hogsmead with his wife, Alyssa. In this book we keep a record of the happenings in this store so that we may never forget some of the things we find.

-George W.