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Chapter 7

"Battle Cry"

Part II

Everyone was busy with their immense fighting and taunting against their rivals. No silence ever fell upon the noisy air. So much was going on. So much was given attention...And so little was noticed that everything was beginning to blurr a bit. Was it stress?

Forte blinked and attempted in refocusing her vision. She shook her head, losing her balance a bit and even losing her dominance over Demolisher. Such mistakes have their consequences at high prices.

Demolisher crashed his fist into the dwarf Transformer's face, the crackling and sparking of metal bending and elements hitting together became the atmosphere between them.

Crying out, Forte fell to the grey metallic ground and held her face. Her hand dropped her gun in the process, which the Decepticon took notice of and kicked it away. He grinned in knowledge that he was soon to have victory. Reaching down, the taller bot aimed his opened hand to grab the femme's neck.

Forte kicked away the enemy's hand, and with the other leg, dug her foot into the gorilla like bot's stomach. There was a strange drag in time as his force weakened against her own. Even so, the drag ended, and Demolisher flew back a few yards. He slid to s stop and swiftly stood up. But he soon regretted ever showing that there was no possible way for him to die from a simple attack as a blow in the gut.

The lavender femme was now standing in a posture of frustration and anger and so many other similar feelings mixed into one enormous source of energy. Her deep red optics flared more brightly than normal.

Another piece to the puzzle.

Forte's broken face leaked of energon, but she seemed to not care. She clenched her fists tightly, metal snapping. It was as if she couldn't fell pain anymore. She was blinded by rage. She was locked in a trance of fury.

Demolisher knew he had no escape.

Snowcat cocked his cannons, ready to fire. A distressed and blood curdling male scream reached his audio receptors, and his spark dropped in fear. He was hit by a red laser and sent falling to the ground with his pathetic cry of pain.

Hotshot kept his gun aimed to his fallen enemy and smirked to Jet Fire.

"Nice work, buddy," Jet Fire complemented with a thumbs-up. "But what was that noise? Someone was being killed or something."

"Well," Hotshot stood, "Optimus is with Megatron. He'd let us know if something happened. Iron Hide's battling Shockblast. Kicker's taking care of the Terracons...And..."

Hotshot's face dropped as he realized what happened. Jet Fire felt the fear of his companion and looked ahead.

"This is not good." Jet Fire said in a worried voice.

Forte trudged over from behind a tower. She cringed and tightened her fists even more, sparks and electricity now flying around them. "Transform!" she exclaimed and became her viper model vehicle. Forte sped toward the two Autobots, no hesitation shown.

"Wait! Forte!" Hotshot flagged her down.

"We're your friends, remember?" Jet Fire attempted in helping out the yellow bot.

Unfortunately, Forte was no longer in the mood to care who was her victim. All she wanted was to kill. Forte exclaimed her transformation word again, and in mid-air she swung a let into Jet Fire's head, sending him flying and then sliding a good ways, and back kicking Hotshot in his chest, giving him the same fate as his ally. Forte shot both of them and sprinted off before the smoke cleared to show if the male bots were still alive or not.

She was on a rampage. It seemed as if nothing could stop her. There was no barrier strong enough to keep her away from her intolerable dark self.

Another piece is placed

Forte tackled the laughing Shockblast. And began clawing at his face. The Decepticon struggled to hold her wrists up and keep those dangerous hands away from him.

Iron Hide scrambled to his feet and watched his female ally in horror. How? How could she be doing this? He thought she was over her malfunction. But now it seemed that there was no cure, no hope for a better and safer Forte. It was horrible. He just couldn't watch her live this way. He had to do something – anything.

"Forte!" he called out just as the femme reclaimed an arm and was ready to strike. "Forte, you have to control yourself! You can't let your rage get the best of you! It's okay if you attack the enemy, but look at how you're acting. This isn't your true self! You-"

Iron Hide was cut off by a red laser. He collapsed on his back and didn't move. The distance him and the attacker was too short to allow his chest wound to be simple. In fact, it was fatal.

The attacker was no other than the bot he tried to help. And so, Forte stood there, still pointing her gun at the motionless young bot. Steam escaped the barrel of the gun as a small gust of wind blew.

Shockblast stood up behind her. But as soon as his optics reached the femme's shoulder level, he was shot directly on his forehead. Shockblast fell back, a large hole as his wound. Static jumped out of the hole, even energon leaked heavily through.

Forte kicked his dead body aside and walked onward in her long chosen direction. She wanted Megatron. She wanted to finish what she started with him on Moon base, and nothing, nor no one, was going to say otherwise.

Optimus cried out as Megatron pressed and squeezed his hand around the Autobot's neck. Megatron grinned in delight. He loved every moment of his long-time rival's pain.

"I've waited an eternity for this, Prime." Megatron closed the gap between their faces, grinning ever more so.

Optimus grunted and answered, "I'll make you wait another eternity, then..."

Megatron frowned at this statement. He then felt a presence very close. Looking to his side, Megatron found Forte's furious face merely centimeters away from the two leaders. He released Optimus from his deadly grip and stepped back with a bit of a yelp in surprise. "Why you..."

Forte kneed the Decepticon in his shin, then punched his gut when he bent over to her level.

"Gah," Megatron grunted. He cringed at the nauseating pain in his stomach. "I'll kill you."

Megatron swung his fist in a form similar to a wrecking ball and crashed it into the femme's helmet. She was sent flying a good distance, and slid and tumbled to a stop.

Forte didn't move. She would only lay there, seeming lifeless.

Megatron began walking toward his new victim, but something caught his ankle. He spun around and growled in frustration to see that Optimus had grasp upon his captured body part.

"I won't let you hurt her!" Optimus exclaimed as he began to stand.

With a huff, Megatron stomped on his rival's head with his free foot, "I've already have." He turned back to his original direction and trudged over to the still lifeless Forte. He loomed over her small form, "And I'm not finished..."

Forte's head twitched. Her lips began to smoothly form words as she voiced them out just loud enough for the Decepticon leader to hear her, "You are now..."

"What?" Megatron questioned in anger and surprise.

All in one swoop of motion, Forte swung her legs under Megatron's, making him fall backward, got up, pulled her long reclaimed gun out of its subspace pocket, and smashed it through his chest, right in front of his spark.

Megatron cried out and cringed in immense pain.

"Die..." Forte pulled the trigger.

An explosion was set off inside of Megatron. He fell to the metallic floor of Ocean City and lay still.

Optimus ran up to the femme that only stood there, her arm still outstretched. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her to him. Unfortunately, she reached up as high as she could and slapped him. The still outraged femme attempted to run, but was caught by her arm. Optimus refused to release her, no matter what she did to him.

"Forte, stop!" Optimus only stood there, slightly struggling with her snappy jerks of trying to get away. "Calm down! You're out of control!"

"I hate you!" Forte screeched. "I hate all of you! No one can help me!"

Forte reached out and broke through Optimus's chest. Her hand wrapped around her commander's spark. Everything was getting more and more blurry. The colors smearing together.

Another piece now placed.

Clenching the spark, Forte began to crush it through her raging strength as Optimus yelled in pain. The spark cracked and popped as she clenched more and more tightly. Finally, it collapsed and exploded. She swiftly pulled back her hand and watched her once here fall and die.

"Optimus..." she whispered as her optics dimmed back to their natural red. "What have I done?" forte dropped her arms to her sides and gazed to her lifeless victim.

A hand rested on her shoulder and spun the femme around. Another hand grasped her neck and lifted her into the air. Forte could just barely make out the form of who it was, but the voice immediately gave it away.

"This ends now, " came Megatron's voice.

Megatron? But how? He was killed! Unless she missed. How could she miss? Forte realized that the explosion was just a busted pipe she hit. The spark was entirely below the gun's cannon!

A gunshot banged and echoed through the air. No feeling, only darkness surrounded her.

Forte opened her optics and began to breathe heavily. She couldn't move anything but her optics' vision. Noticing that all was clear again, forte studied her surroundings.

She was in space. Forte was in the darkness and stars that she would briefly see when she fainted. Was all of it just a dream? It was! That's right! Planet Zolt! After accidentally killing Commander Rafter, the citizens of Zolt came to an agreement that she was...to be permanently shutdown.

So why is she back online? Could there have been a mistake? Her entire movement circuitry was damaged, cut. No motion was available.

Not a sign or hint of life nor planets was anywhere near her sight.

"I'm trapped here...To float in space until I lose all power..." Forte gazed to the stars, "It was just a dream!"

The puzzle was complete, and the picture revealed...