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After a very long trip, with several escape attempts by the old pervert, they finally reached the southern end of Japan. During the last few days, Akane had taken pity on Happosai and had let him have one of her bras. While it meant they now had to put up with him constantly saying "oh how sweet" and his goadings to get Ranma to model items from his personal collection, he wasn't swearing at them anymore and he didn't try to escape again. Of course, when it came to the ferry, they immediately tied him up again and stuffed him in one of the packs so that they only had to pay for three people, this being Genma's idea of course. After a two hour journey, they finally arrived at Papaya Island.

Ranma couldn't believe it. He'd known that there were other types of strange creatures in the world. His encounters with various spirits, and of course the other cursed people of Jhusenkyo, had meant that not much surprised him anymore. But this was just too strange. There were animals who walked upright and wore clothes, and spoke too. There were humans as large as Pantutso Taro in his cursed form. There were even a few creatures that reality said shouldn't have existed, such as what looked to be a very large purple winged dragon. And all of them were apparently martial artists, since they were all entering the door with the sign for contestant signup.

As the three headed towards the booth, Ranma caught sight of something. "No…" he said to himself. "There's no way he could have gotten here…" But sure enough, a boy carrying a very large backpack and a characteristic bandana around his head could be seen asking directions to Furinken High School.

"Hey, Ryoga!" he yelled, running up to the chronic lost boy. "Huh?" Ryoga turned at the familiar voice. His eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the pig-tailed boy. "Ranma Saotome!" he yelled. "Why are you here? Have you come to mock me just because I can't find my way?" "Hey, take it easy Ryoga" said Akane, suddenly appearing at Ranmas side. "We're just here to enter the tournament for the prize money so that SOMEONE…" she glared at Ranma and Genma, "can pay up for something they did!" "Tournament?" Ryoga asked. "Is that what this crowd is for?" "Yeah!" replied Ranma "It's the 'Strongest under the Heavens' tournament. There's a prize equivalent to 10 million yen! And it's gonna be mine."

But Ryoga wasn't listening. "10 million…." He thought. "All the things I could do…" his head was immediately filled with images of taking Akane on a cruise ship and dining at expensive restaurants by candlelight. And Ranma would be gone, too ashamed of his defeat at the hands of Ryoga. "Alright Saotome!" he said, going eye to eye with Ranma "I don't know what you did to make Akane angry at you, but I'll make you pay for it! I'm entering the tournament!" With that he started to storm off before getting stopped by Ranma grabbing his shoulder. "Pig-boy…" Ranma said quietly. "It's that way." He pointed toward the building with the sign. "I knew that!" Ryoga yelled, and finally moved in the right direction.

"Well" Ranma sighed. "This just made things more interesting." His eyes then lit up. "I hope I get to face him. We're always getting interrupted by some one like Xian Pu or Kuno, and we never get to finish our matches." Suddenly an all too familiar voice yelled "Saotome! Vengeance will be mine!" Ranma's face fell as he recognized the figure wearing blue robes and hefting a wooden boken. "Oh great…" he muttered. "Just what we need. The Blue Blunder of Furinken high."

Suddenly seeing that Akane was with Ranma, Tatewaki Kuno began another tirade. "Ah! So you have abducted the fair Akane Tendo! Your actions will not go unpunished this time! And no vile sorcery will save you either!" Ranma just rolled his eyes and assumed a fighting stance. But he then noticed that Kuno was not drawing his sword. "Huh?" he asked. "Aren't you gonna "avenge" Akane?" Kuno merely sneered. "No, nothing so unsophisticated. I have been informed that you are entering the tournament here on the island. I will enter the tournament myself, and then vanquish you, winning the prize and the hand of lovely Akane Tendo at the same time!" With that, he turned the building and left. "Give me a break…" muttered Ranma. "Does he even know that no weapons are allowed in this tournament?" "Most likely not" replied Genma. "It doesn't matter. He'll be out of our hair relatively soon. From what I've heard from you and Akane, he isn't that much without his boken." At that moment they heard a scream.

The two Saotomes turned to see Happosai clinging to some poor women, quickly dodging her elbow, and immediately jumping to the next. Akane was on the ground, her pack burst open and clothes everywhere. "Aww, I knew we shouldn't have given him one of Akane's things!" cursed Ranma. "He got strong enough to break the ropes." "Don't worry my boy" Genma said with a shake of his head. "At least he isn't bothering us anymore." Ranma bent down to where akane was picking up her stuff "Here, let me help you with that" he offered, but was quickly clobbered in the face. "I CAN GET IT!" yelled Akane, clearly enraged. "Well, ya didn't have to hit me! You are so uncute!" Ranma yelled back, nursing his bruised cheek. Both turned away from each other with a "humph!" while Genma just stared.

Just as they were about to enter the line for sign up, the sound of a bicycle bell caught Ranma's ears. Instinctively he jumped into the air with a back-flip, narrowly missing being turned into road-kill by Xian Pu. "Nihao Airen!" she beamed. "Aww great, first Ryoga, then Kuno, now you!" Ranma said. "Can't a guy enter a tournament in peace?" "You are happy to see me yes?" continued the Chinese amazon, completely oblivious to Ranma's reaction. She then caught sight of Akane. "Ah ha! Stupid tomboy girl." She went right up in Akane's face. "I enter tournament too! Winner get Ranma, is clear?" By this point Akane was in even more of a bad mood. "Why you little!" she yelled. "You stay away from my fiance!" "Oops" said Xian Pu with a teasing grin. "Getting late. Must say good bye Airen!" with that, she planted a kiss on Ranma's cheek before running to the line. "Uh…Akane" he stuttered, seeing the look on her face. "I didn't have anything to do with GYAAAAAAAAA!" he was cut off short as Akane booted him into the horizon.