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In a suburb of Tokyo known as Nerima, everything was normal. That is, normal for Nerima. Anywhere else, and the National Guard would have been called to arrest several inhabitants on charges of disturbing the peace. Down one street, a purple haired girl could be seen riding her bike through the narrow streets at breakneck speed, residents dodging out of the way almost out of habit now when they heard the bell. In another lane, a boy carrying a large backpack could be seen wandering, looking for something, despite the fact that he'd passed this way 10 times in the last hour and still couldn't figure out he had to turn right instead of left. And finally, in the yard of a certain dojo, a very loud sparring match was taking place.

"Hah, you're gonna have to do better than that pops!" Ranma yelled as he back flipped away from his fathers assault. "My boy, you're going to learn some respect for your elders" Genma shouted back. He suddenly looked over Ranma's shoulder with wide eyes "Look, it's a cat!" Ranma immediately went white as chalk and turned to where his father was pointing. "Agh! Where?" With that, Genma planted a double kick squarely to Ranma's back, sending him flying into the pond. "Haha, my boy, as long as you fall for that trick, you'll never defeat me!" he bragged, despite the fact that he had used a rather underhanded technique. Suddenly a young redhaired girl came flying out of the pond "What'd ya do that for old man!" she yelled. In response to that, Genma put his thumbs in his ears and stuck out his tongue "THHHHHHBBBPPPPTTTT!"

Ranma immediately pointed to the house and yelled "Hey, look, fresh ramen!" "Where?" said Genma, immediately turning towards the house. "Right here!" yelled Ranma, picking him up by the back of his Gi and hurling him into the pond he had recently visited. "Hah! Got ya again greedy guts!" she laughed. The surface of the water bubbled and a very large panda immediately jumped out holding a wooden sign reading "You ingrate!" and the match continued, making even more of a ruckus than ever.

From inside the House they had several spectators. Nabiki Tendo sat at the table, her head propped up on one arm as usual, watching the fight. "Same old, same old" she thought to herself. "It's no fun if there's no one to bet on who wins…." Akane Tendo walked sleepily down the stairs, still in her pajamas. Although she didn't really appreciate being awakened so early on a Saturday, one look out the window and she rolled her eyes. This had happened so many times she was used to it. She yawned as she made her way into the main room to sit at the low table. "So, who's winning?" she asked her dad, who was peacefully reading the paper despite the noise. "Oh, Ranma got tossed into the pond first this time, though, as you know, Saotome followed shortly thereafter, so, not much difference between the two." Soun muttered as he read the headlines. "It's just a matter of time. One of them will get hungry soon, and then that'll be the end of it." Akane shrugged as Kasumi brought in a steaming bowl of rice. "Thanks Kasumi" she said as she filled her bowl. She was just about to dig in with her chopsticks when a loud yell followed by a thunderous crashing sound stopped her. She stood up "That didn't sound good…" and was greeted by another loud thud. "Oh no…" said Soun, tears already starting to pour down his face as he stood up. "They haven't…not that…" he cried as he realized the direction the sound had come from. Nabiki leaned out the door and looked out around the corner. Her normally bored expression lit up. "That's gonna cost a lot" she said as she immediately started jotting down figures on a notepad she always carried around. Akane walked outside, turned, and gasped.

The dojo was a ruin. It was apparent that one of the two Saotomes had thrown the other right through one of the support columns. This had caused one of the walls to fall down. Whether or not the roof followed on it's own volition or if due to retaliation from the thrown party was not apparent. What was apparent was that with the exception of two walls, the place was totaled.

"Argh!" screamed Akane. This was absurd. While the two Saotomes freeloading had been her fathers idea, and that they had nearly doubled the food bills, this was just too much. There was absolutely no way they could maintain their dojo's respect unless this was rebuilt. "Oh dear" said Kasumi, her expression still pleasant as ever. "I don't think that's going to be easy to pay for." "Ya got that right" said Nabiki, still working on the notepad. "Cost for damages, plus accounting services by yours truly, comes out to about, oh say….6 million yen" "6 MILLION!" Cried out Soun, promptly passing out. "Ranmaaaaa!" Growled Akane. Suddenly the rubble shifted and the forms of Ranma-chan and a panda crawled out. "Way to go pops…" muttered Ranma as she clambered over the rubble. "It's your fault!" proclaimed the wooden sign held by the giant panda.

As usual, during such a crisis, everyone sat in the main room while Kasumi brought tea. Soun was still sobbing on the table (after coming to) and Ranma and Genma were both still nursing bruises from Akane. Finally, Akane spoke up. "Alright you two. We've paid for your food, and for all the hot water you two have been using during your stay with us. Time for you two to pay up. NOW!" The panda held up a wooden sign "Well, we can't seem to pay for it (flip) so if you'll excuse us, we'll be leaving now. Bye!" He started to drag ranma out the door by the back of her shirt but was immediately halted by another blow from Akane. "Oh, no you don't! You're not running away again Genma!" Ranma finally spoke up. "Yeah, I know we gotta pay for it Akane, but how in the world are we gonna come up with 6 million yen?" Akane immediately grabbed the front of Ranma's shirt. "You're just going to have to figure that out now, aren't you?"

"Strongest under the heavens…" said Nabiki. "What!" every one turned to the middle Tendo daughter. She was reading the paper. "Strongest under the heavens tournament. The ultimate fighting tournament. All fighting styles welcomed. Grand prize…500,000 zeni." She read "That's the currency of the place it's held. Converted to our yen….that's about 10 million yen!" . "Well then, there we go!" said Ranma. "If it's martial arts, I can do it! When is it?" Nabiki searched the article. " Uh….It says it starts a month from now. Yikes, it's on papaya island, south of Kyushu. Quite a trip."

"All right then!" said Genma, who had swiped the tea kettle and had turned himself back. "If we leave tomorrow, we should get there a few days ahead. By going on foot, we can train ourselves on the way there. Then, if both of us enter, there's a better chance of one of us bringing home the prize money." "Alright!" replied Ranma. The more she thought about this, the more she realized she might enjoy it. Finally, a chance to fight someone other than Ryoga or Pops! Plus, it'd get them out of the mess that had happened because of her stupid father.