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Chapter 1: Prisoner

"How arrogant is this man?"

Bastila Shan's mind questioned as she approached the bridge of Revan's flagship. The Dark Lord had fallen into the trap the Jedi had set and all that remained was to take him and bring him back and hopefully end the cycle of bloodshed and violence that had consumed their Order since the start of the Mandalorian wars. As the doorways opened, the Jedi and Republic soldiers alongside her charged forward, only to me met with a devastating hail of blasterbolts. Through the blaster bolts and the smoke, Bastila could see several crimson sabers deflecting the shots back. Snapping into action, Bastila advanced, blocking and sending back the deadly bolts of energy as she and her companions fought for their lives.
Darth Revan ignored the hell that had unleashed itself on his bridge, instead staring at the Leviathan. Malak had lost what little sanity he still held with the loss of his jaw and Revan was concerned for his old friend. Malak blamed him for that and now Malak could take advantage, when he was being attacked on one side, Malak could strike the other. Revan walked slowly to the deflector controls of his ship, channeling all power to the bridge shields and ignoring the cries of those that died around him. They did not matter and in his plan people would die. Revan clasped his hands behind his back and stared at the Leviathan, his dark eyes tracing its movements through the battle.

"I knew it!"

Revan chanted in victory as the Leviathan broke from the battle and charged his vessel. Malak's mind could not take the death and destruction he had witnessed in the Mandalorian wars and his madness had spilled into the Jedi Civil War. After two years as his 'loyal' apprentice, Revan knew that Malak was mad enough to attack him.

"Horan! No!"

Revan turned and raised his hand as the Republic soldier dropped his vibroblade, grasping his throat. Sneering at the man who had the audacity to attack him when his back was turned, Revan briefly toyed with the idea of telekineticly breaking every bone in the man's body as he held him suspended by the Force. Shaking his head mentally, Revan twisted his wrist and listened as the man's neck popped. Horan, as the other soldiers had called him was no more and Revan finally faced his opponents. Apparently, none of the Republic soldiers had lasted against his Dark Jedi. Rolling his eyes, Revan eyed the four Jedi that stood before him with expressions ranging from horror to rage.

"You cannot win, Revan!"

An overconfident one hissed. Revan felt no humor in the matter as his eyes scanned the young woman, a girl really. The Dark Lord's hand found his crimson saber and depressed the switch, activating the deadly weapon in a flurry. The girl that had spoken with such confidence glared at the Dark Lord and prepared to strike when suddenly the ship shook violently. Revan remained standing and watched as the Jedi lay sprawled on the floor from the force of Malak's attack, his betrayal.

"So it ends, my friend."

Revan whispered as he used the Force to activate his vessel's weaponry. Moments later the Leviathan was engulfed in the turboblaster fire of Revan's much more powerful vessel. Revan closed his eyes, ignoring the Jedi as he felt Malak become one with the Force.

Bastila groaned as her eyes fluttered open. Above her she could see Darth Revan's mask staring at her and she involuntarily screamed as she jumped to her feet. All her confidence had fled her in the instant she was thrown to the ground and now she could see that her companions were in similar states of disarray. Revan had deactivated his saber and crossed his arms across his chest, staring at the Jedi in some dark amusement. Beyond the Dark Lord, Bastila could see the space battle had died down and that only a few Republic ships remained, though most were slowly being consumed by the swarm of Sith fire.

"Joval, you attack his right, I'll-"
A Twilek Jedi Master started, but the headstrong youth she was speaking to rushed Revan with his azure saber, shouting a battlecry as he lunged for the Dark Lord. Revan remained motionless as the young Jedi's blade whizzed towards his head. The Dark Lord shifted to his side, avoiding the deadly saber by mere centimeters. Joval shifted to swing his saber into Revan's neck, only to feel iron grasp his wrist. Before he knew it, Revan had deflected his blow and was twisting his hand around his back. Crying out in pain, Joval suddenly silenced with a grunt as Revan twisted his arm into his back, slaying the Jedi with his own, still active weapon.

The Twilek Master stared in shock as Revan swept his leg under Joval's corpse, throwing him into the other Jedi Knight that had since moved to attack him. Joval's corpse knocked the Jedi to the ground in a daze. Before the Knight could stand, Revan's boot dropped onto his neck and a sickening crack sounded, ending his life. The Dark Lord of the Sith turned to his two remaining foes and brushed imaginary dust from his robes.

All rational thought had fled Bastila's mind as she watched the Dark Lord slay her companions with ease. She had not known the other Jedi. All she had known was that they were considered powerful and skilled. Bastila paled as Revan stood, glowering at her and the remaining Jedi Master.
"Master Tavin."

Revan acknowledged the violet Twilek Jedi Master with a nod. The Jedi Master's violet skin paled as her headtails wrapped tightly around her neck. Even the sound of his powerful voice made Bastila want to drop to her knees and cry. Everything about this man spoke of power, unimaginable power and now that she was not so blind to the adrenaline rush that had driven her as she entered the bridge, Bastila felt the hopelessness of her situation.
"R- Revan."

The Twilek Master nodded.


The Twilek Master leveled her weapon.

"You know I can't do that, Revan."

Bastila stood aside as the Sith Lord and Jedi Master stared at each other.

"Then I have no choice."

Revan replied emotionlessly. Bastila moved for her weapon, but before she could intervene, the Jedi Master lay on the floor. A lightsaber wound in her chest. Slowly, Darth Revan turned to Bastila.

"A Padawan. Why would the Jedi Council send a mere Padawan to capture me?"

Revan hissed. Bastila refused to back down and crushed her rising fear as she recited the Jedi Code over and over in her mind.

"I will not be a prisoner for your perversions!"

Bastila snarled. For a moment, Revan appeared taken aback before his stance shifted and his shoulders shook with rage and power.

"You say that as if it is your choice."

Bastila did not reply, instead she raised her golden weapon in a defensive stance.


Revan snapped with a wave of his hand, Bastila's weapon was wretched from her hand and flew into his.

"You are important in someway. I will not let you die."

Bastila barely had time to register the loss of her weapon and the Dark Lord's words before she saw him vanish from her view and felt a sharp pain on the back of her neck. Revan gently laid the unconscious form of the girl on the floor before him and stared down at her. She was beautiful, he had to admit and the way her azure eyes burned with passion had nearly clouded his judgement.

"Who are you, girl?"

Revan said softly as he allowed his gaze to linger on her for an instant.
"Lord Revan!"

A voice barked from across the bridge. The Dark Lord of the Sith turned to the officer expectantly.

"The Republic forces have been broken and are retreating. Malak is confirmed dead along with Admiral Karath. His betrayal did not go unpunished, my Lord."

Revan nodded.

"Excellent. Prepare the fleet to return to the Star Forge... We have other business on Malachor V."

The Sith officer saluted Revan and hastily left the bridge as the Dark Lord turned his gaze back to the unconscious Jedi Padawan on his bridge. Revan's gaze shifted to the corpse of the Twilek Jedi Master he had killed. With a sigh, The Dark Lord knelt over her corpse and closed her eyes.

"Be at peace, my friend."

Revan's hand traveled to the woman's cloak and found the datapad stored within.

"Forgive me."

As the Dark Lord of the Sith read the datapad, his eyes shot to the unconscious Padawan lying on the cold floor of his bridge.


The Dark Lord held his hand over Bastila's form and closed his eyes. As soon as his eyes closed and he called on the Force, they snapped open in surprise. Within the girl he sensed a great well of power unlike anything he had ever felt before.

"So that is the power of Battle Meditation."

Revan whispered as he slowly stood and leered down at the fallen Padawan.

"You are the reason I am losing so many men!"

Revan snarled in anger. The Dark Lord took a moment to calm himself.

"No... I do not murder children."

The former Jedi felt his body tremble as a voice whispered in his mind.
"But you do murder children. You murder them by the thousands."

The Dark Lord sneered at the voice.

"Shut up!"

Revan screamed.

"No... This. Needs. To. Be. Done."

Revan panted as he looked down to Bastila's unconscious form.

"And I need to harness your power, young one..."

Jedi Master Vrook Lamar looked on dejectedly as the Jedi Council and the Republic Military Council argue over the next course of action. Their gamble had failed. Darth Revan was still in power and their weapon, their only chance against the Sith, Bastila Shan was lost in the assault, either to the Force or the Sith, none knew.

"At least Malak was killed."

A Republic officer muttered. The Jedi Council fell silent and glared at the officer.

"There was still a chance he could have been saved. Even Revan could have been saved."

Vima Sunrider argued. The Republic officer scoffed at the Jedi Master.

"Always redemption with the Jedi. Is Malak ever going to be a threat again? He can't even be a martyr. He was killed in the act of betraying Revan and none of the other Sith would dare move against him now."

Jedi Master Atris, who had been silent until that moment spoke.

"I would not be so sure. Our spies report that Revan was injured and there are three other Sith Lords. Bandon, Sion and Nihilus, that are already moving to take control of the Sith. How do we know that they would be any better than Revan or Malak? Malak was a monster who slaughtered every world he captured, but Revan... Revan never believed in wasting anything."

Master Vrook's head snapped up at those words.

"What if he captured Bastila? What then?"

The Jedi Master snapped. A deep sigh drew the Jedi and Republic Councillor's attention to the shortest member of the Council.

"Then all is lost."

Revan's former Master Zhar and Atris spoke at the same time.

"Perhaps not."

"There is something more to this."

The two Jedi Masters looked to each other for a moment before Atris motioned to Zhar to speak.

"Revan was ambitious and confident. Something many other students and Masters saw as arrogance. My old apprentice was never sure of himself after Kreia was lost to us... I remember the last time we spoke. It was before he went to Malachor V. He said that he was losing control. Of what I do not know... But he was... livid."

Vrook snorted.

"Of course he was. He had fallen to the Darkside in the first battles of the war, we all sensed it."

Zhar glared at his comrade.

"That is not what I meant. Do not let your grief over your lost Padawan cloud your judgement."

Vrook jumped to his feet, his hands clenched into fists.

"Revan has devastated the Order and the Republic more than the Mandalorians and even Exar Kun have. He has now taken the last hope we had. I will speak as I wish of that demon."

Atris quickly interjected.

"What Master Leskin means is that Revan was trying to warn us... but we did nothing to stop him. He was testing us. The children of Yusanis speak highly of Revan, even after he murdered their father. Even little Brianna seems enthralled by the Dark Lord... There is something we do not see here. General Kenobi even saw it and tried to warn us but we would not listen... Now it is too late and all we have to trust our fate to is one that was lost to us..."

Zhar shook his head.

"He was testing us, yes. He was likely testing us when he sent Ian to us. But there was something else... Revan was fighting something when he spoke to me... It was as if he was not himself..."

Dorak Quinn furrowed his brow.

"I know nothing in the archives that speaks of Darkside possession in those terms. It changes the person, but it does not destroy who they were. The power grows and grows until it is beyond that person's control. Revan always was too powerful for his own good."

Nomi Sunrider shook her head.

"No, Zhar said that Revan was angry when he admitted this. From what I had seen of him, Revan prided himself on his control. If he was losing control he would have fought it. We all know Revan was never one to be controlled."

A sad smile played on Zhar's lips.

"That is true. He was angry yes... but there was something else... If I did not know him, I would say it was fear... but Revan was never afraid."

Atris' eyes narrowed.

"Yes... but he was uncertain... insecure. Insecurities develop into fear. Fear leads to anger and anger to hatred. Perhaps this is because of her."


Master Kavar snapped instantly.

"We cannot continue to cast blame on others. Kreia and Revan shared a strong bond. One that was crushed maliciously and nearly destroyed the boy. We should never have cast her from our ranks."

Lonne Vash nodded her agreement.

"We have seemed to be making a habit of turning a blind eye to our problems in recent years... perhaps that is what Revan saw."

Carth Onasi, who had been sitting silently in the room and listening to the conversations spoke finally. He had been the leader of the assault to capture Revan and the failure cut him deeply, though he gained some satisfaction in knowing that the murderer of his wife and son were killed there.

"I don't know what you people are talking about. But I do know that we could have used the Jedi's help during the Mandalorian wars and it was Revan that answered the call. I also know that you didn't do a damn thing until Revan forced your hand."

Carth ignored his superior officer making a gesture for him to stop speaking. The Jedi Masters all silently deliberated the Republic Commander's words.

"Revan seeks to destroy the Jedi Order and topple the Republic. His real war is against the Jedi Code."

Vima Sunrider spoke finally.

"This is something that none outside this Council have seen."

Vima motioned to Atris, who grudgingly pulled a holocron from her cloak and activated it.

"Revan sent this to us along with his General Kenobi. We Exiled Kenobi because of it."

The holocron began to glow and a blue figure appeared in tattered robes and armor.

"What do the Jedi do with that they do not understand. They shun it. What do the Jedi do when billions are dying? Nothing. What do the Jedi do with those that do not fall into their sacred standards to become Jedi? They cast them out or force them to become farmers and medics for the Republic. They make them slaves. What do the Jedi do with one of their own who falls in love. They cast them aside as if they were a disease and shun them. Masters of the Council know this. I do not intend to return to your ways. I offer the galaxy another choice. The galaxy would be so much better without the Force."

Even with the mask hiding his features, the men and women in the room could tell Revan was grinning manically.

"I send to you a man who was torn from the Force over Malachor V. The beautiful thing was... he did it to himself! The Jedi do nothing unless their hand is forced... I am forcing your hand now. In your grasp is a man who has the capacity to end the Force. A siphon like none that have existed for a thousand generations. Within Ian Kenobi is the solution to your arrogant Order. Take away the Force and what is a Jedi? Nothing. I will see the end of the Force and the end of the Jedi before I fall. The galaxy would be such a better place without the Force."

The holo deactivated and the Jedi Masters all appeared to be shaken, though they had already seen the holo before. The Republic Councillors looked unimpressed.

"How does he plan to End the Force?"

An ambassador argued skeptically.

"A Force siphon is of the Dark Side. It is an ancient weapon the ancient Sith used to drain the Force from their foes and strike them down when they were weakest. We also believe it is the way Revan is breaking so many Jedi so quickly. We teach our students to rely on the Force from the day they join the Order and to be blinded to it is... terrible..."

Carth Onasi furrowed his brow.

"I remember something Revan said once before he led us into battle over Serreco..."

All eyes turned to the Republic Commander.

"He was speaking to the Jedi when he did so, but.. He said: You have been born with these wonderful gifts and have been trained to use them. It is time now. To do otherwise would be a crime."

Zhar nodded his head.

"He said something similar to the Council when he argued our involvement in the war."

Atris shook her head along with several other Masters.

"It matters not. Revan can no longer harness Ian to do what he threatens. He is far away from here now."

Bastila Shan awoke in a dark chamber. The air around her was cool and dry and she quickly jumped to her feet in alarm when she could not feel the Force.

"Terrible isn't it?"

A deep voice sneered as she looked around the room in terror.

"Who- What-"

Darth Revan smirked cruelly.

"The who is me."

The voice echoed through the room, giving Bastila the impression that it was a large and cavernous area.

"As for the what..."

A dim light activated, illuminating Darth Revan's figure as he stalked towards Bastila.

"This is a lesson young one."

Bastila trembled slightly, but refused to back down from the Dark Lord.

"What is this lesson, Sith."

Bastila hissed as she narrowed her eyes. Revan smirked as the lighting in the room raised to reveal a cavernous and empty room.

"I am going to teach you the flaws of the Jedi Order, Bastila Shan."

Bastila paled visibly at the mention of her name, but said nothing as she glared silently at the Dark Lord of the Sith.

"I will not fall. I will not be a tool for your use, Sith."

The Padawan spat with false bravado. Revan tilted his head to the side and clapped his hands together mockingly, allowing the sound to echo through the caverns.

"Many have eaten those words, Padawan."

Revan sneered as he slowly stalked towards the Jedi.